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Deadly Mates Deadly Trilogy #2 Jade never thought she’d embrace being a werewolf but after having accepted her new role as alpha female of Dog Mountain’s pack she finds herself doing just that She’s training with the enforcers and learning to use the alpha within her to her advantage And for the most part Jade is content well at least with her training she isBut Dog Mountain is a small town with big problems The new alpha pair is divided splitting the already unstable pack with them and to make matters worse Jade’s father is on his way home Except Jade’s father and his twisted pack of werecourgars aren’t the only threatWhen Aidan brings in a new set of enforcers to weed out the problems within the pack Jade is forced to delve into the center of the issue She soon realizes that she is the indirect cause of the uneasiness within the pack and if Jade doesn’t fix it she’ll lose everything even Aidan Ah man i really wish i didn't have to say this but damn i was disappointed The whole book was based on Jade and Aidan's mating bond On her fighting it Other than that nothing really happened I had looked so forward to this book and i think that was what made me so sad that it didn't live up to the expectations that i had set up for it Perhaps i had too high expectations I wonder how the next book will be if it will have action and well just And frankly honest right now i'm not feeling like continuing this series Though i do like Aidan I like his dominant side but no love from me Jade had her times but nah she's too stubborn for my taste Rate 32 stars Another awesome installment in the Deadly Trilogy I'm really enjoying this YA series Simultaneously laughing and crying over here I'm in aweThis might just be Stoyanoff’s best writing yet This book never left my mind from the moment I started till well I’m still thinking about it Stoyanoff’s descriptions are vividly real yet almost poetic The entire world surrounding Dog Mountain comes to life for the reader Not only does this novel engage your imagination but your emotions as well Stoyanoff definitely had me in tears by the ending She also had me cheering for her characters or booing them depending on who we’re talking about I also absolutely love the take on alphas alpha pairs It’s so uniue yet completely real and believable It adds that extra bit of something that so many paranormal stories are missing I love the change we see in Jade throughout this novel I also appreciate the fact that it isn’t a magical overnight ok now I’m someone else change It was gradual and because you have insight into her thoughts you can understand where it’s coming from It really helps you connect with her It helps you connect with the team as well I really am enjoying them and can’t wait to get to know them better in the next novel Same with Aiden Knowing that he grew up in an alpha family and being able to see the inner working of his mind really help you understand where he’s coming from and why he acts how he does This novel definitely proves why you should read a good book on a busy week Every time I had to put it down to go to work walk the dogs etc it was all I could think about It never left my mind and still hasn’t I can’t wait for the final instalment in this gripping trilogy Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review I missed Aidan I really did I smirked I couldn't help it Jade was just so damn cute when she was pied off Her peach complexion was slowly turning to an adorable shade of pink Actually that was Dom's idea not mine I mean Jade she's still as feisty as ever and well the girl knows how to stir the pot going all growly on me because I hugged a friend was important? I pursed my lips trying for annoyed but I was pretty sure I failed Might want to rethink your priorities honey Aidan that boy is in over his head when it comes to Jade he dipped his head and pressed his lips to mine in a uick kiss that left me breathless and to my dismay panting for I don't know what I'm going to do with you He chuckled One minute you're growling at me and the next you're melting into me Jade she knows how to distract our dear hottie of an alpha the sun was just barely up and Jade was lying in my bed with nothing than a towel on Damn all I wanted to do was get back in there with her but of course I couldn't There was something else that needed my attention I need thirty I said watching her wind a strand of hair around her finger I breathed in a deep lungful of air catching her new scent and a growl started to build in my throat no make that sixty I can't wait for the next book the ending surprised me with NO CLIFFHANGER so I was really pleased with that It took me a little while to get back into the groove of this series It had been so long since I read book one that I found myself forgetting things Fortunately after reading my notes and review I gave myself a memory booster It was also helpful that within the first few chapters all the important key moments were mentioned I adore when authors take the time to refresh their reader's memories it makes the reading experience far enjoyableDeadly Mates starts off kind of slow at the beginning but picks up a bit after the middle When things pick up and the action starts it's damn awesome If you find the first half too slow paced for your liking stick with it because it is totally worth itI promise A warning there's a slight cliff hanger It's no biggie it just hypes you up for the next book something fierce PI loved Jade because of her stubbornness and independence in the first book but in this one it drove me nuts For most of this book I wanted to knock some sense into her She allowed her fear to take the driver's seat and it nearly cost her everything I am just relieved she realizes her mistakes and makes up for them in the endAidan surprised me in this one because he becomes so mature He is willing to do whatever it takes to make Jade happy even if it means letting her go His loyalty to her and his pack has no bounds He is everything an alpha male should be with a touch of compassion he's just PERFECTOverall this was a pretty good follow up to book one I think Jade's stubbornness could've been scaled back a bit When she joins forces with Aidan it's nothing but sheer magic I wanted to see of them together of them working things out just like they did in the ending Hopefully we get to see of that in the next book This book starts right where the last one left off with Jade pretending she is going to mate with Jared and having him live with her Also she is being trained by the enforcer team so she can fight when the time comes They are also still preparing for the arrival of her father and dealing with his treachery There wasnt uite as much action in this one as the first one but plenty of drama We learn about Jared and the team and about Aidan Aidan calls his mom for advice and she sends 2 of their enforcer to help him clean up his pack and deal with all the infighting We see Jade dealing with the fact that she is the alpha female but unsure as to how that all works We do get a relatively HEA when