Breathing Without You Her Last Love Affair #2 MOBI å

10 thoughts on “Breathing Without You Her Last Love Affair #2

  1. Dorel Dorel says:

    After the way the 1st book ending I had to read this one I liked the hot steamy scenes Allie's attitude got on my nerves in this story I was mad with Allie for what she did to Reece I still love Reece's character I think Reece is too good for Allie I can't wait to see what happens in book 3 Great job Ms James

  2. Gregory Willingham Gregory Willingham says:

    Heartbreakingly realThis series about Allie is so heartbreakingly real It addresses many emotions and reactions that are completely human and that do happen with such a situation This storyline plot and main character are engaging Enjoy

  3. Diana L. Matranga Diana L. Matranga says:

    redhat ladyThis book of this series had to be written I thought that when she met her love of her life she would of changed her mind to live I had to buy the last book to find out what happens to her and her boyfriend

  4. Karen Raines Karen Raines says:

    Allie continues to right her regrets as she learns that the cancer has spread far uicker than expected But now the freedom of sex is tainted by the love she feels she can't pursue with Reece I'm uite taken with this series the emotions are well explored Fingers crossed for a happy ending in part 3

  5. Jamie Leigh Jamie Leigh says:

    this is the second book its getting better after hooking up with her first partner she decides to stay with him for a while

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Breathing Without You Her Last Love Affair #2 Allie Mclaren is a workaholic who resists having fun during her off time That is until she gets the worst news of her life Determined to live life to the fullest Allie decides to rekindle past flames Fanning the flames of the past is fun for Allie until she meets someone unexpected Follow Allie’s incredible journey as she makes up for lost time and partakes in the love affairs she never let herself have Each incredible rendezvous could be her last love affair