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Fractured Suns Broken Skies #2 Though reunited with her brother and surrounded by Flint Peter and her newfound grandfather Jax Mitchell has never felt alone After going to the city to get some much needed answers from Lir she is forced to leave him behind and return to the cabin—where enemies from her past await But there are bigger things at stake than revenge and she finds herself traveling with some unexpected companions toward a place she hoped to never see againAfter being imprisoned—and tortured—on the orders of his uncle Lir hasn’t seen daylight or linked to anyone in weeks and the pain and loneliness is almost too much to bear But Jax’s visit gives him renewed hope—and the strength to continue fighting his uncle's influence over the E'rikon even when things look hopelessWhile Jax and Lir fight separate battles their missions have in common than they realize It’s a race against time to stop men driven by greed and power But the ones they trust the most might be the very people working against them—and family doesn't mean what it used to Will they recognize their friends from their enemies in time to save the people they love or will they lose each other in the process

  • Kindle Edition
  • 278 pages
  • Fractured Suns Broken Skies #2
  • Theresa Kay
  • English
  • 20 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Fractured Suns Broken Skies #2

  1. Angela Angela says:

    Just gonna go ahead and get this out of the way Fractured Suns does not suffer from second book syndrome it was AMAZING The Broken Skies Series is a true hidden gem This is a series that is WAY under hyped Theresa Kay makes writing look easy Fractured Suns is the second book in the Broken Skies Series and again doesn't disappoint When Theresa contacted us again to review her second novel I have give me hands flying all over the place I knew I needed it but had no clue how much I was going too get out of it Fractured Suns picks right up where Broken Skies ended I'm going too keep this review 100% spoiler free because if you cant tell by now I'm very pro team read this series We have Jax our leading lady She continues to be a strong willed stubborn powerhouse of a heroine She is such a strongly written female character and in this book we continued to get so much out of her With her new found strength and power she really becomes a force to be reckoned with Then we have Lir who really steps up his game in this book He is strong supportive swoon worthy amazing male character Since this book is written in dual POV 100% A POSITIVE THING FOR THIS NOVEL we get so much out of both these characters and it made their stories intertwine so seamlessly and it really pulls this novel together Their relationship is just such a joy to read and get to experience Though their relationship of course is a fictional one it feels so real They are still new to it and are learning that trust and communication is the key to getting past anything These two together have me head over heels with being head over heels in love They have sky rocketed and easily have become one of my favorite book couples I can't wait to see where they're relationship heads in book three Especially with how the story is left offWe also have a lot secondary characters in this book Sadly I wont get to mention all because some are new players We do however get a lot Rym time Which made this girl a happy camper LOVE HIM and his horrible comic timing We also get a lot Jace and Flint These two characters were ones I knew would be important but going into this book had no true sense on how much we were going to get out of them Their characters took this book to a whole new level I wish yall could see my face right now It's Ugh My mouths open my hands are fan girl flapping around I'm struggling to form actual words These two Just wow These characters are what would have made this novel a make or break for me They made this novel The best part of Fractured Suns in my opinion is it's pace You're never overwhelmed by one certain aspect It has the perfect mixture of action packed scenes romance character development and set this series Even the scenes that are not fast paced action moments are still filled with amazing Easter eggs and little hidden treasures Wait did I say the pace was my favorite part? I might have lied the plot twist was my favorite part Trust me when I say you think you'll have the big reveal figured out BUT YOU ARE WRONG You might be right about a few things that will happen but you still wont be ready for what happens I thought I knew exactly where this book was headed but when the actual twist happens I seriously jumped off the sofa started throwing pillows around pulling my hair and then balled my eyes out I'll never again make the mistake of turning my back to you Theresa because it's clear you're not above shoving a knife into it and then twisting

  2. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! says:

