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  1. Sud666 Sud666 says:

    This is another book about Colonel Commissar Gaunt Taking place after the events at Salvation's Reach the Tanith First and Gaunt are caught up in a warp space translation error They enter realspace and find that than a decade has passed since they were in real time The Forge World of Urdesh is under attack from the Chaos warbands of Anarch SekGaunt and the Tanith First are sent to Urdesh to help with the defense It turns out that Gaunt posthumously was awarded the rank of Lord Militant Commander But there seems to be a great deal of conflict at the High Command Warmaster Macaroth's postion is seemingly weak and his underlings are vying for the position On top of this the Chaos forces are up to something since their strategy is hard to decipher What is on Urdesh that they want? These are the mysteries that shape the story behind the conflict for UrdeshA good story one without focusing on the Space Marines that shows how the Imperial army fights its battles The Tanith First is the best of the Imperial Army units and this shows in this story Gaunt is an impressive figure and is one of the coolest non Space Marine characters around Highly recommended for any Warhammer fan

  2. Simon Clark Simon Clark says:

    The Warmaster is the Gaunt's Ghosts novel with the least warfare in it and I think this makes it one of the strongest entries in the series The series has long been effectively a soap opera in spaaaaaaaaaaaace with a whole lot of combat thrown in to keep the interest of readers Abnett is in my mind the best author in the Black Library arsenal and in particular excels at depicting combat However here he shows how well he can write a labyrinthine knot of plots With just one book left in the series there are many plot threads just waiting to be resolved in ways that are not entirely clear What's also clear from this book is that no one is safeLet's be real if you're not already a fan of the series you're not going to read this book But you absolutely should go back and read the preceding novels and then read this one because they're seriously good fun And in particular The Warmaster is a riveting read with multiple plot twists from left field and than a few gut punches along the way I'm desperate for Abnett to finish Anarch so I get closure on this series And can re read them all in preparation

