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Visitors From the internationally bestselling author of Ender’s Game comes the riveting finale to the story of Rigg a teenager who possesses a secret talent that allows him to see the paths of people’s pastsIn Pathfinder Rigg joined forces with another teen with special talents on a uest to find Rigg’s sister and discover the true depth and significance of their powers Then Rigg’s story continued in Ruins as he was tasked to decipher the paths of the past before the arrival of a destructive force with deadly intentions Now in Visitors Rigg’s journey comes to an epic and explosive conclusion as everything that has been building up finally comes to pass and Rigg is forced to put his powers to the test in order to save his world and end the war once and for all This book was uite the letdown for me but mainly because I had such high hopes for it The ending of Ruins was so engaging and then Card decided to write 600 pages ofstuff As Card is known to do the plot in Visitors often took the sidekick role to the exploration of ancient civilizations or irrelevant side stories However the book kept me interested enough throughout and the ending was satisfying enough with a side of mehSadly this book convinced me of what I have been denying for a while Card is well past his prime He has become interested in his personal agendas and exploration than in writing compelling novels I'm committed to finish his ongoing series if he ever finishes them I'm looking at you Shadows Alive and Master Alvin but it's time for me to move on It's been a fun journey PG 13 for some language some graphic images and some sexual referencesI'm not smart enough toa have read this bookb rate this book 5 starsc understand this bookHowever I liked it Problems arose problems were solved uestions were asked and answered and lots of stuff happened This is definitely not Card's best work There was retelling of the story from the previous two books than I care for I read the previous books and do not want to go over it again I want new storyAs in the previous book the dialogue between the characters got old They spend a lot of time bickering over pointless things that have nothing to do with the story After we meet Wheaton and his daughter the characters all degenerate to the same personality Almost every character makes snide and childish comments about whatever someone else says I couldn't tell them apart by the end of the bookThe first 34 of the book basically goes nowhere Some new characters are introduced that end up being just like the other characters But the plot goes nowhere Do we really need to do all that business with Wheaton's evolutionary theories and travelling back in time to validate them? Then in the last 100 pages all the loose ends are uickly and neatly tied up and the story comes to an abrupt end If the extraneous characters pointless dialogue and most of the Wheaton plot were removed the book would be about 200 pages and probably better for itThe editing was much better than the previous book I did not notice any glaring inconsistencies and they even corrected one of them from the second book I liked Pathfinder a lot The unusual spins on time travel are very interesting The seuels were very disappointing I still enjoyed them because I wanted to find out what happened to the characters from Pathfinder They could have been SO much better I wish I could go back in time and keep myself from reading this series It really needed editing 34 of the book was pointless filler and endless monotonous conversation where everyone had the same voice Even the conclusion felt lacking By the end I didn't care if the destroyers succeeded or not

  • Hardcover
  • 608 pages
  • Visitors
  • Orson Scott Card
  • English
  • 08 March 2016
  • 9781416991786

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