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Branded by the SheriffExpecting Trouble BRANDED BY THE SHERIFF The killer who'd murdered Faith Matthews's family is back and he's set his sights on her and her innocent baby Sheriff Beck Tanner vows to protect Faith and her daughterand ignore his attraction to the beautiful mother EXPECTING TROUBLE Claiming Jenna Laniere's child as his own would ruin Agent Cal Rico's career But Cal had to risk his future to help save Jenna from her past As an agent it was his duty As a man falling for this tiny family he couldn't turn away if he wanted to

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  1. charmaine White charmaine White says:

    WowTwo very good fast moving exciting storieswith a whole lot of actionI was sitting on the edge of my seat from the very beginning to the end

  2. Leslie Leslie says:

    BRANDED BY THE SHERIFF 475 STARS Overall REVIEW TO COME EXPECTING TROUBLE 490 STARS Overall He was her knight in green camouflage He rescued her from a marriage proposal gone wrong in Monte De Leon The man she thought she had been dating didn't exist He wanted her business for bringing things in to the US She said no planned to go home but Paul was killed and now they were going to kill her Then he came to her rescue and from that day forward her life changed forever She was in his dreams he couldn't help but think of the woman who got to him like no other ever had They were together for such a short time and yet he knew how brave she was to walk away from the guy who attempted to force her to marry him He tried calling a few times Only to hang up Except for a month ago he left a message More to warn her that there had been chatter about the circumstances she had been in in the prior year But he would be lying if he said he hadn't thought of asking her to dinner But she never returned his call She was being stalked by Paul's best friend Holden Carr She escaped and moved to a new town couple hours away from where she had lived and now she was in a tiny apartment continuing to look over her shoulder knowing that one day they may find her and discover she produced an heir But after a trip to the clinic for her daughter Holden called demanding to know why she didn't tell him about the baby Having listened to his message recently all she could do was to name that He was the father No one was going to take her baby away from her She wanted to call him back when he phoned but all she could do was play it back whenever she was scared when she was hurting or lonely She never expected to see him standing there in front of her at the grocery store She never thought she ever see him again He said he was suprrised to hear he fathered a baby when he hadn't even gotten the chance to kiss the mother when he wanted to Confused she asks How? He said my commanding officer sat me down and mentioned how we had a babyShe knew he was only here to get to the bottom of why she mentioned that He wasn't staying He had a career to protect she didn't get to be a person he rescued this time He knows he'll do whatever it takes protect her and her baby Even if he doesn't get to ever take her out on a date or the real father to her child but He'll do what he needs to protect them He is Cal Rico agent with the ISA father of Sophie and in love with her mother She is Jenna Laniere heiress owner of a large company mother to Sophie and in love with the man who saved her the real father to her daughter Sofie I liked this story While it had a lot going on i understood the roles people played They all weaved together their stories intermingling yet the main story was still on Cal protecting and falling in love with Jenna SophieI liked her strength she was back up to Cal up when he needed It I liked that he was willing to stand up to his boss And I loved how they finally gave in and knew they were meant to be together Mother and Father to Sophie Lover to one another Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did This is one I will enjoy reading again very soon and will definitely be in my favorites

  3. Teri Heyer Teri Heyer says:

    I checked out this paperback at my local library This is the first time I've read anything by Delores Fossen I thoroughly enjoyed this double novel and will definitely be reading books by this author Ya gotta love a tough cowboy just sayin'

  4. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    Another HItThis book has everything Romance suspense gunfire Hot male cops It was so good I always enjoy Ms Fossen books Get it today

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