  3. Andrey Nalyotov Andrey Nalyotov says:

    longum iter iam fecimus It is indeed 'a long time between now' and then we saw the last Adventures of the Gaunt Ghosts Five years have passed since Salvation's Reach that mission in the long lost 2012 then Gaunt and his beloved by fan regiment went on the top rated mission with minimal chances on success Dan Abnett one of the most beloved authors in BL for thousands of fans was hunted on every social web or event with the same uestion all over again 'When Warmaster would be released?' And now after five years and 'thousands of crying fething bloody tears fans' later 'Warmaster Concerning the Liberation of Forge World Urdesh' WAS RELEASED At long last To be honest it is not a general release that one is coming in December But I was able to get my copy at Black Library Weekender A little bit about the Limited Edition it is a mastercrafted box with a lot of stuff What inside you could find at BL official site But what is really good here is a short story 'Killbox' which goes after Salvation's Reach but before The Warmaster and which is hilarious and very Mkoll centric and the cover of the novel The level of filigree on it and snippets trying to make the novel look like a strategic manuscript are indeed awesome Like a stamp Departmento Tacticae Collegia Vellum Urdeshi Urdeshic Palace Eltath Also we provided with a nice 'Afterword' where author did mention the reasons while it took so long to get here and why the end result is better then the one that could have been released earlier Plus as a lot of people were telling me and only now I indeed was able to reconcile with myself authors do not owe us anything So then author tells us that he write to entertain himself and do a good story he show us his own vision That's why we always get a different 'tome' to the one we expected so long He also covers the missing years with a brilliant workaround but we will get to it later But most of all you cant expect to get that kind of preambule for the book The King of the Knives He comes in the darkness and he takes all our lives' children skipping chant Tanith Which is uite unexpected but goes brilliantly with the story that follows vetus amicitiaIt is indeed a return of an 'old friend' The one you missed something for eternity and can't pinpoint your exact feeling as to his return So let's delve into the lair of the beast himself Confidence Level reuired is Vermillion Clearance Only Storyline First time in a long while BL synopsis done it right It actually indeed corresponds almost fully as to what happen in the novel but with some solid differences So what do we have? After the success of their desperate mission to Salvation's Reach Colonel Commissar Gaunt and the Tanith First race to the strategically vital forge world of Urdesh besieged by the brutal armies of Anarch Sek However there may be at stake than just a planet The Imperial forces have made an attempt to divide and conuer their enemy but with Warmaster Macaroth himself commanding the Urdesh campaign it is possible that the Archenemy assault has a different purpose to decapitate the Imperial command structure with a single blow Has the Warmaster allowed himself to become an unwitting target? And can Gaunt's Ghosts possibly defend him against the assembled killers and war machines of Chaos? As usual for the GG serie in the Daniverse at the beginning we have an excerpt as to the events that transpire in the book A small overview from 'A History of the Later Imperial Crusades' If fans would be very curious indeed they would closely check the year which is mentioned in the blurb It is one of the nicest hints done by Dan Abnett Dan starts his book which is number fourteen in the serie reminder just to pinpoint the face that even after the previous 13 books author is still able to get our full attention with just a prologue with an amazing bang we all know how 'Salvation's Reach' has ended So to see that 'Prologue' titled as a 'Corpse' is a nice touch from the author Human ship Imperial human ship Cold thing from which life heat has bled Nothing thing Corpse wreck broken inert adrift Highness Sir Armaduke' What follows is one of the best descriptive scene that was ever written in BL club It shows anew why a lot of us adorn Abnett's prose and style The smallest details in the environment make you believe that you are actually where right at the stage with your beloved characters and their feelings Without spoilers what's happens next is one of the best tricks as to how fix the time contradictions Which again it shows the brilliance of an author Eventually as anyone could expect from the book about GG we get to the 'main' front line In our case it's a suffering world of Urdesh What follows next is one of the most intriguing and interesting storylines about a regiment which goes through struggle of war losses command changes and trying to find their place in the 'new' universe Universe which is not kind to the poor Astra Militarum guardsmen This time on the other hand to the boiling mix author has added a Crusade High command with it's own ambition glory hounds politics and intrigues