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Dangerous Prey Nissa is being hunted She’s been alone and on the run for most of her life The few people who know the truth about her abilities are the ones that want to find her and lock her up again They’re too powerful and too connected for one lone woman to go up against so running is her only optionAgent Lee Galenti is used to being in the know but this time he’s sent out blind to apprehend a “dangerous” felon When things don’t add up Lee is forced to make a choice—follow orders or risk everything to protect a beautiful stranger and all of her secretsLee’s involvement complicates everything for Nissa He wants to bring the big bad company downbut she knows he’ll just end up dead without her helpNissa is not only new to sharing her life her fears and her hiding placesshe’s new to letting anyone in enough to trust them How far will she go to protect this man How far can they push her until she strikes back

10 thoughts on “Dangerous Prey

  1. Mary Telesha Mary Telesha says:

    I had so much fun reading this book I'm generally not a fan of the classic romance genre but the author gave the story a metaphysical twist that captured my interest It's a uick fun romp into paranormal romance and I felt sad to leave the characters behind when I was finished with the book The story takes place in modern times with lots of tech reference and a good dose of conspiracy theory but it's not so technical to overwhelm and distract from the hot and heavy romance that develops with the main characters This is a new author and her second novel Hope to see

  2. Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer says:

    Dangerous Prey by Lorena Wood is a sexy thriller about a psychic woman on the run from a sinister company conspiracy that has infiltrated the law With assistance by one of the arresting officers whom she manages to convince that she is the victim she gets away she tries to turn around the situation while the bond to her partner in crime is providing great chemistry to add to the twisted story lineWell plotted and with great characters this is a firework of action and adventure a fast paced and hugely enjoyable thrillerA great read

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