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Showtime The New York Times bestselling author of Sweetness delivers the first all encompassing account of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers one of professional sports’ most revered—and dominant—dynasties   The Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s personified the flamboyance and excess of the decade over which they reigned Beginning with the arrival of Earvin Magic Johnson as the number one overall pick of the 1979 draft the Lakers played basketball with gusto and pizzazz unleashing their famed Showtime run and gun style on a league unprepared for their speed and ferocity—and became the most captivating show in sports and arguably in all around American entertainment The Lakers’ roster overflowed with exciting all star caliber players including center Kareem Abdul Jabbar and they were led by the incomparable Pat Riley known for his slicked back hair his Armani suits and his arrogant strut Hollywood’s biggest celebrities lined the court and gorgeous women flocked to the arena Best of all the team was a winner Between 1980 and 1991 the Lakers played in an unmatched nine NBA championship series capturing five of them Bestselling sportswriter Jeff Pearlman draws from almost three hundred interviews to take the first full measure of the Lakers’ epic Showtime era A dazzling account of one of America’s greatest sports sagas Showtime is packed with indelible characters vicious rivalries and jaw dropping behind the scenes stories of the players’ decadent Hollywood lifestyles  From the Showtime era’s remarkable rise to its tragic end—marked by Magic Johnson’s 1991 announcement that he had contracted HIV— Showtime is a gripping narrative of sports celebrity and 1980s style excess This is a very fun readI liked the Lakers in the 80's especially Magic I had the Magic Johnson poster But I didnt love them; with a bunch of family up in New England I uickly started drifting towards the Celtics having a Minnesota guy like McHale on the team helped since we didnt have a team in MN any longer But there was some affinity for the Lakers since they used to be here So I saw a lot of the Lakers in the 80's because they were great and all we ever saw was the national gamesany they didnt show the dogsThis book looks at the whole Laker scene back then taking a pretty unvarnished look at everything that was Showtime from the perspective of the Lakers There's no doubt for all that Pearlman is a fine journalist and excellent storyteller that he's got some real fondness for these Lakers That said he still gets critical and honest enough about what happened while leaving final judgment on things to the reader Its a reasonable approachThis book easily could have come with a sticker saying brought to you by hookers and blow because holy cow Especially the sex So Much Sex This crew were the biggest bunch of dogs you can imagine Outside of the famously virginal AC Green they all just had so much sex The way things play out it seems like the cocaine faded away early in the 80's and this is where Pearlman's lack of criticism hurts a bit it just doesn't seem realistic that coke really was banished from Lakerdom after about '82 and he's a little too accepting of fringe Lakers who said nah it wasnt that much we never let it take over except for Spencer HaywoodThe stuff on the coaches is especially interesting in that very few people remember Jack McKinney who lost his chance to coach the Lakers after a tragic bike accident Paul Westhead is another figure who comes and goes rather uickly but still winning a title before Pat Riley comes on board to run the show None of these guys are obvious choices McKinney probably had the best rep especially Riley so see how they work is interesting And as much as I knew about the NBA I had forgotten that Riley winner of 4 NBA titles as a Laker had in fact been fired by the end of the decade Ego run amok wrecked himKareem probably gets the harshest treatment overall he was a difficult personality especially back then prickly at best something of an asshole at worst Despite a lot of reasons for why acted like this he doesnt get a lot of sympathy He does however still get plenty of respect for his skill as a player and even when hes being a dick he still commands the locker room whenever he wants itReally theres only two things missing from this book deeper insight into of the players worthy is mostly a cipher for example and despite tons of emphasis on Magic there's not a lot of what makes him tick and a little better perspective on how this team fit in against the rest of the league Boston and Philly get some attention as worthy rivals but Houston doesn't get all that much attention and they probably should even in a book about the Lakers as one of the only teams to challenge them and their implosion The dirty little secret about Showtime is how bad the west for most of their run Rarely challenged they were able to cruise through to the finals most years against much weaker teams Pearlman doesnt have a great feel for this stuff at one point he refers to AC Green as having developed into one of the best 3 or 4 power forwards in the gameat a time when McHale Barkley Malone Tom Chambers were running around? Green wasn't better than Rodman or Buck Williams either Its a silly sort of statement that vastly overrates Green who was a nice player but made 1 all star team and didnt deserve that one and it does hurt his ability to put the Showtime Lakers in historical contextStill a really entertaining and interesting book that's easy to read and hard to put down Here's an overview of what I learned from the book Magic Johnson basically ran that team throughout the 80's and could get whatever he wanted including a cheeseburger from Jack Kent Cooke Jerry Buss loved younger women and had a libido on par with Hugh Hefner Jerry West likes to swear a lot Kurt Rambis enjoyed living like a transient and hoarding soft drinks James Worthy is a morose person and thought paying 150 for a blowjob in Houston was a good idea It wasn't Kareem Abdul Jabbar is an asshole To just about everyone Byron Scott could never drive left to the basket AC Green had an awesome wet juicy Jheri curl afro Oh and he was a virgin on the team Michael Cooper was paranoid about being cut all the time Oh and even though he never played for the Lakers Olden Polynice still remains my favorite NBA player name Even than Uwe Blab 45 stars Solid well written overview of the greatest team of the greatest era in professional basketball I'm a lifelong Lakers fan and I read watch and listen to almost anything Lakers related so perhaps my review should be taken with a grain of salt Many of the stories here have been told before but Pearlman manages to make it all seem fresh and new There are even a few new anecdotes in here for die hard fans My favorite part of this book were the early chapters focusing on Jack McKinney the true genius behind the Showtime Lakers There has not been enough written about him and Pearlman gives McKinney the long overdue credit he deserves It's one of the great What Ifs of professional sports What if McKinney doesn't have his freak bicycle accident and remains head coach do the Lakers go on to win five titles in 10 years? I believe any coach with Kareem Adbul Jabbar and Magic Johnson could win championships but the team might not have been as glitzy yet hard nosed as they were under Pat RileyPearlman also doesn't pull any punches either making sure the reader knows that Kareem is arrogant and unlikable Magic is a sex addict and truly runs the Lakers and Riley is paranoid and a megalomaniac None of these are new revelations but credit the author with creating a captivating and entertaining story out of such familiar material This is a must read for Lakers fans but any fan of 80s era basketball even the most hardcore Celtics fan will appreciate thisGo Lakers 45 starsI enjoyed this book from the very first page It doesn't matter if you like the Lakers or not this is a great read about the 80s Lakers Lots of stories you may or may not know and I thoroughly enjoyed how the personal stories of those involved were weaved in to fit chronologically as well as to tell you what was happening behind the scenes during those stellar seasons Kudos to telling the story of Jack McKinney He's often left out and I never really hear much about him

  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • Showtime
  • Jeff Pearlman
  • English
  • 02 October 2016
  • 9781592407552

About the Author: Jeff Pearlman

Jeff Pearlman is an American sports writer He has written two books about baseball and was the author of the infamous John Rocker interview in Sports Illustrated In October 2011 he released his fifth book a biography of Walter Payton titled Sweetness The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton It spent four weeks on The New York Times Best Seller listPearlman was born and raised in Mahopac New Y

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