    DEAR THERESA KAY In the face of everything we’ve been through both together and separately nothing matters right now but the fact that for this moment we are both breathing and not alone I don't even know where to begin I guess by thanking the book gods first because Fractured Suns isn't a product of Second Book Syndrome Fractured Suns is not a filler so if you loved the first book Broken Skies and you're afraid that the seuel will disappoint you please banish that thought right away Second thank you Theresa for not letting your readers down That looooooong time you took to release the seuel is oh so worth it D I already know that Theresa will drop a bomb but I didn't expect it to be this explosiveFractured Suns started with Jax already living in the woods with her brother Flint Peter and her grandfather At first I thought I have to wait ages for Jax and Lir's reunion but Theresa is full of surprises she gave that moment to her readers immediately and introduced a deeper plot Turns out Fractured Suns is than just the love story of Jax and Lir Its action packed dramatically written and fast paced New characters will be introduced old ones will make appearance and the challenges that our main characters will face will be doubled Because this isn't about the two of them any the whole world at least what's left of it is at stakeI always knew that Jax was a badass and kind of a softie especially when in comes to the people she cares about But here at Fractured Suns you will get to know her even better Jax went through a lot in this book I'll warn you now that it wasn't smooth sailing through the whole novel Jax is still understanding things about herself and going through all of this with trust issues I LOVE LOVE LOVE the character progression that happened Jax is still caring and badass but she absolutely grew up a lot in this book She learned she made mistakes and she fought I just know that I will root for Jax whatever happensTheresa Kay heard my prayers and gave us Lir POV's and it was golden Bond or no bond she is my future and I will not let her go again Feeeeeeels people Feels I have nothing but FEELSI honestly can't say anything any without turning into a crazy fangirl who will just type nonsense about my love for Jax and Lir so I really have to stop right here Fractured Suns is absolutely satisfying and worth the wait Theresa Kay just proved why this series deserves to be on your reading list

  3. Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥ Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥ says:

    Spoilers for Broken Skies #1 but the 1st paragraph is safe to readOh you guys   This book  This amazing book  I tear up even thinking about this story because Fractured Suns was breathtaking  It uickly pulled me back into the story and I found myself immersed in a world and surrounded by characters that I love  And be prepared because my emotions felt as though they were being pulled all over the place  Happy and sad tears streaked down my face while I spent a good portion of the story smiling  This book was so much fun  It had peril heartbreak action lies betrayal love and I was definitely glued to the pages  But you want to know what the kicker was?  I’m not one of those people who will read until the wee hours of every night because my kiddos wake up at 6am or earlier if I’m lucky ha  But Fractured Suns refused to be put down  I stayed up until 235am to finish and it was so worth it “If our only focus is survival then we’re no better than them  Without compassionwithout forgivenesswe’re nothing but animals” Jax We get to jump right back into the story at Peter’s cabin where Jax is stuck because her brother Jace is healing from a broken leg  Their E’rikon grandfather Jastren is there along with her brother’s boyfriend Flint  While her brother grandfather and Peter are away gathering supplies Jax gets a chance to go back and see Lir with Rym  After their too brief encounter they both find themselves fighting and struggling on their own journeys  Without each other He lied  He manipulated me  He used me  And when it came down to it he made his choice Jax When Jax and Lir met for that first time after the bond had been broken eeks  I was terrified because I wanted to push them together and yell at them to kiss and make up  But in all honestly they really haven’t known one other for that long  Can they even trust each other?  Jax still harbors so much hurt from Lir’s betrayal  And with Lir not having a functional kitu he doesn’t know how to trust others without being able to sense their feelings  And as the story progresses I fell even in love with both of them  Jax and Lir grow throughout the story and it made my heart so happy with the choices and decisions that they had to make  No matter how hard they were  Jax is still resourceful and savvy but her heart becomes something truly beautiful  And Lir  Swoon  Charming brave smart and sincere Lir is one sexy alien You would kill him for what he is I say But you never asked what I was I smile sweetly and bat my eyelashes right before I place a single finger to his temple and send every bit of the fire raging through me straight into his head Jax So of course I was devastated when Jax had to leave Lir because there is still so much up in the air  But guess what?  In Fractured Suns we got to be in both Jax and Lir’s head  I loved that we finally got to hear Lir’s thoughts  To see what he thought of Jax because I have been obsessively trying to figure it all out once I finished the last page in Broken Skies  For a few of Lir’s chapters the story seemed to move at a slower pace compared to Jax’s crazy journey  But in the end it made sense that we had to understand the people he was surrounded with what he had gone through and how he wanted to proceed  I get it and it than made sense If I stop to think if I do anything but move forward I will fall apart  And this time I won’t be able to put the pieces back together Jax But there is one point in the story that I never saw coming  Everyone was asleep while I read that scene and I needed sob out loud  To let out all of the pain  But instead I had to bite my lip and allow the tears to continuously stream down my face  Silently speaking the devastation I witnessed  That twist left me in utter shock  The ramifications oh  I’m at a loss  But in a twisted way I love when books can affect me that intense  That I can feel that deep of a connection to characters and their feelings  I just wish it didn’t hurt that much So yes I definitely recommend this book and series  I can’t wait to see what the final book has in store for Lir and JaxARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For of my reviews please visit

