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  1. Ashish Ashish says:

    This book was recommendedand gifted to me by a dear friend and I was completely unaware of the book or the author before I love it when I discover new authors this way and this book proved to be a nice and fun readIt's a coming of ageroad trip novella about the freaky adventures of a medical student and his friends and the shenanigans that they run into There were parts which were pretty relatable to me and the random road trip that the narrator takes is something on my bucket list; just throw caution to the wind and take off alone to an unknown and non mainstream destination and just see where it goesThe story unfolds slowly to reveal information in stages and I especially loved the tiny observations and bits of philosophies without being preachy that the narrator makes

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Truth Almost About Bharat A Novel Bharat aka Vishwantha aka Tarzan teenage philosopher general practitioner and heartbroken victim of unreuited love takes some time off to chronicle his life An amazing saga of tender hearted dacoits heroic medics and gorgeous women A uirky tale of youth set in contemporary India