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  1. Leona Leona says:

    45 stars for Hannah I enjoyed this book so much that I rank it in the Top Ten Best ever written by Betty NeelsThough the book follows the typical BN storyline it had a slightly different feel and I found it refreshing I think Betty penned some wonderful characters that distinguishes this book from the restFirst Hannah was great and I fell in love with her on the very first page She was smart fun kind but uirky Though she is plain and mousy she is loved by everyone Her only downfall was she suffered from a guilt ridden martr complex when it came to her lazy good for nothing mother I so wanted to just kick the old broad in the keister She is a slave to her mother's every whim working herself to the bone to keep mom living in a standard she was accustomed to prior to her father's death She never gets a day off for herself She works constantly and when she is not working she cooks cleans shops irons and does anything else mom asks her to do She even forgoes buying a much needed winter coat so that her mother can suander her earnings on frivilous nothings She even sacrifices her love life all to keep dear old Mom happy happy happy Our hero is delicious Though he also fits the typical Betty mold I found him to be uite different First of all he is divorced not widowed divorced Shock alertA very first I think for Betty He's a bit arrogant with that mocking condescending tone but he uickly gets put in his place by our dear Hannah when she overhears him make a cutting remark about her From that point on the good doctor is on the defensive and I just loved watching him trying to get back into Hannah's good gracesWe have a delicious evil OW Narcissa who uickly realizes that our mousy Hannah is going to be uite the competition So she sets out to make things very difficult belittling Hannah at every turn and feeding her vicious lies She even sets Hannah up on a date with a nasty gentleman in the hopes that she will pose less of a threat Not a very bright move on her part I might add You would think if she really wanted to eliminate the competition she would have set Hannah up with someone worth capturing her interest But then again OW was just evil not brilliantThere are twists and turns at every corner that kept me really engrossed in the story and invested in the characters This one hit the spot for me

  2. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    Yes I'm still binging on Betty Neels They are so safe and samey but in a good way Hannah is a nurse looking after baby Paul the son of Valentijn's niece He's newly engaged to Nerissa after years of loneliness after a failed first marriage These men just don't learnOne really has to wonder about Betty's experience of family life because her heroine's are often orphan's or have the most appalling mother's and stepfather's Hannah is afflicted with self centred mother Fortunately this makes it easy to disengaged the heroine by providing the mother with someone to pander to her whimsNerissa is a nasty piece of work The poor taste demonstrated by the heroes and heroine's in their choices of ex's is apparent in this one Even after she know's she's lost Nerissa comes around to have a last poke at the heroineAltogether I enjoyed this read

  3. Kay Kay says:

    4 ½ Stars This one from Betty Neels reminds me of Winter Wedding as both have a moment where the heroine over hears the hero saying something unflattering about her and later he finds himself regretting it In Winter Wedding Emily heard Renier claim she merges into the background from whatever angle one looks at her and in this book Valentijn warns don’t for God’s sake let her loose on the claret; my head aches with her chatter Staff nurse on a busy maternity ward Hannah's patience and sheer refusal to give up soon sees the preemie Dutch baby thriving Born two months early due to a car crash baby Paul is just waiting for his mother to be fit to travel after her hip injury When Corinna is finally fit to travel she insists that Hannah come to Holland to help both baby Paul and her recover There's a bit of a hiccup with Hannah's over demanding mother but Corinna's Uncle Valintijn soon fixes that and Hannah's able to accept As Valintijn is a renown Paediatrician Consultant he's in charge of the baby's care so this puts him in constant contact with Hannah Valitijn about to turn 40 has recently become engaged to the beautiful Nerissa He's not in love with her he thinks that after his divorce 15 yrs ago he is now past the stage of passionate romance Nerissa is entertaining and has a large social life but sadly she doesn't want to spoil herself with children For some reason this paediatrician seems to feel he's past becoming a father Corinna detests Nerissa and feels her uncle deserves a woman with a warm heart to fill his home with love and many children Valitijn admires Hannah's dedication to her patients baby and mother and finds himself wanting to spend time with her He creates opportunities to bump into her on her off duty; showing her the bridle paths on a Saturday ride; tea at his house; and meetings with he Aunt his eldest relative When he shows her around his home and a room that was his mother's favourite describing how she used to sit in that chair knitting while he was at the round table doing his home work; he realizes that he wants Hannah to be sitting there with their children around the table and a baby in a high chair Hannah while listening to Valitijn describe his childhood memory wishes very much that he wasn't marrying Nerissa and that he so deserved to have a wife and his own children to share that room; and oh how she wished that wife could be herIn usual Betty style Nerissa realizes Valitijn holds too much regard for Hannah so she lies to Hannah that Valitijn only spends time with her because the family owes her so much for her invaluable care of baby Paul And after Valitijn ends their engagement Nerissa tells the big lie that they've set the date for their wedding giving Hannah some heartbreaking moments until Valitijn comes to find herThe HEA is wonderfully set Hannah sitting on a tree stump in the pouring rain bawling or as Betty puts it having a good howl not noticing Valitijn approaching This is one for the keeper shelf

