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The Golden Locket Unbreakable Trilogy #2 Temptation would test themThe second novel in the Unbreakable Trilogy The Golden Locket follows Gustav and Serena to New YorkEnsconced in their Manhattan penthouse all seems blissfully happy for Gustav and Serena Still in the first flush of love they have every satisfaction they could needBut as they enjoy their New York pleasure ground ghosts start to emerge from Gustav’s past and when his damaged younger brother Pierre comes back into his life he brings with him a dangerous threatWith temptation waiting at every turn can Gustav and Serena survive all the excitement that the Big Apple holdsThe sexy seuel to Primula Bond’s Sunday Times Top 20 bestseller The Silver Chain Perfect for fans of erotic romance The Golden Locket by Primula Bond Is book two in the Unbreakable Trilogy it is a continuation of the relationship between Gustav and Serena now living in New York The authors writing style is filled with symbolism attention to detail beautifully erotic passages emotions and some great one liners One could also describe the writing style as overly descriptive wordy or flowery Once I settled into reading the book I actually came to appreciate it I looked forward to the visual tapestry that would be laid out for me the point where I became as voyeuristic as SerenaI enjoyed the first book of the trilogy and had high hopes for this book as well Polly Crystal Pierre and Margot reprise their roles from the first book More than anything this book is about relationships – Pierre and Polly Gustav and Serena Gustav and Pierre Pierre and Serena and the effect that Margot has on them all With the exception of Crystal who remains a supportive friend to Serena Polly Pierre and Margot play disruptive dangerous jealous vengeful roles constantly challenging and threatening the budding relationship between Gustav and Serena The story exposes secrets from Gustav’s and Pierre’s past shows the brothers trying to rebuild their lost relationship the lies tricks and manipulated situations that Pierre sets out as traps for SerenaI was disappointed that the story seemed to lack a strong plot there were many intertwined threads storylines of the other characters but the book was held together with sex Although some of the sex scenes were beautifully written the amount of sex seemed to become the focal point of the book Through Serena’s growing photography business we meets new supporting characters some with minor roles and some pivotal roles It seemed that each new photographic opportunity for Serena not only had the erotic side of the subject matter and a hefty commission but lead directly to some sort of sexual encounter with the photographic subjects We had the elderly couple who tried to have a threesome with Serena the young girls who shagged Serena after the completion of the family portraits in their home the actress’s who felt they needed Serena to be filmed in their sexual encounter after the photo shoot in the theater and then sex scene at the private club after the bachelor party photo shoot For me it started to get boring I wanted storyline what happens when our characters are not having sex wanted to know what Gustav did when he wasn’t with Serena why did they come to the states the US gallery business played no part in the story There really wasn’t any character growth The relationship between our Hh was tied to the photographic opportunities or the adversarial behavior of Polly Pierre or Margot; any growth they experienced was always a reaction to the situation it was forced I felt that Serena had lost too much of her strength and independence becoming a willing victim in everyone’s sexual encounters and far too needy with Gustav I also disliked that she would never tell Gustav what was going on with Pierre carrying the burden of the brother’s friendship like a badge of guiltI found that time was also an issue for me the passages in the book seemed to jump around it wasn’t a linear timeline nor was it easy to tell when something was a memory or a glimpse into the future We started in the states at New Years and towards the end of the book there was a reference to 7 weeks passing Considering that time span of the story was maybe two and a half months give or take a day – the end of the use of silver chain and the opening of the golden locket seemed a bit premature or too soon for this relationship in my opinionOverall for me The Golden Locket was a three star read as vested as I am in The Unbreakable Trilogy I look forward to book three in the series so I can see how the story come to it conclusionARC provided by NetGalley HarperCollinsUKMischief books in exchange for an honest review Arc received via Harper Collins Publishing in exchange for my honest review Full Review on NetGalley Ok Seriously This book was better than the first which totally redeems this series I think AND although as very predictable as the other one it played out well I am a total fan of UK Authors Relocating to New York city Serena gets a photography job via Gustav This opens up a whole new world for this innocent country girl turns her into of a dominant vs submissive It gets bad when she's hired by Gustav's brother since he wants to get back at Gustav AND poor Polly Obviously it isn't going to work with his determination to ruin his brotherPierre Pierre Pierre You are an ass Some people deserve to be shot I hope he gets shot in the next book He's secretly vindictive by the way I bet if you've already read it you didn't see that coming sarcasmGeez And then we have Margot Gustav's ex wife is out there she's coming We have been warned so I am guessing she's a threat to Serena in the next book like Pierre was to Gustav in this oneI think it's worth the read NOW I cannot wait for the next one After the first book I kind of wanted to continue the series but was not in a great rush I felt like I could read of her books bt could give or take them NOW I changed my mind I was entertained I would definitely NOT share this with my mother or some of my friends to some I would even deny I read it LOL But I belong to a group of secret readers who couldn't resist the temptation read this bookI do have to say that I prejudged this series by the authors name I thought with a name like that writing erotica it had to be pretty cheesy But it was kind of good I am so glad this book made the continuing story better and I cannot wait for the next

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Golden Locket Unbreakable Trilogy #2
  • Primula Bond
  • English
  • 09 July 2014
  • 9780007524143

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Oxford educated mother of three boys masuerading as respectable pillar of society but harbouring secret ambition to be considered a MILF Writer of freelance features on single motherhood older parenthood MS and erotica Published erotica author of 'Country Pleasures' 'Club Creme' and 'Behind the Curtain' for Black Lace; 'Random Acts of Lust' and 'Out of Focus' for Xcite Books'; and 'Sisters in

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