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The Clinic They didn't have much to live for Malcolm Darren and Eddie all had their own tragedies their own demons to face Malcolm was alone in the world Darren might as well have been and Eddie well Eddie wished he was The isolated rehab clinic was not an easy target for these opportunistic thieves on the contrary it revealed a dark past and an evil that was sown way before their time The sterile corridors and soulless rooms swarmed with a depravity that they never imagined possible The Clinic is the story of a regrettable heist of three delinuents who find a lot than they bargained for A gripping thrilling and spine chilling story of suspense fear and pure evil I would like to thank Skyhorse Publishing for my e copyThe Clinic is a dark and twisted story that finds three teenage boys deciding to go from robbing houses to robbing a clinic meant for wealthy alcoholics and drug usersor so they have been told Darren Eddie and Malcolm are good friends Some might say best friends They have known one another for a long time Sometimes they act like brothers smarting off to one another getting into fights but also having the best of times The Clinic as it is known is located in a desolate area far from anywhere and anyone As soon as they reach it Malcolm begins to think that something isn't right about the place It is mid afternoon and there is no one in the garden Cups have been left on a bench a robe has been left on the pathway and the security guard is asleep But the boys decided that tonight is the night and nothing will ever be the same They see each other in a new light and secrets are revealed that none of them would have guessedIf you are easily offended or just offended by strong cursing and stronger language this is NOT a book for you I am not usually off set by such but this one even got to me a bit It is extremely descriptive and you can see each thing happening as if you are there The scenes are graphic and can be disturbing The Clinic by David Jester is the first book I've read by this author but it won't be my last I may leave it awhile before I pick up another but I definitely will read On the front cover it says this book is a thriller I think that's wrong it should say 'blood bath thriller' because it's all slicing and dicing with a twist or two of a thriller thrown in this book definitely didn't end I how I thought it would or even turn into the book I thought it was I could of done with a little background story about the parents and their lives before but saying that it was still a toe curling readIt's bloody dark and plenty gory with an edge of your seat excitement and with many moments of ' oh my god' 😱If you want something shocking and definitely different then I recommend this book Malcolm Eddie Darren Three teenagers growing up practically in the streets Three teenagers who are petty thieves with no good future in store for them After one particular robbery where they risked being caught netted them nothing but some cheap jewelry Eddie tells the others about a clinic for the rich miles away from anything They all think hard and long about what the rich people may have with them Maybe they'd all be set for lifeUnfortunately the clinic is really a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane And the writer gives new meaning to the inmates who are running the asylumThe middle of the book reminds me of the old slice and dice movies of the 70s Lots of violence graphic violence Dead bodies and body parts everywhere you turn The walls and floors so saturated with blood the copper scent assails you even as you sit in your favorite reading chairBut what's even worse is when the boys hear the sound of boots on the floor and knowing they are coming to continue playing a gameThe ending was explosive never saw it coming Those pages made it worthwhile to read the entire bookThis is a new author to me and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good horror storyMany thanks to the author Skyhorse Publishing Edelweiss for the advance digital copy Opinions expressed here are unsolicited unbiased and entirely my own As always with a David Jester novel this is a well written and atmospheric horror story that sucks you in from the first page I’ve read many other Jester novels because I enjoy his writing style so much and I think this is one of his best simply because of the level of detail in the descriptions the plot twists and the character development This is a fine piece of writing and once again would make a good movie if and one hopes so he’s eventually snapped up by a big publishing house You won’t be disappointed by this and you’ll most likely be checking out his other works straight after finishing

  • Kindle Edition
  • 245 pages
  • The Clinic
  • David Jester
  • English
  • 14 June 2016

About the Author: David Jester

David Jester is a novelist and short story writer living in the North East of England His books include the comedy An Idiot in Love and the gruesome horror This Is How You DieHe is published by Skyhorse Publishing and represented by Peter Beren

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