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Dangerous At five and 20 Prudence Merryweather knew very well the risks a woman took by visiting a gentleman in the dead of night But bearding the notorious Earl of Angelstone in his den was the only way to stop him from engaging her hot headed brother in a duel And that was why she found herself ushered into Sebastian's forbidding presence at three in the morning and thoroughly kissed before dawnShe was a country bred innocent and an intriguing experience for a man who dwelt in the shadows than in the sunshine Yet as her boldness drew Prue into one dangerous episode after another Sebastian found himself torn between a raging hunger to possess her and a driving need to protect her And the reckless beauty would soon need all the protection she could get

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  1. Richa Richa says:

    It was the darkest hour of the nightShe was going to pay a call to the man known as Fallen AngelShe had no other choice if she wanted to save her brother's neckso she walks into his den and findsLUCIFER Sorry that's just his the man called Fallen Angel's black cat Lucifer PAnywaycoming back to the storySo she walks into his denhis home and finds himthe man everyone called Fallen Angelthe last and only person who could help herSo who is she???She is Prudence Merryweather A country bred 25 year old innocent miss she has come to Townold London or should I say the 19th century London with her younger 20 year old brother And the ton has given her the title of Original She's witty innocent intelligent and has an unusual hobbyshe is a ghost investigator Do you believe in ghosts Miss Merryweather?“I myself am extremely skeptical on the subject” Prudence admitted “But many people do believe in ghosts They often think they have evidence of spectral phenomena My hobby involves examining that evidence and attempting to find a logical explanation for it” So the ton is amused by her fascinated by herand she's invited to tons of parties and balls and dinnersAnd it's in one of those balls where she meets himSebastian Fleetwood the Earl of AngelstoneHe's a man who's accustomed to living in the shadowsafter all everyone knew the devil preferred the cover of night His notorious reputation has earned him the name Fallen Angel Angelstone was anything but angelic in either appearance or temperament It was said in the drawing rooms of the ton that he bore a strong resemblance to the Lord of the Underworld It was true that it would take a formidable imagination to envision him with a pair of wings and a haloThe firelight flickering behind Sebastian seemed a little too atmospheric tonight The glow of the flames threw his fierce saturnine features into harsh relief His black hair was cut short His curious amber eyes blazed with a cold penetrating intelligence His body was hard and lean Prudence knew from her experience with him on the dance floor that Sebastian moved with a lazy dangerous masculine grace They meet in a ballroomhe asks to be introduced to herand they waltzAnd then her naive brother gets in a mess a duelfor a stupid silly reasonand being the responsible sensible elder sister that she is she tries to make things rightand Angelstone is the only one who can save her brotherso she braves a visit to his denhis home in the dead of the night and makes a bargain with him “I should perhaps remind you that when one grants a favor one expects to be able to collect payment in return at some future time” A fresh flash of alarm went through Prudence She eyed him warily “What exactly are you suggesting my lord?”“Merely that in return for my doing you this favor tonight you will agree to do one for me should I ever reuest it”Prudence held herself very still “What sort of favor would you expect in return for sparing my brother’s life?”“Who knows? One cannot see into the future Miss Merryweather I have no notion now of what sort of boon I might someday reuire of you”“I see” She drew her brows together in concern “But you expect to collect this favor from me at some point?”Sebastian smiled slowly His eyes and those of his cat reflected the firelight “Yes Miss Merryweather Someday I shall most definitely collect what is owed to me Do we have a bargain?” A dangerous silence settled on the shadowed library It was broken only by the crackle of the flames on the hearth Prudence could not look away from Sebastian’s steady unreadable gazeShe would have to take the chance that her intuition about this man was correct He might be dangerous but she did not believe he was evil“Very well my lord” Prudence said uietly “I will agree to this bargain” And they seal it with a kissor rather he seals it with a kiss and she's left stunned Walking into the devil's lairsealing a bargain with him was all very wellfor she needed to save her brotherbut who will save her from him???image error

  2. Dina Dina says:

    I read somewhere that Amanda uick's historical romance novels follow an usual formula a somewhat tortured hero who needs to learn how to love and laugh a uirky heroine who marches into his life bringing said love and laughter and never takes no for an answer Well I happen to like that formula and Dangerous does follow it so no one will see me complaining here I loved the charming and sarcastic hero Sebastian and the funny and indomitable heroine Prue Their uick banter had me laughing from the start and it didn't take long for Sebastian to realize that he was never going to win an argument with Prue Not because he wasn't smart or witty enough but because he just wanted to make her happy Too melodramatic? Perhaps but it only made me love him Sebastian and Prue's relationship went kind of smoothly from the start and all the way through the end There wasn't really any big bumps on their road to the HEA once they got together there was no doubt on their minds their marriage was going to work but that doesn't mean that the journey was boring uite the contrary Their common interest in investigating unusual things he helped a Bow Street Runner to solve some cases as a hobby and she was an amateur ghost hunter kept the story flowing very nicely The whodunit mystery they ended up investigating together was actually very good Call me naïve but I didn't guess who the killer was Not that there were that many suspects it was the why that kept escaping meAll in all this was a great read and my favorite book by this author Okay I've only read two so far but who's counting? LOL

