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  • ebook
  • Dear Sergeant Honey Part I
  • Ceil Stetson
  • English
  • 12 February 2014

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  1. Julia Julia says:

    Dear Sergeant Honey Part I The Basics is a very lightly edited compilation of diary entries and letters by a young woman who joins the WAAC Women's Auxiliary Army Corps during World War II As such it is extremely repetitive she makes beds prepares for inspection drinks beers at the PX and tries to go shopping when stationed near a city There isn't much that can be done to make an interesting narrative of these activities Interspersed with these are training and classes which she doesn't describe and attempts to place or receive phone calls tofrom her boyfriend Near the end of Part I there are indications that things will become interesting in the future but those events aren't part of this bookIn paper Dear Sergeant Honey is one book but when the author published it as an ebook she split in into multiple parts Dear Sergeant Honey Part I The Basics only goes from the beginning of Hildie's time in the military Feb 1943 through her time in basic training June 1943 I didn't realize until I went to add the ebook to Goodreads that the book which I was reading did not include everything in the description

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Dear Sergeant Honey Part I A compilation of letters and diaries of a woman soldier in World War II This is not a recollection or a retelling The letters and diary entries are on a day by day basis as she lived it Hildegarde Molnar was one of the select few of Women's Army Corps WAC service members to be sent overseas She had a uniue job as a court reporter for the Judge Advocate General's sectionPart I covers February 1943 through July 5 1943