Eventually the story is a mix of politicalarmy tension and warfare on micromacro level In what book 14 of the serie is different from the titles from 1 to 11 is that starting with 'Blood Pact' Dan Abnett started one storyline to tell in 4 books Previous titles of GG books were essentially self contained It was only with the last Arc 'Victory' beginning with 'Blood Pact' that he decided to make them connected for a change Essentially it is a 'one' mega novel across four volumes Daniverse descriptivenessUrdesh is a character in itself One particular scene with the docking ship in the stratosphere is one of the best you will ever read in sci fi Dan Abnett didn't forget anything Weather effects magnetism human reaction it's all here made into the absolute Urdesh a war ravaged world shine in all it's glory and scientific horror Small scenes like the one where Ghosts are explained to about the coverage from the snipers shows how belligerent and struggling Urdeshians are And who could doubt them their world change hands a lot during the Last Sabbat Worlds Crusade Dan was able to give us a long forgotten view on the enemy in all it's horror by doing almost nothing to show us the enemy Yeap that's Dan Abnett he could do that Don't get me wrong there are a lot of fighting and enemy soldiers for show Even our beloved stalk tanks are back But we does not have a 'defined' Chaos POV here First time in a long while since the times of Sabbat Martyr 7th book in the serie we see an enemy 'fleet' in action And not just the 'ships' but it's structure V'heduak is a masterful creation of an author Now we saw at last as to how the enemy get's to the world's they invade And what their 'sailors' do while they are waiting for the world to be conuered As for the description of warfare As expected Dan created a vivid picture of death bravery and destruction The minor issue is it is too few Novel is a political beast than a warfare centric story Characters As expected The Warmaster drops us back into the cauldron of a regiment on war footing with all the attending 'human train' which is kinda normal for a regiment during a Napoleonic wars After all GG regiment has an amazing semblance to the Sharps Rifles of the 95 th Riflemen regiment We met the same command structure we knew from the previous books the ones which survived of course and the same grunts from the bottom And everyone on every level of the regiment and it's 'relatives' suffer from the loss they experienced during Salvation's Reach incursion For some it is lost friends for some almost a family members for some it is a 'death of hope' But Dan is indeed an amazing and brilliant author So he glued it all with new 'environment' and 'unexpected hope for the best' Gaunt Rawne Kolea Daur Baskevyl Mkoll Domor Curth; our lovely commissars Hark Ludd Fazekiel Blenner are all here and kicking The secondary characters the like Criid Beltayn Raglon Bonin Brostin Larkin has their small window to shine But most of all this time author gave the main stage to shine for the newcomers Pasha Zuckova Spetnin Dalin Felix Maddalena and a lot of poor grunts given a view in and out of fire In his showcase of the regiment Dan Abnett mentioned a lot of army and social problems from our today's life Sexism brutality unfairness stupidity struggling with the loss of a friend or relative loneliness dominant opinions of the society that makes you wonna cry and die in the corner all mentioned in one scope or another A lot of major and secondary characters as with each GG book goes through a lot of pain suffering and loss But this time Abnett as a real wizard gives them all something to cheer for Shattering the cheering mood 2 pages after That's usual Dan Abnett for you And that's one of the main reasons a lot of us 'fans' love and adorn his writing Minor spoilers ahead Person of Warmaster Macaroth has been shown at last And it was a hilarious experience Because he is an absolutely 'human' being and totally different to the figures the likes of Macharius Never expected 'Warmaster' to be like that 'a small cumbersome tired and grandpa character' Also what Dan did again on the 'Oskar' level he created the same 'evil' character we haven't seen since Cuu's devilness in the flesh You need to read that novel to start despising a character on 'that' level Especially at one moment followed up with a character death Which reminds me to mention that it is a 'proper' GG Abnett's novel By proper I mean that 'Nobody is safe from the Grim Reaper' We had 2 GG novels in which not one secondarymajor GG character died 'Warmaster' is not that case With his usual eagerness Dan Abnett easily kills your beloved character not shedding a tear ;And now to the issues I had with the novel That's just my personal opinion so I do not suggest that you don't gonna like described below There are no 'ideal' writers in the world who will create everything 'right' without even 1 minor issue All the stuff which would be mentioned is indeed a list of minor issues But they do existWhat is not so good with the WarmasterFirst of all even though Dan's great 'descriptiveness' the beginning chapters up to the arrival on