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  1. Lisa Book Stacks Lisa Book Stacks says:

    AlphaJack is the alpha and him and is mate live in the mountains alone But with family comes back to live the pack grows and trouble comes calling But the pack will survive

  2. Elise Marion Elise Marion says:

    True Alpha picks up a few months after Lonely Alpha leaves off giving us a glimpse into the lives of Jack and Mandythe only wolves of the Half Moon pack In Lonely Alpha Jack and Mandy met Mandy found out she was a wolf shifter and the two fell rapidly in love after realizing that they are mates and destined for each other Now Jack once a lonely Alpha has a family complete with a baby on the way The two seem to have carved out a harmonious life together in their little cabin in the woods and Mandy is still coming to terms with what being a shifter really means for her life including the birth of her shifter baby and her union with Jack which isn't exactly conventional When some of Jack's old packmates and their wives show up looking for a place in the Half Moon pack drama ensues as well as a bit of a power struggle as Jack's authority as Alpha is challenged Along with that comes the inevitable danger of shifter hunters who are relentless in their hunt and a decades old grudge between Mandy's absentee father and another family that threatens her life and the lives of those she lovesThis was a nice addition to the series The writing style and narration were easy and light just as in the first book with some pretty vivid descriptions of settings surroundings and the transformation process from human to wolf and back again Things I liked most about this book 1 We get to see Mandy and Jack's relationship evolve past the physical Because their attraction was so instant in the first book most of what we got in Lonely Alpha was the primal sort of discover that comes with a wolf shifter claiming his mate They didn't know much about each other outside of the fact that nature has branded them as mates Now we get to see them beyond that point and their relationship was given depth 2 With the addition of characters other than Jack and Mandy this story was made interesting With the adding of new faces some which I liked others not so much there was conflict and drama something else that added new depth to the story Half Moon is now a pack of 7 not including Ronnie the bear shifter who is still my favorite strong silent secondary character and that makes for drama when danger hits as you never know who might be hurt or killed 3 The issue of Mandy's absentee father is dealt with This part of the story intrigued me from book one so I was glad to have Mandy's father as a character and see her uestions answeredAll in all I enjoyed the book There was a lot of narration in some places which I felt slowed the story in some spotsbut those were mainly in places where the characters were in wolf form and could not speak to each other These spots were toward the end when most of the danger occurs but when the action hits it was fun to be along for the ride and know what would happen next I am now intrigued than ever by Ronnie the bear shifterpark ranger and his possible love interest another member of the pack and to see what's next for the Half Moon ShiftersI was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review

  3. Gaele Gaele says:

    I received an electronic copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility This is the second book in the Half Moon Shifters series and we pick up with Mandy and Jack in their newly developing relationship It is important to have read the first book to understand the dynamic between Mandy and Jack as well as the few people who are in their circle And that circle changes rapidly as the small pack of two increases with the addition of Jack’s cousins recently returned to the Smoky Mountains Dealing with a pregnancy a battle for alpha supremacy forming a pack bond and dealing with a series of threats to pack life and safety all converge to create a story that neatly mingles the lives of shifters with the world that surrounds them Far longer than the first book in the series the focus seems to center on relationships and repercussions I liked this book probably a slight bit less than the first in the series but still enough to have found myself wondering about the ‘what next’ after finishing the last page The book really does center on Mandy and Jack and as such their characters are the most developed and tangible But the inclusion of the other pack members as well as freuent appearances by Ron the bear shifter have also increased their character’s impact and description The writing is clear and focused with clearly drawn images that provide clear pictures for the reader to really ‘feel’ there As in the first there are several instances where the action is just purely sexual This is most certainly a book for the 18 crowd although the sex is focused in a committed loving relationship it is very detailed and very hot I truly can’t wait to read the next installment in this series

