What Clothes Reveal The Language of Clothing in Colonial

What Clothes Reveal The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America This beautifully organized and illustrated text book is a great reference book for anyone interested not only in the clothing but in the lives of men and women in 17th through 19th century America The book is well researched and answers uestions that anyone who has delved into either historical literature or first person historical accounts may have—uestions such as “what is stuff “what did slaves wearand “did pregnant women really confine themselves for 9 months” are all answered by this book with reference to clothing orders books letters journals advertisements and the clothes themselves What is best about this book is both how it explains the possibilities and limits of using clothing to understand past lives Most useful are the discussions interspersed about fabrics—their names patterns dates origins and uses Fabric names have changed over the years—so cotton may be wool and checked hose don’t have checks on them This is extremely useful for beginning researchers Also the photographs are plentiful and detailed They clearly illustrate the points made in the text Truthfully I found the Introduction chapter 1 and chapter 6 which discussed the Williamsburg clothing collection collecting in general and the use of altered clothing to be textbook like than the rest of the book but I learned things in each of these chapters so they are worth reading It is a book I will return to both for its beauty and its information Loved that the book talked about conservation would have liked but the book wasn't really for that Overall really illuminating on the reuse of clothes A wealth of information on Colonial garments and fabrics from original sourcing back in the day to pattern cut to styling A great compilation of information and going on my wish list for my professional costuming library Haven't read the whole thing; I use it as a reference book This wouldn't be my favorite of Baumbarten's books though there's some good information here Paintings of upper class men and women tell an important part of the history of costumes but surviving garments themselves reveal even Every crease stitch and stain in a piece of clothing supplies information about its wearer and its era This stunning book features 18th and early 19th century garments from the premier collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Illustrated with than 300 color photographs including many details and back views the book treats not only elegant high style clothing in colonial America but also garments for everyday and work the clothing of slaves and maternity and nursing apparelDrawing on contemporary written descriptions and on actual costumes of the period the book analyzes what Americans in the 18th century considered fashionable and attractive and how they used clothing to assert status or to identify occupations The book also examines the myths and meanings of clothing in British and American society clothing for the entire lifecycle and a history of clothing alteration Informative sidebars on a variety of fascinating topics complete the volume

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