Urdesh were too streched Scenes of boarding actions and actually getting through space to Urdesh took too long If we add stories from the 'Sabbat Crusade' here which took place after the 'Salvation Reach' it take even longer Usually a lot of fans will mention that Dan create such amazing stories that then getting to the end he has no timespace to create solid endings They are 'rushed' Here it is vise versa It is the beginning that is too long for it's own good Second point which in my opinion has place in the most of the Gaunt Ghosts novels are the luck or fate Then some Ghosts or characters are getting to die some universal force will save them from destruction Space Marine arrival no disrespect for Dan but that 'trio' was definitely redundant here another regiment other enemy high command etc Usually I do a full spoiler free review but I can't do that here Because some events are 'exactly' an 'issue' hereMinor spoilers ahead do not proceed further if you haven't read the book Third point is based on a characters Saint Sabbat is mentioned several times throughout the book but we never saw her in it Gaunt never met her in The Warmaster in person And all mentions of the Saint are grounded to 'She is where or she is at the main battleground' Which is kind of disappointing Because a lot of us were expecting to see her and Milo for uite a long time since 'Sabbat Martyr' Same could be said about a person of Mabbon Etogaur the one we liked by now and have solid respect as to his professionalism is uickly dropped from the plot Dropped so simply on an order from H which define belief Especially after all GG went through to keep him safe Another of the 'character problems' of a narrative list is Gaunt's 'son' Felyx Without major spoiler in my personal opinion it was a mistake to do what Abnett did with him Not because it was a bad decision uite contrary It is wrong because of 'how it was added into the story' We had the character for a full previous novel Salvation's Reach and nobody see 'that' coming and where weren't any hints about 'that' reveal It's like author has decided to change something on a fly without a solid background to it Fourth and the biggest one is 'THE ENDING' If you think that Salvation's Reach had a cliffhanger well The Warmaster ends with a CLIFFHANGER OF ALL CLIFFHANGERS Now we should pray that 'Anarch' the last book in the 'Victory' arc would be written uickly and released in 2018 Because with 'that' kind of ending waiting till the next book is a 'seven circles of hell'BIG Spoilers ahead Last warning 'ending' spoilers ahead can't skip them or my point would be nil without them Why Sons of Sek did retreat they didn't get the stones they didn't killed the High Command of the Crusade? With horrible casualties but they were at the point of breaking through and destroying Imperial command structure once and for all And that's years of rebuilding it years in which Archenemy and Sanguinary Tribes under the united command would get back everything they lost so far What's happening with Anakwanar Sek he was always a rational and genius being? Great tactician and one of the biggest boogeyman of the Sabbat Worlds? Why he use his troops as a diletant? What really happened to Mkoll? Another miraculous save in the last moment? And probably by now the biggest uestion of them all Who IS Yoncy 'daughter' of Gol Kolea? Who by the way has 2 sons not a son and a daughter I see what you did here Dan Archenemy covets here she sees the future anyone getting to her dies or guard her with their own life Is she part daemon now is she somehow connected with Anakwanar Sek? Having part of his soul inside her? Is she a full alpha class psyker? If so wild theory but maybe she is one of the kids of Pater Sin? And covered herself since Sabbat Martyr? Is she an assassin to get to the SaintMacaroth planted for a long game going dozens of years in planningoperation? That ending to The Warmaster totally ruined every produced theory so far and totally turned everything upside down But which again shows that Dan Abnett is a brilliant authors whose books are totally worth the wait'Warmaster' is an amazing and brilliant book Which suffers from trying to be than it could 'Warmaster' ask uestions from a reader than gave answers to the old ones Don't get me wrong the book is awesome but that ending geeze I would have definitely prefer to have a defined ending like 'Guns of Tanith'; 'Sabbat Martyr' or 'Only in death' instead of 'this' The patience till the next book would be impossible But it is Gaunt Ghosts regiment we all love and longed for It is a story which should be definitely read by all fans because it's totally worth your time I give 'Warmaster' 45 out of 5 If not for the 'issues' I mentioned above it's definitely would have got a 10 out of 5 Dan Abnett you did it sir It is a book we waited for longed for and counted days months and years till it's release Thank you for the great job you did and now please proceed with the 'Anarch' we need it ASAP PS What I could definitely tell you with all my belief READ THE BOOK And slowly suffer till the release of Anarch After all life is so unfair ;

