Primal Mate Mountain Men #1 ePUB ☆ Mate Mountain Men

Primal Mate Mountain Men #1 What sound does a woman make when caught between two hot bear shifter brothers in the woodsMackenzie had finally decided to stop reading about what she wanted and go out and find the adventure she'd always dreamed about With hiking tour guides Sebastian and Aaron intensely sexy bear shifter brothers she was going to find adventure than she'd ever imagined and sexual experiences she'd never thought possible City woman Mackenzie is using her vacation to have an adventure It happens to be in the mountains and her guides end up being drop dead gorgeous gruff brothersshe gets her adventure and steam from the bear shifter brothers Cute Story I tried reading this but the typos were so bad that I didn't finish There are no apostrophes those are replaced with a space an eual sign or an There aren't any to show dialogue It is all mixed in with the paragraphs and thoughts Super frustratingI would try again if this was editedMature content I read this story as part of an anthology Taming the Beast I I am not usually a fan of shifter stories but I like this story so much that it might just change my preference The characters were highly likable The plot moved along uickly without feeling rushed 35 stars Pretty good story Hot Oh my I liked this story

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