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Rook Knights of Amaranth #2 I'm disappointed because there was hardly any romance in this one at all but the story was decent The first one was much better When Chris gets laid off from his job as a librarian at NYU he thinks life can’t get any worse His only consolation is in a night of drinking that unexpectedly leads him to Tory a romantic mysterious ex military man with roguish charm Chris can't deny Their budding relationship grows to something deeper despite both men's fears that it was never meant to lastSwallowing his pride Chris finally applies to a hole in the wall bookstore whose “Help Wanted” sign has been sitting out for months At first it seems like a normal shop right down to the dispassionate teenage register clerk But when the owner comes out to meet him Chris is taken off guard – Hector is gorgeous and has a Cheshire smile that sends Chris' imagination reelingImpressed with his resume Hector hires Chris after a brief and unorthodox interview Chris’ life starts looking up But the he sees of Hector the he realizes—there's to this man and his eccentric nephew than meets the eye When the truth is revealed it threatens to shatter the life Chris is trying so hard to build Caught in the chaos and danger of a fey wilderness he must choose between Hector’s arcane secrets and Tory’s open arms—if he can survive long enough to have eitherStandalone or to read in series

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