  4. Theresa Kay Theresa Kay says:

    Click below for teasers Teaser 1Teaser 2Teaser 3UPDATE 8814I've been a very busy girl lately and Fractured Suns is nearly complete That's the good news The not so good news is that Fractured Suns won't be out this Septemberplease don't throw things at me It'll be late for a very good reason You see about a month ago THIS happenedI know so many of you are excited to find out what happens next and I'm so grateful for all your support and enthusiasm I'll still be posting teasers and Lir POVs and I hope you'll stick with me through this transition

  5. CARLA CARLA says:

    I recieved this book because I begged for it Okay maybe not begged but I did volunteer to review for honesty This is the second book in the series and can be catorgorized as dystopiansci fi ish This story was fast paced I couldn't put it down I literally stayed up till about one in the morning finishing it It was fecking amazeballs The growth of the characteres in this book was many layered and detailed I found the pacing faster than BS The plot was intricate and the romance had evolved deeply There are some differences in this book compared to the last one I will not go into many because if I start then I will end up spoiling it and I just don't like to do that I will say that all the loose ends I wanted tied up in this book were Which is a major deal to me Sometimes I make a list because I'm a teensy bit anal retentive Moving onThis book has a dual POV Do you know what this means? I get to be inside Lir's head and that is pretty sexy to me I am constantly amazed by this authors talent when it comes to emotions Jax holds a lot of anger inside Its described so well I found myself getting mad too I call that emotional transfer This author is very good at it This book is suitable for ages 14 and up IMO but the little things like a touch or a look are described so well and with wonderful innuendo that it seems as though happens than actually does I found it a very mature and realistic relationship For teenagers who had to grow up fast with a shitty past At times Jax seems a bit reckless and very stubborn but this is really who she is as a character so it was consistent in that aspect Lir has responsibility and this is different from the last book as well I enjoyed his internal conflict what he wanted versus what was needed for his peopleI found Lir's 'voice' softer than Jax's this book around Which I contributed to his growth as a character love of Jax thinking beyond his own grief from last book Lir's plot wasn't as strong as Jax's again I assumed that was intentional since you know Jax is the MC and the author doesn't want to steal her thunder I can't go on It's spectacular Go forth and buy it when it comes out You must have this book in your mind before you die That is all

  6. Cee (The Mistress Case) Cee (The Mistress Case) says:

    August 2015 OMG I'm starting this DDD Thank you so much to the author for giving me an ARC YOU ROCKHere's my review for the first book Broken SkiesMarch 2015 The Broken Skies series is a hidden gem and it's definitely worth checking outI enjoyed the first book than I thought I would and now I anticipate the author will top it off with an incredible seuelJax baby you know I miss your fiery temper and your hair on fire not literally but I'm sure it would be uite a spectacle I wouldn't missed itThis is how I pictured her in Broken Skies even though this girl looks too innocent and doesn't do Jax justiceI got a thing for redheads you know?Can't wait for Fractured Suns D