  4. Andy Andy says:

    As always with Abnett it's a great read about than just the shooting ButHaving waited years for something that feels like half of a book really doesn't sit well Here's hoping the next one actually has an ending

  5. Alexander Alexander says:

    Holy thrones I can't believe I've been reading this series for 17 years and it's still amazing

  6. Tepintzin Tepintzin says:

    The worst of the series Very little happens and it's padded out with battle scenes that don't have conseuences It also has the stupidest plotline I've yet seen in a Black Library book yet concerning Ibram Gaunt's progeny I have Dan Abnett's Magos on order and I hope that all Dan's writing mojo went into that book because it sure wasn't here

  7. Callum Shephard Callum Shephard says:

    It's strange to think this is the first time this website has visited this series It's stranger still to think that we have gone so long after the previous novel's cliffhanger Serving as one of Black Library's big flagship series and rivaled only by the Horus Heresy novels now Gotrek and Felix has ended Gaunt's Ghosts is uintessential Warhammer 40000 Eual parts Napoleonic War epic and science fiction battle campaign it follows the efforts of Commissar Colonel Gaunt and Tanith First and Only light infantry regiment Fighting their way across the Sabbat worlds they are shown fighting various opponents across a multitude of battlegroundsThe series was praised for its balance of Warhammer's key elements its anyone can die mentality without it becoming gratuitous and was one of the key sagas which promoted the Imperial Guard's popularity So as you can imagine its return is a big thingSynopsisFollowing the harrowing battle of Salvation's Reach the remaining Ghosts are on their return flight back to Imperial lines Still reeling from the heavy casualties taken in the conflict the atmosphere is tense and tempers are running high Yet they are not out of the fight just yet Assailed by Chaos forces as they attempt to return the Ghosts must fight tooth and nail to hold their transport vessel against the corsairs aligned with Sek Even should they survive stranger things still await them back with Imperial Command along with an astounding revelation for Gaunt himselfThe GoodTrying to start up a series after a six year gap was always going to be difficult especially in the case of this one Rather than having any kind of conclusion Salvation's Reach was almost a cliffhanger with the deaths of several major characters and the heroes stuck in enemy territory They were on their way out the journey and their return still had to be dealt with So this left the conundrum of both trying to directly resolve the stories established in that book while leaving it open to anyone who simply wanted to start up again Thankfully Abnett pulled this off spectacularly The intro reminds the reader of who is alive and dead but it does so in a natural and understated way This is also folded into reminding people of the ongoing character changes developments and recent repercussions as well This is all done within the first few pages and while it is clearly written with series familiars in mind it's open enough that anyone who has missed one or two books can uickly adjust to the current eventsThere is enough character drama on hand in these early stages to remind readers of the major issues plaguing its heroes and of the tensions between units The First and Only has been reborn several times now with the most recent event still fresh in the memories of its troopers and the book does a good job of balancing this out against greater threats While it does prove to be combat heavy even by Gaunt's Ghosts standards it nevertheless still has the uiet moments of character drama people value most These serve to divide up the combat but also to keep people guessing when it comes to certain new revelations A mystery surrounding Gaunt's son in particular runs throughout the first act and as one ends another uickly starts up The book doesn't string you along with these plots nor does it deny you answers It just makes sure that there is enough character drama and uestions to keep you hooked That and very concerned when the Ghosts are put on the firing line Right from the outset the book puts its heroes in a number of extremely desperate fights from close range engagements to a sniper duel while they are running low on ammo It repeatedly hammers home just how dangerous and utterly hellish a Guardsman's life is even for hardened veterans like the Ghosts and many of the problems which come with it Both from within and without the regiment struggles to hold itself together beset on one side by a relentless enemy and confronted on the other by both rival officers and conflicts borne of their strange merged status While there are clear divides and periods of peace throughout the book it nevertheless manages to make sure that no single scene serves as conscious downtime to another The aforementioned sniper scene runs concurrently to a major revelation surrounding Gaunt himself and is then followed by a similar act with a major character This gives the book a constant pace preventing it dragging at any moment and combined with its treatment of sub plots as events which can arise or stop