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Cold Case at Carltons Canyon Cold Case #2 Two officers' badges—and hearts—are on the line in Rita Herron's Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon Sergeant Justin Thorpe has dedicated his life to justice and won't stop until he finds the vicious serial killer who has already claimed ten innocent lives He works solo—until he joins forces with Sheriff Amanda Blair The Texas Ranger can't let his desire for his coworker keep him from his mission especially when Amanda's life is threatened Ten girls have vanished—one for every year since Amanda graduated from Canyon High And as she tries to fight her attraction to a man as independent as she is a trap is being laid to make Amanda the final victim in a killer's terrifying endgame

10 thoughts on “Cold Case at Carltons Canyon Cold Case #2

  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    475Two cops team up to find who is killing all these girls They work the case but they are definitely attracted to one another They like one another she's a cop he a Texas ranger She's afraid he'll die like her father and he's just always on the go never stopping to have a relationship because he knows he'll never get marriedThey try and keep focused on the case until the case gets so stressful both of their defenses are down and they do finally give in to their desire for each other By the end they've fallen for one another But then he gets called away for the next Job Will she stop him or let him go because she knows he's good at what he does and he may never come home To hi? Will he choose his job over her or will he choose getting to be with the one he loves and wants to try forever with? The serial killer is going to probably not be the one who suspect which I enjoyed this take on not revealing that person til the end It was different Looking forward to next book Ps ending I wish had been a couple paragraphs longer Little detail there would be nice

  2. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    This was a suspenseful book Classmates and friends are coming back to the small town where they graduated to celebrate their 10 year reunion Young lady's of that class are going missing and being murdered Sheriff Amanda Blair and Texas Ranger Justin Thorpe are working against the clock This serial killer has to be stopped before anyone else goes missing Who could hold a grudge for 10 years? What happened 10 years ago that was so bad that they had to die for what they did?

  3. charmaine White charmaine White says:

    Great ReadAs always Rita Herron delivered the goodsA story that grabs hold of you from the very first pageI really enjoyed reading 📚this novel a look forward to reading from this author

  4. Evelyn Evelyn says:

    Good story

  5. Sara Mitchell Sara Mitchell says:

    Texas Ranger Justin Thorpe is dedicated to finding missing people and Sheriff Amanda Blair is determined to find out what's happening in her town There have been ten missing girls and the killer has planned to finish off with Amanda at the upcoming class reunion Amanda and Justin join teams to stop the killer before its too late and soon both feel an attraction they try to fightI expected so much after reading Cold Case at Camden Crossing I wanted to know why Justin was so focused on helping find missing peoplelike his background Amanda wasn't a character I fully liked she kept saying she felt guilty about her friend Carlton's suicide but it sounded flimsy I think the story had so much potential but kind of lacked the power Rita Herron usually packs

  6. Debbie Heaton Debbie Heaton says:

    In Herron’s romantic suspense novel Texas Ranger Justin Thorpe teams with Sheriff Amanda Blair to work a serial killer case in her own town Both are dedicated to the job but when desire flares and Amanda is threatened both of them will be tested as they scurry to catch a killer before he strikes againA fast paced hard to put down thriller

  7. Bonnie Drummond Bonnie Drummond says:

    Hart Pounding In a way that tells you do not stop reading Falling for a Hunky Texas Ranger and trying to solve a murder all in a town as Beautyful as Sunset Mesa would have you working hard to solve it fast 5 stars isn't enough for this book

  8. Silverana Silverana says:

    Not enough romance The story focused mostly on the case of the missing or dead women I didn't expect the identity of the killer

  9. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Cold cases piled on top of red herrings piled on top of the serious subject of bullying push Herron's tale to the top of the reading list RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars

  10. Olimpia Olimpia says:

    Loved Cold Case at Carlton’s Canyon Rita Herron did it again Well written great suspense romance novel with lots of twists and turns Highly recommended Can't wait for her next one

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