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A Beautiful Defeat Total surrender to God the surprising key to experiencing the sense of peace and purpose you craveThere is a gnawing feeling inside all of us that says we could be better If we would just be organized or work a little harder we’d finally have the rich and fulfilling life we wantBut the message of the cross is different The message is not one of God saying “I died for your sins to work as a consultant to help you achieve the life you’re determined to have” Jesus died to reconcile us to God so that we can die and give our lives to him and to others—a total surrender that is truly a beautiful defeatPerspective and peace in the midst of the stormy chaos of life are always available to the person who lives a surrendered life The result is a rich existence basking in the pleasure and approval of God I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it too Whether you are a new Christian a struggling Christian or just feeling stagnant in your Christian walk this book will give you practical ways to grow closer to God through surrender You will have a much stronger faith when you are done Each of the 10 chapters ends with an Action Step that is clear and concise and a prayer for God's helpThe author Kevin Malarkey with Matthew Jacobson approaches each topic with honesty sincerity and a call for us to do the same It's a very comfortable and comforting book to read I highly recommend this book I read a fair amount of Christian non fiction and one thing that regularly disappoints me about the genre is that they are often written by Pastors I was very pleased to see that A Beautiful Defeat is written by a regular person – just like me – someone who still struggles with following God and finding their path The book doesn’t encourage you to be perfect because after all we can’t be perfect no matter how hard we try It encourages us to stop trying to be perfect and instead to surrender our lives to God A short easy read that is captivatingly convicting Malarkey does a beautiful job of creating imagery and telling stories that draw you into the truth he is sharing There are metaphors he writes of that I will never forget A good book to read if you are looking for steps to help you with your walk with God surrendering your life to Him

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • A Beautiful Defeat
  • Kevin Malarkey
  • 06 October 2016
  • 9781400206391

About the Author: Kevin Malarkey

Alex Malarkey a young boy who got seriously injured in 2004 and later declared that he had died and went to heaven They wrote a book about the experience

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