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The Best Man and the Bridesmaid The bridesmaid was in love with the best manDaisy Galbraith had always loved confirmed bachelor Robert Furneval and the only way to sty a part of his life was to play down her looks But as chief bridesmaid at her brother's wedding Daisy was forced into a pretty dress and makeupRobert as best man suddenly realized that Daisy wasn't just a good friend she was also an attractive women Then he discovered she was secretly in love and Robert just had to find out who with

3 thoughts on “The Best Man and the Bridesmaid

  1. Corandra Corandra says:

    35 stars

  2. Fanny Fanny says:

    El Amor Secreto al igual ue la mayoria de las novelas de Harleuin se lee en un ratito es agil y sin complicaciones ademas fue justo lo ue buscaba una historia con pocas paginas para estar distraida una tardeLa trama en si misma no me convencio al 100% pero considerando ue el libro se publico hace 17 años lo pase por altoEn fin esta bien para pasar el rato si eres asidua a esta tematica seguro ue disfrutas con la historia de Daisy y Robert25 Estrellas

  3. Gwen Gwen says:

    Je n'en ai pas un grand souvenir je peux juste dire ue c'est le genre à lire uand on a rien d'autre à lire

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