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  • 389 pages
  • Conuerors' Pride The Conuerors Saga #1
  • Timothy Zahn
  • English
  • 09 January 2014
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10 thoughts on “Conuerors' Pride The Conuerors Saga #1

  1. Mark Mark says:

    Conueror's Pride by Timothy Zahn is a good solid space opera It's a good read for fans of the genreBy space opera I mean a science fiction book that doesn't really explore any hard scientific themes but instead focuses on plot and adventure Maybe there will be some character development but you definitely won't have a lot of scientific explanations as to how people can travel huge differences without the relativistic time dilation effect and the aliens encountered won't be really weird and incomprehensible like they probably would be in actualityConueror's Pride is the first in a trilogy and it introduces the characters and universal setting for the series The Plot Through good old fashioned imperialism humanity is pretty much the top of the food chain in the far future Instead of the United Federation of Planets we have the Commonwealth Instead of Star Fleet we have the Peacekeepers This is certainly no shiny politically correct universe like in Star Trek so it's a little realistic in my opinionThe book starts during a long period of peace In the recent past the Commonwealth pacified an alien race using their secret super weapon called CIRCE With the threat of this super weapon the alien worlds in the Commonwealth don't dare rebel against the Commonwealth for fear of having the weapon used against themThe plot starts with a Peacekeeper task force meeting up with a new unidentified alien fleet Without provocation this new fleet opens fire on the peacekeeper fleet completely decimating them The only survivor Pheylan Cavanaugh is captured by these new aliensIt just so happens that Pheylan is from a rich and influential family who proceed to mount a rescue operation for him The action proceeds from there switching between Pheylan in captivity and his family's struggle to rescue him There are a couple of interesting subplots regarding the Cavanaugh's struggles investigating the aliens and getting involved in guerrilla warfare on a planet under siege by the aliens There are even a couple of interesting twists and turns that are nice surprises within the plot The Good I liked the universal setting with humanity possibly being the bad guys or at least very imperialistic to a fault This seems realistic and in keeping with history In the past humans have moved into the territory occupied by other less technologically advanced humans and killed and subjugated them Why wouldn't we do the same if not so with non humans?The aliens were alien than the average Star Trek alien; possessing motivations and methods that were not necessarily humanThe main characters were written well enough that I could tell them apart and I wasn't confused as to who was who I really got the impression that they were a family and that they loved each other enough to make the kind of sacrifices and effort that they didThe plot twists were great They were rather unexpected to me anyway and greatly increased my attention and interest in the book The Not So Good This is probably Monday morning uarterbacking but I really felt there were some missed opportunities hereMaybe it's our current economic client but I found it really hard to feel any kind of pathos or pity towards Pheylan the son of super rich and super influential father Not only was the family super rich and super powerful it was a family that was so in love with each other that they'd make the Brady Bunch look like a daytime soap opera This is not to say that I don't think rich people love their kids It's just hard for me to feel sorry for rich people right now I just thought that the novel would be better if the separate plot threads had separate characters For example why not make the Pheylan character a run of the mill line officer from a regular middle class family? The struggles of his family and his comrades to lie cheat and steal a rescue operation would be compelling for me They wouldn't be able to buy themselves super advanced euipment they'd have to cheat for it and steal it The investigation of these new aggressive aliens and the guerrilla operations on the colony planet could be separate threads with separate characters Having these threads meet up later in the series would be cool and cleverPerhaps having regular people steal and cheat for advanced military and technological euipment might be less realistic though However I think it would depend on how it was written Conclusion Conueror's Pride is a good solid read It was good enough that I'm interested in seeing how it turns out The plot twists made the book for me If you like space operas it's not the best out there but you should check it out if you've read all the leading space operas and you're looking for something new

