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Step Out of Your Story Every day we relate stories about our highs and lows relationships and jobs heartaches and joys But do we ever consider the choices we make about how to tell our story In this groundbreaking book Kim Schneiderman shows us that by choosing a different version we can redirect our energy and narrative toward our desires and goals She presents character development workouts and life affirming liberating exercises for retelling our stories to find redemptive silver linings and reshape our livesAs both a therapist and a writer Schneiderman knows the power of story By employing the storytelling techniues she offers you’ll learn to view your life as a work in progress and understand big picture story lines in ways that allow you to easily steer your actions and relationships toward redefined — and realistic — “happy endings”

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  1. Story Circle Book Reviews Story Circle Book Reviews says:

    To be honest I am not much for self help books It seems like so often they all cover the same ground simply stating the same old ideas in what the author hopes is a new way This isn't the case for Kim Schneiderman's Step Out of Your Story Instead Schneiderman has taken something familiar—writing about our experiences—and given it a new twist shifting your perspective on your life into the third person narrativeSchneiderman's book is organized in a clear logical manner leading you step by step into a new way of looking at and understanding your life When I first began reading it I thought it looked a little overwhelming but once I plunged in and started doing the exercises step by step I found that it really is very manageable and easy to followOne thing that I liked about Step Out of Your Story is the fact that Schneiderman doesn't promise that your world will become instantly rosy and perfect; nor does she say that the journey will be an easy one Rather she is an encouraging and supporting presence providing her readers with a tool chest of possibilities for making change in their lives I found some of the exercises to be uite helpful others less so but Schneiderman's experience and compassion come through and add value to the program she presentsThe arrangement of the book makes it easy for the reader to move step by logical step through the exercises but I think that there is also value in paging through and choosing the exercises that you feel would help you the most at any given time This is especially valuable for those people who don't have the time or the motivation to learn the whole process The greatest value is in the whole but there are many gems in the different chapters and exercises that can be implemented without all of the others Step Out of Your Story is a refreshing approach to making positive change in one's lifeby Khadijah Afor Story Circle Book Reviewsreviewing books by for and about women

  2. Ann Douglas Ann Douglas says:

    A practical and helpful guide to reframing the stories you tell yourself about your own life

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