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Tolstoy Therapy When you're struggling with fears worries challenging situations or difficult moods you may well turn to therapy self help alternative therapies or medication However the solution may already be in your home stacked neatly on your bookshelves There is a book out there to help everyone get through difficult feelings and situations in life; you just need a little help finding it

  • Kindle Edition
  • 79 pages
  • Tolstoy Therapy
  • Lucy Horner
  • English
  • 06 June 2014

10 thoughts on “Tolstoy Therapy

  1. Knihovnikarska Knihovnikarska says:

    Lezen is essentieel voor mij om geestelijk gezond te blijven

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:


  3. Schlafendes Schlafendes says:

    Two good things about the book 1 Lucy Horner loves literaturereading in general and you can feel and experience that in every sentence of the Tolstoy Therapy I love it when the author is passionate about the things they talk and write about Example? Fiction can guide us and reassure us through even the most difficult transitions in life as after all what else is fiction other than a compilation of other people's experience and lessons learned?2 I've found so many recommendations so many books I want to tackle and read and discuss now uite intrigued to have a Fiction Prescription list on hand with some really interesting sounding titlesRantTwo negative things I have to mention 1 I uestion the author's ability to understand and define what a mental illness really means for a person's emotional and physical stability And I know that Lucy Horner battled PTSD She talks about control of emotions fe Realize that with practice you can choose to control your emotions without giving in to emotional repression and about giving life a meaning Life needs meaning which is uite hard and impossible for people who really are mentally challenged with a psychosis neurosis any kind of emotional instability But She mentions at the beginning that bibliotherapy isn't a substitute for talking to a physician andor a psychiatrist or therapist Still I expect statements like that in a self help book for people who want to loose 20kg of weight not in an analysis of bibliotherapy 2 The writing style reminds me of first or second year student papers Not a bad thing it's easy to read and understand it's a uick maybe even helpful read for someone who searches for books to help them with their emotional trouble It's just too superficial too anecdotal for my liking And I'm not a big fan of notions like to write about something in a purposeful way Rant

  4. Tracy Shawn Tracy Shawn says:

    Tolstoy Therapy A Fiction Prescription is an engaging nonfiction book detailing the power of fiction reading Author Lucy Horner illustrates the healing potential of literature with a smart and insightful compilation of scientific studies uotes from readers and personal reflections which highlight the theme literature can teach us how to live our lives the best we can guiding us in the same way as if a computer simulation would teach us to fly a plane There are also reading suggestions for the different challenges the individual reader may be facing making Tolstoy Therapy A Fiction Prescription a meaningful tool to help facilitate a happier and healthier emotional life I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the art of fiction reading to not only better themselves but others as well

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