My New Life in Diapers Book 2 Babys Birthday Kindle É

My New Life in Diapers Book 2 Babys Birthday It has been 2 months since Pete has been playing adult baby and diaper games with his mistress mommy and wife Stephanie Stephanie takes his humiliation to the next level with a birthday surprise involving four dominant women Join the fun with Baby Petey as he opens shocking presents gets the spanking of his life and gets many diaper changes all while being totally humiliated at the hands of these dominant women Second in the My New Life in Diapers series Book 1 is also available now on kindle as well as other fetish stories by Madeline de Hywis Stay tuned for to comeStory containsIntense Femdom and Humiliation scenesAdult Baby and Diaper Fetish no minors involved purely fantasy adult playSexual situationsSpanking light bondage

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