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  • Paperback
  • 278 pages
  • The Memory of Love
  • Jim Fergus
  • English
  • 08 February 2014
  • 9781490904863

10 thoughts on “The Memory of Love

  1. Erin Erin says:

    Even though this isn't my favorite Jim Fergus novel I am still a fan Jim Fergus brought to life the character of Bogie Bogart Lambert in such rich detail a young cowboy from Colorado who travels across America and then across the Atlantic to France However I feel the character of Chrysis who is based on a true Parisian painter of the '20s became stilted due perhaps to the abundant research In trying to keep Chrysis true to his historical findings perhaps Fergus lost the fullness of character that he is so adept at creating Funny how the real character feels counterfeit while the fictional character feels genuine and full of life

  2. Sandra Kelly Sandra Kelly says:

    EnthrallingI chose this book for the author He writes so beautifully one doesn't want the story to end You can visualize the landscape as it goes by this was a wonderful love story

  3. Karen Rae Karen Rae says:

    What a great premise But I was disappointed in the execution Midway through the book I felt that the events could have been put in just about any order the author and I were spinning our wheels rather than experiencing the development of the plot I'm afraid I felt the major conflict near the end of the book was somewhat contrived Most of us would not have viewed that situation as an insurmountable challenge And then I surmise that the author tired of writing this book and decided to end it but not with a cliff hanger He ends it with a uick summary of The Rest Of Their Lives I finished the book a bit dissatisfied


    I really enjoyed this book It was well written and the story reminded me a little of Bridges of Madison County but with a interesting story line The cowboy from Colorado going to France where I spend a lot of time and then the artist in Paris and her desire although a little over the top was an insight into the artist life and then her strict parents and the change in circumstance between the lovers was very real and well described Thank you Jim Fergus for one enjoyable adventure

  5. Fran Burdsall Fran Burdsall says:

    Delightful book half novel and half nonfiction Totally enjoyable read Just fun nothing deep or difficult

  6. Dariana Dariana says:

    An easy but enjoyable read I've always liked stories that are a perfect mix between real facts and fiction

  7. dawn Lam dawn Lam says:

    Beautiful storyExcellentcouldn't put it downhighly recommendedthird book that I have read by Ferguslooking forward to his next novelcan't waitwould make a great movie

  8. Vicki Vicki says:

    This book was terrific I was intrigued by the prologue and the book did not disappoint While 1000 White Women is my favorite by this author I really enjoyed this one

  9. Donna Bijas Donna Bijas says:

    I thought the book was good not great It felt over the top to me but perhaps that was Paris in the 1920s 1930s In a sense it felt forced although since some of this was non fiction Bogey and Chrysis must have actually done some of these things and her artwork does remain Too bad his books were not published that I'm aware I just found it a bit hard to believe that at 19 or 20 a young girl painter or not talented or not got involved sexually as much as she did That being said it was well written and thought out and certainly well researched

  10. Kim Kim says:

    found this morning I won this book from goodreads giveaway can't wait to get it got in the mail today Sept 26 and started reading it is different from the other books I have read I am sure I will like it this is my first book by this author the book wasn't to bad it was interesting

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The Memory of Love After recovering from grave wounds suffered in the Great War Bogey Lambert a young cowboy from Colorado makes his way to 1920s Paris where he encounters the beautiful painter Chrysis Jungbluth Precocious passionate talented the free spirited Chrysis rebels against a society and an art world in which men have all the privilege and women none By day a serious student at the prestigious l'Ecole des Beaux Arts at night Chrysis loses herself to the sensual pleasures of the Montparnasse nightlife where all seems permissible There she and the American cowboy will live the love of a lifetime

About the Author: Jim Fergus

Jim Fergus was born in Chicago on March 23 1950 He attended high school in Massachusetts and graduated as an English major from Colorado College in 1971 He has traveled extensively and lived over the years in Colorado Florida the French West Indies Idaho France and Arizona For ten years he worked as a teaching tennis professional in Colorado and Florida and in 1980 moved to the tiny town