at any moment it gives the book a sense of real lifeThe use of acronyms in Warmaster is far pronounced than those of previous books which have started to notably downplay a few of the aged ualities to the universe While the series itself has always seen an odd relationship with this uality to the point where it juggles between various eras at a time here it is obviously fixed upon a blend of Napoleonic and 1940s societal aspects These are deftly handled at various points and Abnett makes the time to delve into the problems with a few particular ones The issues of nobility fighting one another and how that might impact its recruits proves to be a surprisingly pronounced and well written moment for the book Eually the shadowy actions of Gaunt's superiors could have been written off as a cartoonish moment of self interest when they come into play later on Instead the book makes it very clear just why they are following through with their actions and how the years have reshaped themEven when the book does opt to focus upon territories which have been trodden many times before there's always a new spin to them This is especially evident when it comes to the subject of the Inuisition and possible corruption The Ghosts have been uestioned about such matters from Ghostmaker onward and yet the use of the divine KGB of the Imperium is an interesting take to be sure There's different methods of censorship on display different figures and different methods behind the faces making sure you can never be wholly reliant upon past experiences The same is even true of the command staff up to Warmaster Maccaroth himself who have a few notably different takes made on them than you might expect It might take you some time to even fully realise just why the book has been named after a character who is barely in it but the reasoning uickly becomes evident as you progress through the chaptersThe BadThe bad here largely stems from the awkward nature of the book's placement over anything else While Abnett certainly handled an awkward situation extremely well there is no denying that a few key plot elements stand out like a sore thumb and are abruptly disposed of with little ceremony The trio of space marines who were accompanying them to Salvation's Reach are hit hard by this factor While they certainly make an impression and you are reminded of the rift between humanity and its enhanced angels of death they serve as a walking plot device here They show up deal with a few situations wait around in the background for a while and then promptly vanish partway through a chapter There is a goodbye but it's fairly clear the author wanted them out of the way at the earliest opportunityThe problem of trying to weld both older narrative arcs and a new beginning divides the book into three clear cut sections While this isn't a problem in of itself you can also separate these out into mini stories with a few loose links connecting them together The series has done this before but it often worked best when it came to the early tales or brief side stories For a main book it is oddly distracting as you can almost immediately see the immersion breaking intent behind how it was structured to serve the series as a whole This hurts it primarily because a few particular sub plots seem rushed in order to fit them into certain events while one or two deaths are so uickly breezed over that it lacks the expected punch the series is known for It doesn't necessarily make the book weaker as a whole but it does limit the potential behind certain ideasIn addition to the above points the story also seems to have problems fitting in so many characters now It re introduces many reminds the audience of their role and jumps between them but some can arise for just one or two chapters only to fade away again These aren't minor figures either these are a few major players who have been here since the initial trilogy As a result it's difficult to get to grips with what archetypical role each figure is playing within the narrative or how they will be important to the overall tale This might sound like a strange criticism but it's as if the book is desperately trying to find something of importance for each of them to do rather than fitting it naturally into the narrative as a whole As a result of this certain stories can come across with an uneven feeling and it contributes to a rather abrupt end to the novel The VerdictYou have to credit Abnett at least this much with his works Upon returning to an old favourite he proved once again he was unafraid of change While he could have easily relied upon past victories or re establishing old ideas he very effectively managed to balance the role of a re introduction to the series with a new status uo and major changes As a result it's a book which relies upon prior familiarity with the series but almost anyone who has kept up to date with the last trilogy can uickly get to grips with it More importantly though rather than feeling like some throwback to a past saga the conclusion makes it clear that there is a much bigger tale yet to be told with Gaunt How this will impact the Ghosts or the war in general we will only find out at a later date but it makes one thing very clear Gaunt's Ghosts is back and it's as great as ever

