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Instant Nancy Web Development This isn't a bad introduction to Nancy but it's fairly out of date It uses Nancy 1x; the current version is 2x and there are a lot of differences I read this on Safari; I don't think you can even buy this from Packt any and I couldn't find the code download for it on their web page I wouldn't recommend this for anyone looking to learn Nancy 2x The format of this book lends itself well to developers who don't know Nancy and want to learn it and those who already know the basics but want a reference for the complicated stuffThe book consists of a list of recipes that take you through building a real life web application starting with a simple Hello world application and moving on to advanced subjects like authentication self hosting and using async handlers People new to Nancy will benefit most from reading the book from cover to cover as each recipe builds on the previous where as advanced users may find the book useful as a referenceThe book also promotes good development practices as each recipe follows the TDD principle of red green refactor This not only displays how to successfully test a Nancy application but also gives a good format to explain how and why the code in each recipe works This format is repeated throughout each recipe which combined with the authors writing makes the book a very easy readA full review of this book can be found on my blog Instant Nancy Web Development will give Readers practical introduction to building testing and deploying web applications with Nancy You will learn how to take full advantage of Nancy to build clean application code and will see how this code lends itself nicely to test driven development You will also learn how to hook into Nancy to easily extend the framework

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