  3. Rane Rane says:

    Out to save her hot headed brother from a duel that could kill him Prudence Merryweather finds herself at the door of the man whom her brother challenged finally coming to an understanding to spare her brother Pru ends up making a deal with the Fallen Angel which he may collect at anytime but it doesn’t have her “to” worried that is until he kisses her The Earl of Angelstone Sebastian Fleetwood finds the amateur ghost hunter MsMerryweather fascinating and very unusual from the women of the ton he finds the deal between them very amusing and just another way to stay close to her while he goes about his hobby of solving crimes for Bow Street But when Pru finds out about his little hobby they both finds themselves not only in a sham engagement but becoming a team solving their biggest mystery yet As their case starts turning up dead bodies they delve deeper to find the truth and finding out their a better team as they match wits and passion to solve a long ago crime This was a delightful read it was fun and uick paced never slowing down keeping you wrapped up between Sebastian’s and Pru growing relationship to their case and who dun it Sebastian was a great heroextra points for having a love for cats always coming across with his bored and sarcastic attitude toward everyone around him but mostly his father’s side of the family whom always looked their noses down at him Sebastian hides behind his devil may care mask a deep hurt after the deaths of his family trying to find warmth where he felt a deep cold lay close to his heart When he meets the crazy and delightful Pru his life turns around as he starts to feel love and warmth making him wonder how he went all his life without Pru by his side Pru was smart and clever always wanting to be where the action is she finds she can truly be herself around Sebastian and tag along on his cases Mucht to his horror As a couple their were really great with their back and forth banter that had you smiling knowing in the end Pru would somehow win no matter what Sebastian did which was really sweet The case that Pru and Sebastian work on to solve was if you pay attention and are a fan of Clue was a no brainier but as to why they did it was a big surprise and how the main villain gets his due was awesome touch The only fault I had with the whole book was although the banter was enjoyable when either Sebastian or Pru didn’t get their way going along on cases or whatnot they started to act like child who was deny a piece of candy which seem out of character as both were smart and clever and having to act like a kid because they didn’t get what they wanted made me roll my eyesOverall a fun read with a overlaying murder mystery and two great leads that will have you enjoying the book till the very end

  4. Ira Ira says:

    45 starsIt should be an easy 5 stars if I didn't want to smack the heroine for a few timeHer uick to defend whoever the target of the Hero's sharp tongue it's very annoying especially when its deservedAnyway this one has a good storyline I wonder if Ms Roberts got inspired from this book to write Brotherhood in Death you know what I mean if you already read that bookSomehow while the disgusting crime are the same because of the humor in it this book feel much lighter than BiD and very enjoyable

  5. Becca Becca says:

    Sebastian and Prudence are a funny couple It was uintessential Amanda uickSebastian is a super confident cool and enigmatic hero He is always in control and is drawn to the uirky Prudence from the beginning Prudence is an odd duck uick to defend those important to her and always fascinated by a mysteryWhile some of the dialogue was a little awkward and Prudence could be tiresome it was still somehow fun I think what was refreshing about the story was that most of the conflict was external Sebastian and Prudence are a team from the beginning They both love a good mystery have excellent physical chemistry and value the insights of each other It was the team aspect that I loved best about this storyThis was a fun story and a mystery that I didn't uite figure out until the end I liked the very mild paranormal element and the adventure I just found Prudence's lectures annoying she meant well but she came across as a nag when she got on a rollOverall a nice comfort story with a couple that work as a team and a good murder mystery

  6. Holly Holly says:

    This gothic lite story starts with Miss Prudence Merryweather paying a visit to the Earl of Angelstone Sebastian Fleetwood at his home way past the hour of acceptability She has come because her absurdly protective brother is determined to avenge her honor which has been rocked by the fact that the Fallen Angel has been seen in her presence The ambiance starts up immediately when we are introduced to Sebastian who has been relaxing in his home in a state of dishabille He eyes Prue up and down like a tasty snack disbelieving that a gently bred young lady would visit him alone at such a late hour This makes her fair game in his eyes and he intends to claim her before the end of the night She has come to demand he apologize to her brother and prevent their dawn appointment She assures his agreement through her clever banter and Sebastian is charmed He agrees to her terms and seals their deal with a kiss forever changing both their lives in that moment As corny as it sounds Sebastian and Prudence really do complete each other They are compatible in every way Sebastian looks at Prudence as if she's a very special gift and takes care of her with a gentleness that shocks him She brightens his world with her gentle caring manner and gives him laughter in his life She's determined to save him from himself and does all she can to make sure he and his family reconcile She even goes so far as to change her country girl style for something sophisticated and urbane a move that horrifies Sebastian and made me laugh out loud Amanda uick has created a hard aloof man in Sebastian Fleetwood and it is very endearing to see his cold spirit thaw around Prudence's natural cheerfulness While the formula Amanda uick uses is tried and true it's the wonderful uirky personalities that will remain with you long after you read this book