it comes to the couple but plenty is still left open for the next book If you liked the first book then you will like this follow up possibly a little due to the characters maturing Like the earth needed rain I needed my mateMy mom won this book as a firstreads giveaway I read the first one in the series so I could get caught up I loved this book I loved Aidan and Jade and I have been cheering for them from the beginning I felt a connection to Jade and that made her that much loveable My heart broke in the end for Jared As weird as it was I grew attached to the jerk and to find out his heart is breaking and he can never get over the past it doesn't make you angry it just makes me sad Even when I knew that I should not like him for lying to his pack and turning on the alphas Still Aidan was my favorite I was so thankful that I had a chance to read this book Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The AngstDeadly Mates is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance written by Ashley Stoyanoff I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review5 Amazing Alpha Strong Stars Conflicts Are Raging Secrets Are Discovered and Angsts Are High I Loved This Read The Review I knew I was going to enjoy this read because I love this authors work And I fell in love with Aidan and Jade in book one but I had no idea just how much I’d love it There was a lot going and tensions are running high as Aidan and Jade try to figure out the werecougars plans as well as reconcile their feelings for one another and find a happy medium in being alphas to their pack And with the addition of two new enforcers added to the board it’s hard to figure out who to trust and who is telling lies and keeping secretsTold from dual POV’s from beginning to end I was sucked in reading it all in one sitting I enjoyed the characters the story and the intrigue And watching the pack try and come together when they all seem to be on separate pages was angsty and fun StoryCharacters There’s a lot of anxiety going on with all the characters and there’s a lot of pressure and distrust within the pack There’s new players in the game on both the good and bad side secrets are revealed friends are uickly becoming enemies and loyalties are being tested The rogue werecougar pack seems to be able to sneak past the wolves defenses encroaching on their territory Jades father can’t be trusted Jared is showing his true colors Jade’s beta is doing uestionable things and added on top of that Jade is reluctant to being fully mated to Aidan which is causing Aidan to doubt her and the pack is slowly being torn apart Things are not good with the Dog Mountain werepackThis book picks up a couple of weeks after the first one ends Jade is hanging out with the enforcers and learning their methods of fighting she’s making unexpected friends and slowly finding her place in the pack But she’s also being very stubborn and though I actually agree with why she’s staying away from Aidan it’s causing a split in the pack She doesn’t trust Aidan because of his lies and manipulation in the first book she’s on the outs with her best friends Dom and Marcy and she knows her dad is up to no good with the werecougars She’s in a tough position She knows she wants and needs to be with Aidan but she doesn’t trust him She’s very indecisive and I don’t blame her She’s eighteen still in high school and has recently become a wolf and then an alpha Wolves mate for life and I completely understand her caution Aidan has lied and manipulated her and though she’s not completely innocent of playing the same kind of games her reluctance to accept her mate has caused a separation within the pack which she doesn’t understand until it’s almost too late I felt so bad for her She has solid reasons for her decisions and the pack laws are absolute Trying to wade through all that would be hard on anyone especially a young girl newly introduced to all this change But I loved how strong she stayed throughout the whole book She’s in this new life and yes she’s making mistakes but she’s got the best interest of her pack at heart and she’s young but also standing firm That’s one of the great things about this authors writing Her heroines may fall they may make huge mistakes but they stay strong they are completely loyal and they persevere through all their trials Jade was just such a characterAidan has a lot on his shoulders and at only nineteen he’s trying to re glue a shattered pack And he’s hurting He realized all too late how much he really cared about Jade how much he loved her Love isn’t usually part of the alpha male and female union They mate for dominance and to rule the pack But with Jade it’s different and I loved this about their relationship He has to find a way to get her to trust him again but she’s also making huge mistakes in the trust area as she lets Aidan believe she’s with Jared Aidan has also found his way in with most of the pack though some still don’t trust him and they are slowly accepting him as alpha but he knows just how weak they are without their alpha female and getting Jade to put things in the past seems to be harder than Aidan would have believed He’s not sure how to handle it without pushing Jade further away It’s a delicate balance for anyone especially one with little experience in love and on being leader The emotional toll it’s taken on him and his inner wolf is severe Regardless of all he’s got going on I think he handles things brilliantly and it only increases his hotness factor I love it when he goes all alpha and though there was a part of me that just wanted him to claim his mate I thought his patience only made him hotter and swoon worthy He respected Jade enough to concede to her wishes I loved the way he tried to rule his pack with morals compassion love and euality while also keeping his alpha dominance in the forefrontJared really finds himself in a sticky situation and I loved the surprise we get as to the “whys” of his actions It was a plot twist I wasn’t expected and it played out really well in the story creating angsts rivalries and distrust amongst the pack The Wrap Up The ending was shocking and perfect and though it filled me with a wonderful apprehension at how it would all turn out it really couldn’t have gone any other way This book leaves off on a slight cliffy and I can’t wait to read the third and final book to see how it all turns out Team Aidan and Jade forever My chest felt so full; I felt so complete It was utterly amazingThis is how I felt when Aidan and Jade were finally matedThis book was my first good reads giveaway win I loved it It was fun sweet and kept you guessing at every turn The characters really draw you into their lives and you feel as if you are there with them and connecting or even competing with and against them feeling the same things that Jade and Aidan had felt dealing with Jared and even Jade's dad I was so glad that I won this book A complete different book than I am use to reading and I am thankful for that I hope she is coming out with a third one I can't wait

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