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Remembering That Night Who's that girl Greg Chalmers knows when someone is lying That's how he ends up helping the police with an unusual case A woman is found covered in blood claiming she has no memory Is she lying He doesn't think so But for the first time his attraction to her could be clouding his judgment Despite his intentions to stay aloof he can't resist helping Eliza Dunningespecially when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation As they work together to uncover the details of her life Greg finds himself in deep And it's even important to prove her innocence A fast paced plot and good characterization make Remembering That Night an easy read Doyle's story progresses smoothly and her skill at keeping the bad guy underwraps until the end makes for a satisfying conclusion The attraction between Greg and Eliza is also uite well drawn RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars Liza Dunning is approached by a policeman when she is found walking on the highway covered in blood with no memories Greg Chalmers is called in to consult on the case because of his skills as a human lie detector He determines that she is telling the truth and has no memory of what happened to her When a man is found murdered near where Liza was found Liza becomes the prime suspect Since Greg believes her innocent he sets out to help her recover her memories and prove her innocenceGood amnesia romance with suspense Great chemistry between Liza and Greg It was interesting as Liza’s memories slowly returned bit by bit and surprising secrets were revealed about her I also enjoyed the secondary characters lawyer Elaine and computer geek Chuck who were both really into each other but didn’t want to admit it to each other An enjoyable read set in and nearby Atlantic City Rating 35 starsI really enjoy Stephanie Doyle's writing her books generally don't take the usual route and since Greg was a character we met before I was curious to see who would hook himGreg used to be a psychologist but he isn't one any longer what he is a walking talking human lie detector and a cynic and as we later find out a recovering gambling addict Greg is called in for his skill with lies to the station where a woman was found covered in blood with no memory of what happenedThat woman is Eliza and we slowly find out who she is while time is running out for her with the murder charge hanging over her head Greg takes her in while she doesn't know who she is and despite his reservations tries to help her I liked seeing Greg turn from a cynic to start believing in Eliza and seeing him deal with his past problems The book was engaging especially the secondary storyline with Greg's friendAll in all give this book a try ARC received though Netgalley Interesting amnesia story One that's actually probable Lots of murder mystery to it but it doesn't overwhelm the story The hero was almost psychic in the way he could read lies and liars which was an interesting aspect of the story Liked it a lot

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Remembering That Night
  • Stephanie Doyle
  • 14 November 2016
  • 9780373608348

About the Author: Stephanie Doyle

It all started with Shanna and Star Wars An odd combination I know but what people don't appreciate about Star Wars is the deep romantic element between two of the lead characters I wasn't seven years old when I was able to clearly spot that Han and Leia were supposed to be a coupleSure most of my friends who at the time weren't nearly as mature as I was – after all some of them were still s

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