  7. Mehek Shaikh Mehek Shaikh says:

    This didn't have the strongest start for me but I got really into it after a while I really enjoyed this book it's a very pick me up kind of read

  8. Zoe Zoe says:

    A re read from my youth this one is I read almost all of Amanda uick's one word romance novels years ago Formulaic that they are I seem to recall them with great clarity During this phase Amanda uick had a distinct preference for eccentric heroines often with spectacles paired with cold on the surface heros often earls who were by nature honorable men I noticed that she had a series of earls as heros She did not seem to like other ranks much In these stories the heros were always enchanted by how unusual the heroines were The women were usually odd creatures not society babes bookish slightly on the shelf They usually had a strong interest in intellectual pursuits almost always pathetically unfashionable whereas their husbands always dressed the part aka devastatingly handsome devil of an earl and had an eye for fashion This book is the epitome of her style during this time Prudence the 25 year old spinster who liked to investigate supernatural phenomena and Sebastian the Earl of Angelstone who seemed cold but of course whose passion could be only ignited by said spinster and whose loneliness could only be chased away by the presence of said spinsterOne great thing about uick is her writing She truly had a way with her stories Even if I am not so crazy about the characters usually the bespectacled heroines I still find it pleasant to read her books Her heros were controlled men not necessarily cold or tortured and they were almost always responsible men despite how uick wanted to paint them as devils They were uick to offer marriage how convenient had a strong sense of honor and could oddly only find love with women who were considered odd by society standard Her heroines oh aren't they the dears I read a review for one of uick's stories once which said Amanda uick's heroines all remind us of a historical version of Amanda uick herself A woman who was not exactly traditionally beautiful but loved reading and was almost always too smart for their own good They had an odd sense of honor and often expected the heros to do the right thing or they would chastise the men for not acting responsibly They were also strangely level headed to the point where they had no emotional weakness I laughed so hard when I read that I have exactly the same impression there is definitely some author's self compensation kind of thing going on here I found the writing as good as I remember Sebastian is a good hero but since I am not exactly crazy about Prudence I lost some respect for Sebastian for falling for her Prudence was bossy damn I rather despise the managing sort of women no matter how much Sebastian wanted to be managed I for one have no interest in managing anyone I usually like a level headed heroine but Amanda uick's heroines often remind me of Maggie Smith in Downten Abbey whose Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley is the hautiest of the hautiest English gentlewomen almost too level headed and practical that they lose their vulnerability For Violet Crawley her level headedness comes with age For Amanda uick's heroines it just seems absurdly practical and unfortunately un feminine I bought the book for my memories I liked it better when I was younger and I am keeping the book for the old times

  9. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Dangerous is the story of Prudence and SebastianWhen Prudence's brother challenges Lord Sebastian Angelwood to a morning duel just for dancing with his sister Prudence takes it upon herself to travel at midnight and convince Angelwood to refuse the same by apologizing to her brotherAngelwood agrees but only if they can partner up He is a detective investigating a series of unsolved mysteries she is a ghost huntress Things start getting meddled up when one of the haunted location ends up having some murder clues and both of them decide to work together At the same time Sebastian decides he wants Prudence as his bride and manipulates his way into marriageNow the book started out great I love me a uirky and weird heroine and a tortured hero This book fell short of BOTH The heroine interfered in everytthingggg I wanted to be like STAHP woman mind your own business She inserts herself in every situation argument et al and then things went wrong The hero on the other hand was rather obstinate and I commend him for putting up with the annoying heroine especially when she kept meddling in the topic of his shitty auntSome past OM drama a series of murders a cat called Lucifer which our hero so often stroked and a couple of well written lovemaking scenes fill this bookAnyway would have been a much higher rating if the heroine was strangled Just kidding she shut up for a while and stopped mom ming the heroSafe25

  10. MissJessie MissJessie says:

    Not Ms uick's best The plotline it a typical uick one innocent heroine probably virginal dark mysterious possibly dangerous hero various threats to the lady ritual deflowering of the virgin in the library hero to the rescue happy ending These books are all the same and the pleasure is in seeing how the resolution is reached not in wondering what will happen at the end FineBut books should be somewhat believable in their own sphere I thinkNo woman in her right mind then or now would have put up with the verbal abuse the heroine received from her hero and continue to stare at him in wonder and inform him that it's all her fault and he is perfect and wonderful and kind beneath his rough exterior so to speak Particularly irritating were some of the romantic scenes esp immediately after the heroine was verbally tongue lashed by the hero She would have conked him on the head with the chamber pot and returned to her own bedroom if she had any self respect at all Also how many times can one read of aching loins and his various adjective member before one begins to laugh? And what man could tolerate the heroine's star struck innocence for long? Normal women eventually wise up and grow up but this heroine appears to be stuck at age 15 mentally for the rest of her lifeMainly I enjoy these romances from Amanda uick as light bedtime reads without any stress or great thought reuired which might keep me awake but this one was so ridiculous that it irritated me thus defeating the reason for reading it If 15 stars were available that would be my opinion OK for a beach read if you can stand assininity

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