Wife In Disguise Lone Star Canyon Silhouette Special

Wife In Disguise Lone Star Canyon Silhouette Special Edition No 1383 Josie Fitzgerald Scott was athletic competitive and stubborn as sin until an accident changed her life Now she simply sought closure with unforgettable Del Scott the man she'd once lovingly wed passionately bedded then contrarily fledAmazingly Del didn't recognize Josie's reconstructed contours Yet her secy ex husband seemed oddly instantly drawn to this soft delicate stranger despite her new curves Which gave Josie as Rose a second chance to woo and win back Del's fierce male passion But would limping less than honestly down memory lane unleash a landslide of trouble Or miraculously lead Josie home to love Josie Scott was involved in an auto accident that caused injuries that totally changed her looks and limited her mobility When she was nearly recovered she went back to the town where her ex husband lived to seek closure to their relationship or so she told herself Are do overs possible? It was a wonderful love story When I was reading it I felt her pain her loss her ghosts of the past Dialogues and sentences were written beautifullyI just felt connected with characters and I was glad to meet such amazing and realistic charactersI kept thinking about definition of love while I was reading it This book made me think and feel a lot of things I'm very happy that I found this book and looking forward to read othet books of Mrs Author Sometimes we make mistakes Sometimes we say stupid thingsSometimes we let go of people we desperately loveSometimes we go away from people out of fearSometimes we don't realize value of things until we lose themBut only some lucky ones of us get second chancesIf someone of your past knock on your door with a second chanceIf it's someone worth the pain and timeThen open your door welcome them into your life and future with open arms So I thought I will like it since I've been looking for this kind of story the wife coming back with a new face may it be a real wife or fake wife but as long pretending to be the real wife I may sound ridiculous but I liked that kind of plot and I though it's gonna be like this but it is not I read it and read it but it was just tooooooo draggy? I don't know I just had to finish it and upon finishing I was relieved that it is done lol Josie and DelNeeded to figure out what went wrong with their first attempt at marriage and work on a second chance as two older wiser people I love this book it's a must read Wow I loved this story This is the best among the Lone Star canyon Series Both Josie and Del's story was heart touching and very sweetI especially loved the way how they got to learn each other all over again Second chance is very rare and they both did not give up on the chance they gotJosie character grew tremendously The person she became in the end was heart warming The growth was gradual and smooth My heart cried for he when Del spoke about her faults and their relationship when she pretended to be Rose This book we clearly see how both think and how they both were at fault and that lead to their divorce Later in the end we also see what mistakes Del did too I simply loved this story It lingers in your mind even after you have completed reading this bookSusan is one of my favorites and I loved the way she writes and weaves the story Like a moth I am totally involved in her story When I read them it feels like I am sitting beside a window and seeing everything happen in front of my eyes I don't know I am not able to write a good review now I won't be able to give justice to the story by reviewing it It is very simple and easy read You won't regret reading it This is stand alone book You don't have to read the whole series The best part is the book is only about Del and Josie and how they work out with their marriage None of their family interferes and doesn't take up any pages with their banter I won't say i hate family and friends interference that just drags the story But sometimes it is essential part of the story and most of the time it is not But Susan has a way in weaving the story all the characters are important in some way or otherMust have for all Susan fans You won't be disappointed Third in the Lone Star Canyon series this one is possibly the best of the three Josie has been in a terrible car accident with a year's worth of reconstructive surgery When she goes back to see her ex husband Del he doesn't recognize her And she doesn't tell him at first Use your imagination from there Or better yet read the book My only wish is that it could have had a bit about the renovation of her house always something I enjoy in detail I'm a sucker for this type of story line The masuerade bit I mean I'm not generally fond of 2nd chance at love stories This one was very well done The heroine goes back to find some sort of closure with her ex husband She's grown up in the last 3 years especially the year since her accident She wants to apologize for how she treated him when they were married They married very young and didn't do a very good job of it When her ex doesn't recognize her in a weak moment she doesn't tell him who she is They become friends and she can't help but ask about his ex wife It is very angsty as she learns what he thought of their marriageOf course he learns eventually who she is and they both come to an understanding of what went wrong in their marriage The hero especially had to learn to accept that an eual share of the blame for the bad marriage was his He had totally been unable to see it before Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a simple Harleuin style romance and I can always count on a goodromantic story from Susan Mallery

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