  2. Mel Anie Mel Anie says:

    Rating 4 Conuerors' Pride is the first installment in The Conuerors Saga by Timothy Zahn author of several StarWars books Conuerors' Pride is a sci fi space opera which focuses on adventure and story of its characters The story is not as much complex as I feared it would be At some points I felt lost and had plenty of uestion However with progress most of those uestions found their answer while some of them probably will be answered in the next bookWe are introduced to the world which lived in peace for a long era Nonetheless that harmony comes to an end with 4 extraterrestrial bogies spaceships unreasonably attacking human's Peacemaker fleet In few short minutes the whole armada of ships gets destroyed by unknown assailants Everyone fleeing dies everyone but one The book follows a story of a desperate father Lord Steward Cavanagh who learns that his son's body was never found He believes that his son is still alive He seeks help from the government but they refuse Will his fatherly instincts prove to be correct? Will he ever find his son? Who were those aggressors and why did they attack? Conuerors' Pride is full of mysteries and intrigues I found myself really absorbed in the story Some moments were hilarious and uestionable Some chapters appeared confusing and reuired me to dig deeper into the story Nevertheless this book was really enjoyable and turned out to be a decent read I really liked all those technical and medical ideas in Conuerors' Pride As for the new sci fi reader as I am this book helped me expand my horizons for this genre

  3. Ron Ron says:

    “When lives are at stake you do what you have to whether it’s personally comfortable for you or not”Typical Cold War era space opera Independently minded heroes take on bumbling bureaucracy as well as the heinous enemy Standard space opera opening new alien obliterates friendly human greeters“No empire looks oppressive to those in power”Well conceived first published in 1994 and well written The technology and science aged well despite being written before the advent of smart phones tablets and the internet Not great literature not even great science fiction but a good read“We don’t always create the wars But whether we do or not we always win them Tell your Elders that”Trivia The Conueror’s Sagas immediately preceded Zahn’s enormously popular Admiral Thrawn Star Wars books“It’s that ‘supposed to be’ that I worry about”

  4. Dmitry Dmitry says:

    An interesting start to the saga though by itself this book is hardly a novel Feels like a commissioned work but a good one with some interesting aliens and a vague human polity that tentatively rules the stars Will start Conuerors' Heritage immediately if only because of the abrupt way way abrupt ending here with nothing resolved or exposed beyond barebones technical detail and very little in the way of worldbuilding

  5. John John says:

    This book had a similar feel to the Thrawn Star Wars trilogy that Zahn also wrote In my opinion that's a good thing Conuerers' Pride really sucked me in and I had a hard time putting it down until I had read all 389 pages of itPart of the reason I liked the book is that as far as I can tell it was written solely to be entertaining and that's what I was looking for when I checked it out at the library It didn't try to teach me a lesson it didn't have deep hidden symbolisms etc Great book to read if you enjoy Star Wars type scifi

  6. Jonathan Koan Jonathan Koan says:

    Of the three main genre's that I like Fantasy Science Fiction and Media Tie In fiction Sci Fi is the hardest for me to jump into I love a lot of Sci Fi books but they are really difficult to find an engaging story By contrast just about every Star Warsor other Media tie in fiction or Fantasy really draw me in instantlyThis book and author are the exception to the ruleTimothy Zahn is always a win and this book was no different The premise was interesting and instantly had me wanting to keep reading When the whole book is about one big familyCavanagh and revolves around the Father and two children trying to save one of the other children I'm instantly hooked The tropes of family and the importance of loyalty were just what I wantedAt times particularly in the first chapter Zahn goes really heavy into his terminology Its not a bad thing but it totally takes me out of it because I just don't understand it It's all Greek to me But thankfully he takes his foot off of the pedal and for the rest of the book its pretty minorThe different aliens and cultures were interesting The Conuerors were pretty much what I expected but I was shocked at how detailed he was with the Yycromae Mrachanis and SuundaliWhy are they all so hard to pronounce and spell He did a great job of making each species detailed enough that Zahn truly tried to make it all interesting The characters were really good too I particularly liked Pheylan and Lord Cavanagh's plot lines as well as Dr Melinda Cavanagh's plotline Aric's plot line with uinn was unfortunately not as appealing but I think it'll be interesting in book 2 One criticism I have for the book is the spelling and pronunciation I understand that he's trying to make the names different from our own but they are so difficult to pronounce that I don't even try to say some of them in my head I just see the letters and try to remember what character it is That's a minor gripe but still worth mentioningOverall this is a solid first book in the trilogy Timothy Zahn just does a great job with his Science Fiction work and peole need to read him not just his Star Wars work Not uite as good as the first Cobra book or Angelmass but above all the othernon Star Wars books of his I've read 85 out of 10 Great work Zahn