  8. Adam Whitehead Adam Whitehead says:

    The Tanith First have completed a near impossible strike mission to the remote enemy outpost of Salvation's Reach As well as stealing a vast amount of intelligence material from the enemy their attack has triggered an internal conflict within the Chaos armies between Sek and Gaur allowing the Crusade to reach new levels of success But a warp mistranslation on the way home throws the First into a dire new battle as Gaunt and his team have to face a desperate Sek in battle on the forge world of Urdesh and face a renewed threat from within the Crusade's own leadershipThe Warmaster is the fourteenth novel in the Gaunt's Ghosts series and the penultimate volume in the Victory arc It was also released after an unprecedented five year publishing gap in the series the result of internal realignments within the Black Library and Games WorkshopAs a result the book takes a little while to rev up to speed with a somewhat disjointed narrative that attempts a lot of ideas the Ghosts being shipwrecked in deep space visited by Chaos horrors and suddenly in the thick of urban warfare and political intrigue on Urdesh before the story comes togetherWhen it does the results are impressive We are fourteen books into this series now and we've never even met the guy in charge of the entire operation and in fact as Abnett's Sabbat Worlds Crusade companion book makes clear the Ghosts have been operating on the fringes of the main war effort Their actions have occasionally been decisive and even affected the main course of the war here and there but only to a small degree That revelation gives a real sense of scale to the war in which tens of thousands of Imperial starships are carrying hundreds of millions of Imperial Guard troops millions of support vehicles thousands of Space Marines and hundreds if not thousands of skyscraper sized Titans into battle across dozens of star systems simultaneously which is remarkable The Warmaster does a good job of pivoting the action so suddenly the Ghosts and Gaunt are right in the middle of the key decisions being made for the entire war effortAbnett's key gifts are characterisation finding ways of differentiating the two dozen or so characters of import within the Ghosts plus various recurring side characters and action He makes you care about the characters and their stakes Like Bernard Cornwell before him as tired as the SharpeUhtred in Space comparisons are they remain somewhat apt he paints these soldiers as individuals with their own strengths weaknesses and uirks and makes you care about what happens to them even the cowards and malcontents That continues through The Warmaster with an astonishing array of subplots being furthered in a remarkably constrained page countThe Warmaster does a good job of bringing together plot threads from the previous books in the series and making it feel like the war has reached a decisive turning point The temptation to carry on this series forever must be strong but in this book it does feel like the end of the Crusade is starting to lurch into view On the minus side aside from the slightly choppy opening the ending to the book does feel a bit perfunctory for a Gaunt's Ghosts novel although the reasons for this become clearer in the following book Anarch which is less of a successor and of a direct continuation of this novel No five year wait this time for the next part of the story fortunately

  9. I.F. Adams I.F. Adams says:

    A sharp dark and surprisingly complex novel in the traditionally straightforward gore fest universe of warhammer 40kI've been reading Gaunts Ghosts since it was a new series in the very early 2000s Its been a fascinating exercise to watch both the story and author evolve Like most 40k stories I'll admit I'm a fan Gaunts Ghost's started off as the light pulpy gore fests that most do but in contrast to many of the other stories it didn't stay there The last few books and collections have moved solidly into involved sharp complex stories with a variety of relatively dynamic characters I appreciate that Abnett moved away from the straight battle stories of the earlier and instead has breathed life into a dark and intricate universe while also managing to avoid the stagnation I see in so many other epic sci fi arcs that get mired in details and needlessly byzantine plots Destroyermen Safehold Fire and IceThat said I can see a bit of frustration to someone who's not steeped generally in 40k and specifically in Gaunts ghosts because this novel in particular reuires an enormous amount of background to really appreciate and I wish I could tell a non fan to read this so I could chatter about it with them but I also recognize that telling someone to read a dozen prior books is just not realisticAnyways after all that I'd rank this as the best book of the series with the caveat that it very much reuires a lot of background to truly appreciate

  10. Rob Pait Rob Pait says:

    Guant and the Ghosts finally get the credit they deserve in a series of heartwarming moments but the book ends on a cliffhanger with a major status uo shake up and half the plot threads still open That last part would have hurt it but is has been promised that it will be cleared up in The Anarch

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The Warmaster Gaunts Ghosts #14 The latest novel in the hugely popular Gaunt's Ghosts seriesAfter the success of their desperate mission to Salvation’s Reach Colonel Commisar Gaunt and the Tanith First race to the strategically vital forge world of Urdesh besieged by the brutal armies of Anarch Sek However there may be at stake than just a planet The Imperial forces have made an attempt to divide and conuer their enemy but with Warmaster Macaroth himself commanding the Urdesh campaign it is possible that the Archenemy assault has a different purpose to decapitate the Imperial command structure with a single blow Has the Warmaster allowed himself to become an unwitting target And can Gaunt’s Ghosts possibly defend him against the assembled killers and war machines of Chaos

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Warmaster Gaunts Ghosts #14
  • Dan Abnett
  • English
  • 08 October 2015
  • 9781849705318