  7. Lenore Kosinski Lenore Kosinski says:

    OMG EPIC Yes yes yes I feel your jealousy and I understand I was honoured to be a beta reader for this book And thankfully this time I had people to talk to about it so I didn't have to go insane waiting for releaseOK so back to the important stuff I've actually just finished my second read through of this gem and let me tell you it's even better a second time through It's like one of those movies that is awesome the first time through but on each viewing you start noticing and The intricacy of the plot left me a bit dazzled the first time through and holy cow do you notice all the little subtle setups even the 2nd time around I'm not saying it wasn't amazeballs the first time through I'm just stuck in happy land over here and amazed at all the little nuances that I may not have noticed bc I was a bit greedy when I first got this in my grubby little hands snort I know shocker right?uite frankly I'm still reeling Ms Kay sets a perfect pace in this book not too fast that things get lost but a steady build that keeps you clamouring for as you go along Jax is still as fiesty yet broken as everbut you actually got to see her gain strength as the book went on Not without setbacks but that's kind of realistic right? And we get Lir POV Still totally in love with that alien boy I was soooooo worried at the end of book 1I mean most of me knew there was an explanation for the bond break but I was so heartbroken that I wasn't sure I would be able to forgive him But I did While his role in the book is not as prominent this is still mainly Jax's story I liked getting to learn background about the E'rikon through Lir and I felt like we got to see of who he isthe struggles he's dealt withAnd that brings me to secondary charactersand specifically how much I LOVED them Rym turned out to be so much than I was expecting I AM IN LOVE What's with these E'rikon boys? He was hilarious and yet had his own depth Then there was the surprise of Stu Did NOT see that one coming and yet his role fit so well Especially when we got to meet Ethan LOVED him and what he brought to the story Still learning to love Emily but immediately fell in love with Gavin Can't wait to see from some of these newbies And then there's FlintI did NOT expect how big his role was going to be in this bookSo yeahanother book hangover book By the time the ending comes my mind was just whirling with all that we'd learned and it's going to take a while to process it all If you fell in love with Broken Skies and how could you not then you will not be even remotely disappointed with this book Solid characters intriguing world building fast paced plot fabulous imagery and an author that takes risks The downside? Waiting for book 3 is going to be a bitch

  8. Brianna ☯ Brianna ☯ says:

    4 stars This eARC was provided to me by the author herself in exchange for an honest review Fractured Suns picks up where Broken Skies left off and follows Jax as she deals with the conseuences of the last book while still trying to survive I will say this was a good seuel was it better than its predecessor? No not really What was really different about this book was the dynamics of the characters Jax was interesting because her knee jerk reactions are now back in action and causes some easy situations to become VERY difficult Also in this book I could really see who the true villain was and might I say wow Now this seuel also holds a very annoying troupe that I really dislike It’s the separation of the main couple because they are “star crossed” But surprisingly I wasn’t annoyed with it in this book Most of the book was I missing the romance? Yeah duh I’m a romance whore but it was a bearable kind of missing It’s just as good as the separation plot in World After The sole thing that I didn’t really enjoy was the middle of the book It wasn’t bad but it was slow and I have a lot of struggles reading slow books I thought that section of the book could really be spiced up a little where it was a tad entertaining to read But overall I think this was a really well done seuel and once readers get ahold of it they will flip This book has some surprises in it that you WON’T see coming I think the writing is just as spot on as it was in book one Another cool fact to know is that Fractured Suns is done in dual pov whereas Broken Skies was not The change in povs isn’t bad if I had to say what it was and what it wasn’t then I would say It’s not an Allegiant but a Bloodlines With how book one ended it for sure needed that dual pov aspect I really enjoyed getting into Lir’s head and learning about him and his species I cannot wait for you guys to continue on with Jax and Lir’s adventures because you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be very very surprised Full spoiler review will be posted after the book releases

  9. Morgan E Morgan E says:

    Wow You did it again Theresa Kay This book kept me on the edge of my seat and constantly wanting With way twists and turns than the first this book left me speechless and a little emotional at timesI don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I'm just going to say that this is the best seuel I've read in a long timeThank you Theresa Kay for the opportunity to read and review this book Can't wait til the third one comes outI recommend this book to EVERYONE who loves ya sci fi fantasy and a book that makes you want to scream but in a good way;