  7. John John says:

    Update July 2013 The Conueror's series is one of the most impressive stories I have ever read I've read 2000 Although not all the books earned an A grade on first read because of the complexity the overall series is a strong grade A I suspect each story will earn a grade A on second read The story includes characters situations interactions species and concepts than most authors deal with in a lifetime Yet the author manages to keep it all straight for the reader an impressive major accomplishment In all this there are only two major villains both politicians very interesting This definitely deserves a second read2013 grade A The book is easy to read very enjoyable and a very good length I ordered the other two novels as soon as I finished this oneBook one in a series of three The story is not fully resolved at the end The specific purpose of the characters in this episode is meet although they don't all know it but the long story arc is just starting At least one member is in jeopardy at the end so make sure you have access to the next novelsThe story takes place at the start of a space war and is told from the point of view of four members of a family as they separate Occasionally I forgot which member was which but it was rare and usually only after I had missed reading the book for a couple of days I also only once skipped intervening chapters and read ahead to find out what happened to a specific character

  8. Jean-Luc Jean-Luc says:

    First contact with new alien species is always so exciting but it's not as much fun when the aliens respond to Hello there with overwhelming firepower The book opens with a tense battle as Pheylan Cavanagh tries to understand how everyone is dying so uickly and then the battle is over with him as the sole survivor The aliens which the human dominated government dubs The Conuerors take Pheylan hostage and begin interrogating himPheylan's father Stewart notices his body wasn't found in the wreckage and sends his son Aric daughter Melinda and bodyguard uinn to go look for him Aric n uinn get pointed in roughly the right direction just in time for Melinda to get stranded on the planet Dorcas as the Conuerors invadeSo Pheylan is trying to escape captivity Aric uinn are looking for him Melinda is running for her life with the rest of the colonists and Stewart stumbles upon a different alien group using the invasion as cover for building their own army to overthrow their human oppressorsThe opening knocked me for a loop when I read it way back in Pittsburgh The human crew stays so calm and professional while everything goes to hell and it's over so uickly I love the way everything goes wrong for everyone because the universe has no interest in waiting for anyone to catch up No space marines no space ninjas but still lots of fun

  9. Jim Jim says:

    This is a trilogy that is one continuous story Conuerors' Pride Conuerors' Heritage and Conuerors' LegacyThe first book opens from the Human point of view They detect an alien ship and try to open communications with them As soon as they attempt to say hello the aliens open fire on them The Humans are fully justified in defending themselves and going to war with these AliensThe opening of the second book revisits this initial contact from the Alien point of view They detect alien the humans ships and attempt to open dialog with them Just as they try to communicate the Human ships attack them The Aliens are fully justified in defending themselves and going to war with the Humans In the third book we see how it is that both sides believe and correctly so that the other one started the war And we find that a simple ignorance on both parts lead to a lot of death and destructionAs is typical there are people human and alien just trying to survive to make life a little better Some become heroes some die before they should

  10. Ford Prefect Ford Prefect says:

    I love many of Timothy Zahn's books but not this one I read the first 100 pages before giving up in boredom There started to be action occurring in the book before I stopped but since I didn't care if the main characters lived or died succeeded or failed I stopped reading in spite of the actionThe goodSolid action when it occursThe boringLack of interest in any of the characters They were pretty bland and uninterestingOverallIf you don't care about character development and want action and a bit of mystery this book might be for you If you do care about character development his uadrail series is much much much much better 1 of uadrail Night Train to Rigel

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Timothy Zahn attended Michigan State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1973 He then moved to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and achieved an MS degree in physics in 1975 While he was pursuing a doctorate in physics his adviser became ill and died Zahn never completed the doctorate In 1975 he had begun writing science fiction as a hobby and he bec