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  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    The Yes leaves a comfortable existence to get to The Where but a swarm of No's will try to stop any movement forward Great lesson for small children

  2. Candace Candace says:

    A big orange Yes leaves the nest to explore the Where The Where however is the home of the Nos Every obstacle Yes tackles the Nos tell him no But one Yes can stand up against many NosA story about self confidence and optimism this book has colorful illustrations to hold the children's attention The text reminded me of Dr Seuss A story to be read aloud with an animated voice

  3. Leilah Skelton Leilah Skelton says:

    Here’s what I loved and why I would ordinarily have given this book an easy 5 star reviewThis book is beautiful Each spread is beautifully constructed There’s a lovely flow to the language and the use of font sizes and positioning of the text in places makes it a joy to follow on the page As an adult I love its message of empowerment and self belief The world is full of Nos and we could all use a little of that fearless determined persisting in the face of adversity Yes in our lives And here’s why I have to balance that with concern that it is unsuitable for the Picture Book age readerThe Yes on his journey defies all the Nos He climbs a tall tree “No you’ll fall” crosses an unstable bridge “It’s too rickety” and jumps into a river “No no no it’s much too deep” “No beware” amongst other things I feel that although the empowerment message is a worthy one these Nos are the sort of Nos that we tell very young children for their own safety and I’m not at all comfortable with the fact that this book challenges the ‘No means no’ message that is vital for under fivesMaybe if the journey hadn’t involved danger? Maybe if this was ‘Can’ and ‘Can’t’ instead? I think it is a wonderful book – uirky and beautiful but I wouldn’t advise it as responsible to read to a child under 5 Sorry but no I can only give it 25 stars on the reasoning that I find myself polarised completely depending on the age and maturity of the child reading itADDITION Picture books are traditionally aimed at the 3 5 years bracket I have spoken with the publishers of this title and they have informed me that their target audience for this title is 6 years My review I hope fairly reflects that buyers ought to be aware of the reader agematurity issue

  4. Rachel Watkins Rachel Watkins says:

    Every once in a while someone creates a picture book whose message is universal Sarah Bee's THE YES is that book Give this to every graduate whether from grade school high school or university because along the way to their next adventure they'll be many Nos on the way but the Yeses can always succeed With language that is a bit Seussical and made up words like trickety lumpen thereish and flundering THE YES tells the story of the Yes who had a Where to go Along the way the Nos were everywhere and threatening to stomp and suelch the Yes on his adventure This book is about positive thinking This book is about daring to take a risk when everyone says you can't This book is the one you hand your friend who is having a hard time and can't seem to get out of a rut

  5. Jo Jo says:

    The Nos noed and noed and noed in numbers no one could count The Yes only yessed in all his goodness and bigness and yesnessOther reviewers have expressed concern that reading this book to very young children might somehow confuse them about how important the word 'no' is especially when coming from a parent Maybe just talk to your kids explain the difference teach them the lessen Don't let books parent for you For older kids and even for this 26 year old The Yes has beautiful language and a message about perseverance and self belief The world will no at us from all directions and we must fill ourselves with a great big yes in response

  6. Zoe Zoe says:

    Really interesting and thought provoking book about the power of saying yes instead of NO Whilst the highly philosophical nature of this book might make some adult readers a little nervous about reading it I think there are so many opportunities for interesting discussions with children as a result of this Unusual and optimistic

  7. Haje Haje says:

    The yes is one of these fantastic books that makes you think about your basic assumptions Why is the world always so in favour of the 'no' and why does it take an awesome little three legged orange monster to teach you the power of the yes?It's a lovely and sweet book highly recommended

  8. Louise / Daisy May Johnson Louise / Daisy May Johnson says:

    I reviewed this one here Spoiler it's very good

  9. Alida Alida says:

    Wanna teach persistence? Use this book For any age Preferably for adults

  10. Sara Grochowski Sara Grochowski says:

    Someone should just read me this book every morning 3

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The Yes In a soft comfy nest in a safe warm place there snoozed a great big orange thing called the Yes He was snug but the Yes had a Where to go to So he left his nest and went trundling out But the Where was an endless place of Nos They teemed and seethed They picked and nipped and snipped and snicked The Yes yessed in all his goodness and bigness and yesness But was he strong enough to overcome them‘Kitamura is one of the world’s most original and stylish children’s illustrators’ Sunday Times