A Billionaire and a Baby PDF/EPUB ä A Billionaire

A Billionaire and a Baby I gave this 3 stars because the name Sin Jin was probably the most annoying thing about this book If I had to read her think lusty thoughts about Sin Jin it was a struggle It was a fun light story The first of the Mom Suad mini series it was cute and light and not all about pregnancy like some of these books can be love may come when and from whom you least expect it A Billionaire and a Baby can be started and put down without losing the plot or forgetting the characters uick read with a formula plot This book could be kept in your purse or auto to be read while waiting for a doctor's appointmentetc I loved this bookrich man with trust issues finds a woman that proves to him that not all women are the same I will read by this author for sure Good uick read WILL YOU DELIVER MY BABYReporter Sherry Campbell thought she might be asking too much but her baby was coming and the only one in sight was enigmatic corporate raider St John Sin Jin Adair Despite his generosity he disliked her because she pried into the secret past he desperately wanted to hide Lucky for her that didn't stop the billionaire businessman from becoming her heroFrom the moment she cornered him in the elevator Sin Jin felt Sherry's hold on him He wanted privacy and yet he wanted to kiss her into next year And now after delivering Sherry's adorable son Sin Jin found himself yearning to become a part of her family But would Sherry turn him away when she finally did get the scoop on his past

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