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A Captives Submission Veronica Clark is a shy lonely girl in a new town After a blind date she's kidnapped and brought to the private island of the notorious billionaire playboy Stavros Theoharis Stavros intends to make Veronica his sex slave but neither of them are prepared for their feelings Will her submission training continue or will the insatiable Dom be dominated by his own emotionsThis Erotic Romance short story 13100 words contains elements of BDSM including a bondage bench a chained kidnapped woman a dominant alpha male and explicit sex It is intended for adultsAuthor's Note This story contains an expanded version of Taken By The Tycoon plus the continuationending of that story which has never been published

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  1. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    Story FAIRIntimacy Level GOODEnjoyment FAIRLength 744 kindleStyle Erotica BDSMI was really routing for this short story as the concept was interesting and seems to have the ingredients I like in some of my erotica books Veronica is a loner she has also moved recently and doesn't have a lot of friends One night she signs up for a dating service and gets a date After her blind date which was awkward she is kidnapped and wakes up in a strange place She later finds out she is kidnapped by a rich Greek BillionaireStravos to be used for his sex slaveWith my personal taste the thing I found not to like was the way the story was flowing I got into it but by the second chapter part two I was unsure and a bit lost Second part makes known Stravos's intentions and real reason known for kidnapping Veronica There was BDSM but very light BDSM it was of commands than anything The story felt as though it was missing a few chapters to piece everything together Sometimes the story line went from zero to ten and found myself saying wait what Without giving anything away the ending was not a fan of it It felt like the author didn't give me time to digest Veronica's return home before the knock at the doorApart from my thoughts on the story I did like Veronica and Stravos's characters I think they are deserving of each other but how it was portrayed to me was not satisfying for my personal taste Read the sample see if you like it and maybe you will feel differently byhttpwwwromancenoveljunkiescomSo

  2. Kristina Kristina says:

    Another great book while its a different concept I mean who kidnaps someone after a blind date Liliana writes characters you love and hate or is it love to hate In the end this was a great read that I enjoyed the book very much

  3. Ashen Ashen says:

    25 stars

  4. Veronica Franco Veronica Franco says:

    Too short why? i've never get to find a VERONICA in a book and when i found one it's the tiniest book in the history uu

  5. Alyssa Ingram Alyssa Ingram says:

    Synopsis made this book look really good It wasn't believable and the one month jump could of helped the story out to show how their trust was built

  6. Sharyn Sharyn says:


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