  10. Leah Leah says:

    FOR THIS REVIEW AND MORE Suns picks up pretty close to where Broken Skies left off Jax her brother Flint Peter and Jastren are all holed up in Peter's cabin out in the woods Jace is still pretty busted up but he is doing what he can to recover His relationship Flint and well everyone is strained because of the mental stress they have all been under Jax is still very broken from what Lir did to her but she is holding herself together so she can be strong for those around her Jax is so bad ass in this book She has made the most progress as far as character development than anyone else When we first met her in Broken Skies she was broken and fragile She needed her brother and relied so heavily on him Through Broken Skies she finds Lir and gains strength from their relationship But in Fractured Suns she pretty much just says EFF ALL Y'ALL and handles things herself She is tired of every decision she makes being uestioned and tired of everyone treating her like she is still this sheltered fragile little girl Once she makes up her mind to take charge of her life and stop relying on other people for strength she really starts coming into her ownWhat really makes this a five star book for me is the bond no pun intended that Jax and Lir share After everything that has happened to them and even despite the fact that are hardly physically together in this book they still are there for each other no matter what Yeah there are times when they doubt each other's motives or whether they can trust one another but those thoughts are uickly pushed away When things start to get rough they go to bat for one another Lir really steps up for Jax in this book Jax is dealing with some things and even though Lir cannot physically be with her he does whatever he has to do to take the heat off of her Jax is so much stronger in this book than she has ever been but she still needs Lir It's not the same type of neediness that she possessed before where she had to have someone to be her strength but now it is the type of need that you really only have with someone you truly love Lir knows that Jax can handle her own but he doesn't want her to handle it on her own He wants to take what he can off of her and put some of the burden on himself because he loves her and he sees what she is going through They really are one of my all time favorite book couples because there isn't any BS with them They go through some tough stuff but the bond that they share is something that even the best love stories out there can't come up withSo there are a few twists in this book Mainly three big ones one that you can pretty much see coming one that is a big surprise and came out of left field and one that left me sobbing on my couch while my dog literally licked tears off of my face and gave me a WTF is wrong with you mom?? look Seriously the last twist that happens caught me so off guard As it is happening I was like Wait What? WHAT? OMG WHAT? and then proceeded to read one of the most heart wrenching moments in alien book history This last twist also supports my last paragraph on why Lir is so freaking awesome I won't give any spoilers but what he does for Jax is something that is absolutely selfless that it left me speechless I just I just can't even talk about the scene right now Too soon The wounds are too fresh You're just going to have to read it for yourselfWe also get some pretty kick ass supporting characters in Fractured Suns Most of them made some sort of appearance in Broken Skies but now we really get the chance to get to know them There are three that really stick out for me Stu Rym and Trel We know Stu from Broken Skies because he was the son of the scum bag Lenny who tried to send Jax off the Breeders Well he is back in this one but let's talk about doing a 180 character flip Seriously this dude goes from scum of the Earth in my head to being pretty freaking awesome Also Lir's cousins Rym and Trel are back Rym places a HUGE roll in this book which is so awesome because he is so funny He is my soul mate when it comes to making inappropriate jokes at the worst time possible Seriously it's one of my super powers Anyway I feel like these could have come from the same universe that Jennifer Armentrout's Daemon Black and his crew came from which is a pretty freaking big statement considering Lux is in my top 5 of all time favorite books Rym reminds me a lot of Luce from Lux and Trel reminds me a lot of Ashley Both awesome characters in their own ways and both really bring big things to the table Overall this is a fantastic book I loved Broken Skies but Fractured Suns knocked it out of the part when it comes to character development action and plot twists I couldn't put the book down and since we are left on the edge of our seats I will be anxiously awaiting book three I can't wait to see where all of my favorite characters end up If you are a fan of the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout I absolutely recommend this book to you

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