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Chickens in Your Backyard Your backyard can be the source of the best eggs and meat you've ever tasted The answer is chickens—endearing birds that reuire but a modest outlay of time space and foodAs they learned to raise chickens Gail Damerow and Rick Luttmann came to realize the need for a comprehensive but clear and nontechnical guide Their book covers all the basics in a light and entertaining style from housing and feeding through incubating bringing up chicks butchering and raising chickens for showThroughout the book Gail and Rick express their wonder at the personalities of chickens—the role of brash protector played by roosters and the instinctive motherliness of the hens Given some freedom and attention these birds can become much than the egg and meat machines of commercial hatcheries and broiler factories Chickens provide backyard farmers with enjoyable pastime as well as a supply of good food

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    If you have been keeping hens for a while this would all be information you already know from experience although there were a few bits about hatching chickens in an incubator which I didn't know as well as how to kill a chicken and pluck it but then that is not why I have chickens so that would make sense And all the eggs that have hatched have been done by my hensBut for a new owner of hens or someone thinking of getting hens this could save your life and that of your hensThe author likes to poke fun at mistakes new owners have made to make a point She tells the story of the man who left his coop open once and didn't lose any hens over night so figured he could do it forever A week later predators had eaten all his hens Or the story she tells of a man who said the milk had dried up on his hen and she wasn't feeding her chicks and what was he supposed to do Hint hens are not mammalsGood solid practical information More a reference book then a read cover to cover kind of book though I didThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

  2. Diane Hernandez Diane Hernandez says:

    Chickens in Your Backyard is all anyone needs to know to raise chickensChickens in Your Backyard is newly revised and updated It includes how to set up a coop a run and a home for your new chickens There are chapters on feed eggs water cleaning disease breeding and incubation Showing and butchering chickens are also covered The book concludes with the pros and cons of starting your flock with eggs chicks young or mature chickens Along the way the author provides lists of breeds for different goals friendliest best layers biggest breastsI love the tips in Chickens in Your Backyard They obviously come from a someone with a true love of all things chicken Here are some examples Spring is the best time to purchase chicks and begin your chicken experience However young and mature chicken prices are much lower in the fall Chicken cannibalism is catching Egg sexing is a myth Butchering chickens one day can lead to becoming vegetarian the next As a city girl raising chickens seems like a good way to go back to my family’s midwestern roots Chickens are allowed where I live I hear a rooster or two each morning I didn’t think about how hard it would be to protect them from hawks and heat where I live in the High Desert Maybe when I retire and have free time I’ll get a few bantams When I do I’ll be sure to have this book by my side 5 starsThanks to the publisher Rodale Books and NetGalley for an advanced copy

  3. Wren Wren says:

    This books is no nonsense anything and everything you’d ever need to know about chickens Helpful encouraging unassuming Perfect for me as a complete newbie Highly recommend this book if you know nothing to very little about chickens Help building coops runs what to do if your chickens are sick what they might be sick with temperaments of different breeds helps against predators basics of feeding and wateringand so much Best 3 chicken book I’ve ever purchased I won’t be passing this one on to a friend because I’ll be referring back to it often

  4. Willow Willow says:

    Liked the author's humor made it less text booky Good introduction to raising Pukaaak puk puk puk

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