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Marvel Encyclopedia Timed perfectly with Marvel's 75th Anniversary DK's bestselling Marvel Encyclopedia is now fully revised extended and updatedBring the Marvel Universe home with this all inclusive encyclopedia detailing little known facts and information about the iconic Marvel characters This essential tome has been fully updated with 32 additional pagesCreated in full collaboration with Marvel Comics the revised pages of Marvel Encyclopedia now feature new entries on the latest characters and teams updated facts on existing ones including their latest looks and story lines and expanded entries on major superheroes such as Spider Man Thor and The Avengers Special double page features have also been added highlighting recent major crossover events in the Marvel Universe such as Fear Itself and the new Marvel Now seriesThis book wouldn't be complete without the newly commissioned cover art by well known Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr Not very complete compared to the DC encyclopedia The Marvel Age is upon us GREAT COMICS COME WITH GREAT ENCYCLOPEDIAS Obviously in an ever changing environment like comic books any encyclopedia about the topic is outdated almost when it comes outbut that never stopped us to buy themDefinitely any avid comic books' reader needs such companion books not only to reaffirm what one knows about our chosen comic book characters and titles but also to have a fair understanding about the whole universe of the publishing house in this case MarvelEverything started back then when it was still called Timely Comics having early hits like Captain America Namor the Submariner and the original Human Torch defining the cornerstones of the way that their heroes were like dreamers controversial ones and outcastslater the 60's revolution bring The Fantastic Four adding the disfunctional factor to the storytelling establishing the Marvel Age of Comics when Spider Man proved that a teenager could be a standing alone hero and not just a sidekick along that getting superpowers wouldn't solve your personal life but instead complicated it and demanding unavoidable responsibilitiesand not always you will be able to save the girlover ever arguing teams like The Avengers where gods and monsters meet with men out of time to face threats that single heroes couldn't deal withalong with mutants like X Men defending a world that fears themstreet justice in the hands of Daredevil and others alike defending the common fellow that doesn't have anyone else to look for assistanceintroducing fictional foreign lands where superpowered kings and tyrants alike where acclaimed by their subjectsimpossible dimensions and galactic empireseating planets' beings energy infused ever rising creatures and even a man able to surf over outer spaceand of course a gauntlet that anybody fears or wants to havethis is the Marvel UniverseAnd here you have a great option to have an amazing overview of this comic book universe and its uncanny characters This massive hardcover is great on so many levels big colourful exhaustive and for now at least up to date Published in March 2014 this fanboy's reference book lists even the latest Marvel events Age of Ultron Avengers vs X Men Infinity Just leafing through it I saw some lame 80's villains weren't there so many in those days characters I haven't seen since I was in middle school so that brought back some 'Hey I remember this guy' kind of exclamations Of course the character bios are somewhat streamlined in the interest of clarity and of keeping this book's page count reasonableWe got our son this book as a present for his ninth birthday and he absolutely loves it There's just so much information about so many characters I think it's wonderful for him to have this book to learn about the Marvel Universe We'd gotten him DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide for Christmas and he loved that one too but there's just no comparing these two books Marvel's book has so much is so much bigger Definitely recommended for comic book fans young or oldExcelsior I am a huge fan of Marvel I love this book wholeheartedly This book allows the readers to get know each character in Marvel If you are a fan of Marvel then I would massively recommended you to read this book

  • Hardcover
  • 439 pages
  • Marvel Encyclopedia
  • Tom DeFalco
  • English
  • 15 September 2016
  • 9781465415936

About the Author: Tom DeFalco

Tom DeFalco is an American comics writer and editor well known for his association with Marvel Comics and Spider Man

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