  4. Pamela Shropshire Pamela Shropshire says:

    Hannah is the typical plain PBN She works in the Paediatric ward and when our story opens is looking after a Dutch infant whose young mum was in a wreck and which presumably caused said infant's premature birth Hannah has heard mum Corinna rhapsodize about her Oom Valentijn Uncle Valentine for English speakers When Hannah finally meets the Oom she is uite surprised at his non uncly appearance; he is in a word hot Hot Or Hannah is burdened with a mother who is lazy and whiny and extravagant She expects Hannah to work her fingers to the bone to support mom for the rest of mom's life Poor little Paul has no idea of all the medical misadventures he will have to endure to bring together his devoted nurse Hannah and his Oom Valentijn Premature birth intussusception and stomach flu all within a matter of weeks Still better that than he be saddled with Nerissa as his unloving auntieI just love this book Hannah is delightful sensible sassy smart warm Valentijn is the strong silent type; he had a FFW from whom he is divorced; he is pursuing the beautiful but cold Nerissa; but time spent in Hannah's company wakes him up to the fact that he wants the plain and sassy HannahI do like that Hannah blurted out her feelings when Valentijn found her lost in the woods I even like Valentijn for being so honorable as not to propose to Hannah before he disengaged himself from Nasty Nerissa Very lovely ending When you came to my house I wanted you to stay there for always You're so right so exactly right; I could see you so clearly in my mind sitting in that little armchair knitting or whatever with the light shining on your pretty hair and the children doing their lessons around the table and the baby in its high chair swoon My dearest darling I'm so in love with you – I couldn't let you go I had to come back and talk to you This RDD is clearly not afraid to tell our girl exactly how he feels He even loves her enough to support the lazy whiny MIL preferably keeping the North Sea between them

  5. Clare Clare says:

    This book I enjoyed from start to finish I liked the h Hannah but the H Valentijn took a few pages for me to warm up to him I did like when Hannah told him what she thought of him when she overheard him saying not so nice words about her to his nieceThe ow I did enjoy and as usual she wasn't the brightest lol and for once I would like the h to actually do something rather than just walk away when the ow causes trouble and for the h to say a few words to her lazy selfish mother because in this book she was spoiled and frustratingI liked the medical setting and of course when she goes to Holland and lives with Valentijn's family for a while when she's looking after his niece's little baby boy and I liked the ending aside from the ow causing trouble the only thing that is missing is an epilogue which is the same in most of her books

  6. Barb in Maryland Barb in Maryland says:

    Sick baby as plot device not uite as low as Betty can sink but pretty close Seemed like anytime there was a lull in the action poor little Paul got sick At least our Betty didn't kill him off Otherwise a fairly standard British NurseRich Dutch Doctor story The minor characters were fairly well done especially little Paul's parents Nerissa the reuisite beautiful financee of the RDD was deliciously rotten and I wanted to smack Hannah's lazy whiny self centered motherNot a keeper for me but I don't feel like I wasted my time

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    35 Star read for me It's always so nice to read any Betty Neel's books and this one is one of my favorite storylines she does h takes care of H's family member he is cold towards her indifferent and has this beautiful fiancee It all works out in the end though I just wish these books had epilogues Again I found uite a few typos but I'm pretty sure it's a Harleuin re release thing Just a heads up

  8. Cáitín Cáitín says:

    A good love story always has a good love rival and Betty Neel's has a wonderful way I making you want to slap her This story was no acceptance Hannah has a heart of Golden and loves Children when she becomes the nurse to care for small Paul and his mother she never thought it would change her life foreverWonderful story telling and I just love how comfortable and cosy this story brings

  9. Helen Manning Helen Manning says:

    Perhaps typical BN RDD plain but beautiful inside BN and a bitchy OW But fun to read and Valentjin redeems himself admirably and Hannah is sweet yet feisty

  10. Megzy Megzy says:

    Betty writes some of the most selfish spoiled secondary characters in romance novels I really didn't know who was evil Val's bit fiance or Hannah's mother Well Hannah's mom got her cake and ate it too She had a slave for a daughter until she married the uber rich doctor who promised his wife to be that her mom would live in comfort This is a woman who was mostly lounging on the couch while her daughter worked 6 days a week at the hospital which she resided and on her day off came home to cooked clean shop iron for her mom She spent all her money on her mom's rent and daily household expenses so the mom could spend her entire pension buying whatever she wanted She destroyed Hannah's chances in marriage and at her work so she could have someone who would take care of her financially and physically Hannah gave up the job she loved and the chance to become the unit supervisor nurse and took on private nursing so her mom could continue to have her maid I am not sure how Betty came up with so many dysfunctional and unhealthy family relationships in her books Unfortunately the evil family member never suffers and they usually get a way with murder

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Hannah Tiny Paul van Eysink was a very special case to nurse Hannah Lang and she had become very fond of his young parents Corinna and Paul When they invited her to go back with them to Holland until the baby was completely recovered Hannah was only to happy to oblige The problem was Corinna's unbending uncle Doctor Valentijn van Bertes He could find no fault with Hannah's nursing skills but she was only too well aware that she meant little to him as a person Why should she He had a very lovely fiancee in Nerissa

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  • Hannah
  • Betty Neels
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  • 27 August 2016
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About the Author: Betty Neels

Betty Neels was born on September 15 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage yearsThis stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school and then went on to train as a nurse gaining her SRN and SCM that is State Registered Nurse and Stat