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  1. Myra Wardhana Myra Wardhana says:

    Love the story from beginning till the end Was not expecting to read it so uickly since I had a hard time finding a new book to read after finishing my study Christmas shopping and work too

  2. Tia Tia says:

    I actually thought this novel was damn cute All throughout the novel I was left giggling and smiling The emotions flowed well and the characters were extremely well written

  3. Cferjani Cferjani says:


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Callan's Proposition THE SECRETARY'S SEDUCTIONOutside the office Callan Sinclair didn't know that Abigail Thomas existed But Abigail had definitely noticed the broad shoulders and intense brown eyes of her employer His powerful presence had taken her breath away than once and the fantasy of his kisses kept her up at nightBut Abigail's current situation called for than fantasy she needed a real fiance or she'd be forced to leave That was when Callan noticed the curves his conservative secretary had been hiding Their counterfeit engagement was perfect but was the arrangement business or pleasure