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The Ancient Greeks Spotlights From Homer's Iliad to a farmer's hard life in the hilly farmlands near Athens here's an introduction to daily life in Greece 2500 years ago Young readers will learn about early democracy city states warfare religion and the history of the region But they will also read about a chariot race see a cutaway of a typical home join the bride and groom at a wedding feast and attend a play at a theater built into a hillside With color illustrations on every page this concise and fact filled introduction to ancient Greece will please even the most reluctant of readers

  • Hardcover
  • 46 pages
  • The Ancient Greeks Spotlights
  • Charles Freeman
  • English
  • 27 August 2015
  • 9780195212389

About the Author: Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman is a freelance academic historian with wide interests in the history of European culture and thought He is the author of the highly acclaimed Egypt Greece and Rome Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean He has followed this up with The Greek Achievement Penguin 1999 The Legacy of Ancient Egypt Facts on File 1997 and The Closing of the Western Mind a study of the rela

2 thoughts on “The Ancient Greeks Spotlights

  1. Wiedźm Wiedźm says:

    Some basics that shame not to know Good as a short review after years from leaving school some other things not included in this book are coming back to mind while reading Also good to start with the journey at the world of ancient GreeceTrochę podstaw których nie wypada nie znać Dobre w formie powtórki w kilka lat po ukończeniu szkoły pewne nie zapisane tu rzeczy powracają w umyśle przywołane tekstem Ta książka to też dobry początek na początek podróży po świecie starożytnej Grecji

  2. Santh memories Santh memories says:

    all about ancient Greeks full colors and pictures completed with glossary too

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