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    True Loves and True Alphas replace the Lonely Alpha Loved this followup to Lonely Alpha This is book #2 in the Half Moon Shifters series I may have renamed it True Alphas with the s though As both the alpha male and female show they strengths in this story If you love shifter stories be sure to check this one out And now a little about the storyAfter falling hard for Jack in book #1 we join Jack and Mandy as she is 6 months pregnant has moved to the mountain and is looking for work unsuccessfully She returns after a long interview her pregnant feet aching from wearing heels to find Jack splitting wood with 5 others watching One of them opening flirting with him As show storms out half undressed from the cabin her jealousy is uickly replaced as she meets 2 of Jack's cousins their mates and one of the mates sisters Jack pack sure is growing from book to book First it was just him now when the baby is born there will be 8 all together As the Half Moon Pack grows they have attracted some unwanted attention Who is this outsider hanging around what does he want is he up to no good?Favorite passage Uh sweetheart? Jack said leaning close to whisper in her ear It ain't that hot out here is it?Next book in the series is already out A Taste of Honey Half Moon Shifters #3 I'm hoping it is the story of Ronny and Violet but I'll find out soon as I'm about to download it

  5. Lettee Lettee says:

    I was surprised when I saw a second and also third book out in this series Didn't know it was going to be a series But in a good way However I am a little disappointed in the book It didn't really have a lot of body to it You jumped around a little a couple of reactions that were written in one case NOT written about were not believable and surprising at times I know it's a Shifter book but still Example There is a part where Jack is trying to protect Mandy and when Mandy has pertinent information that she tells him Ranae doesn't write anything about Jack's response Which should have been one of a few scenariosThere was a lot of writing about mundane activity and a few areas of action suspense and romance I really tried to stay involved in this book so I could learn the ending in case it was needed for the next book Yes I am interested enough to read the 3rd book If you read the 1st book and like a comfortable read with not an extreme story of action then this book is for you If you get bored easy from too much nonessential information then I am sorry to say you should skip this bookI am hoping the 3rd book proves to be worth the time it takes to read it So look for my review on the 3rd book in a few days time

  6. Mariann {at} Belle& Mariann {at} Belle& says:

    True Alpha starts off about 7 months after the end of Lonely Alpha Jack and Mandy's relationship has strengthened and Mandy is 6 12 months pregnant with their first babypup The story revolves around the return of some of Jack's former pack and their impending weddingmating It was entertaining to read about Jack and Mandy as they struggle to adapt to all of the changes and especially having people around I liked that Ronnie was a returning character and I can't wait to read about him and Violet in A Taste Of HoneyA good addition to the series True Alpha kept me entertained with the story and characters There was love laughter a little mystery a little nailbiting moments some danger some hot sex scenes and a sweet HEA 3 out of 5 rating

  7. Delphina Delphina says:

    True Alpha is even better than the first book in this series I could not put it down I have the bags under my eyes to prove it This story had true love mystery suspense and long lost relatives Add to that a baby on the way and a shifting bear and it was an awesome adventure I am really looking forward to where this series is going If you have not read book one in this series you would have no problem starting with this book I think I enjoyed it better by having the background information on the characters but the story is complete in and of itself without book one

  8. Mandy Honea Mandy Honea says:

    I just finsihed Jack and Mandy's story and i'll tell you i cant get enough of those two I love themiam so glad that they finally have a pack And there is so much lovehappinessand heart ache in this bookI cant wait to read the next chapter in there livesRanae is awesome You go sister

  9. Dee Dee says:

    This is a great second book to the firstNow you know Mandy and Jack this book goes into introducing the rest of the pack and some other facesHas a bit of a twist in it and some action as well

  10. Clarke Clarke says:

    Not bad nothing special It felt a little rushed at the end I would have liked a little intimacy and less sex

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True Alpha Half Moon Shifters #2 With a baby on the way Mandy and Jack are prepared for their pack of two to expand or so they think until Jack's only remaining relatives return unexpectedly from Alaska bringing others with them Suddenly the alpha couple has a lot to worry about than what color to paint the nursery But inter pack dramas baby shower plans and even a wedding can't compare to the mayhem that ensues when a stranger from Mandy's past shows up at the cabin's doorstep hiding a secret that could destroy the Half Moon Pack forever