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Callahan Cowboy Triplets His Callahan Destiny Tighe Callahan is wild and free as the wind until he starts chasing the beautiful River Martin After he catches her—in a midnight seduction he'll never forget—Tighe learns he's about to become a daddythree times over Not even an ornery bull can stop him from making River and their babies to be his Standing down isn't in River's vocabulary Tighe can insist on doing the honorable thing all he wants—she isn't tying the knot until the cowboy says he loves her Only now her wounded warrior's on some dangerous life changing uest Tighe's finally ready to heed the message of his ancestors defend his land and claim his woman Because it's never too late to become the Callahan he was destined to be

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Callahan Cowboy Triplets
  • Tina Leonard
  • English
  • 10 December 2016
  • 9780373754694

10 thoughts on “Callahan Cowboy Triplets

  1. Jenn Scranton Jenn Scranton says:

    StupidGoodreads really needs to enable the half star feature This book just kept getting worse as it went alongFirst of all it all started about a bull So you think bull rider? Cool I'm into that Only they are trying to keep him off of the bull Uhhhh okay Dumb but okayOoooh it's getting good This chick River by the way it was not spelled out that this was a woman right away and Tigue have a thing for each other Night of passion Awwwwww No details That makes me sad Anyways Moving on River is a nanny bodyguard WTF is that??? I thought she was just a nanny Okay well it is a big ranch and twins can be a handful Okay Jeeze She's an actual bodyguard Like armed Is that really necessary??? And there are 3 of them Stupid Side note Where are these rugrats' parents??? They are never with their childrenIt gets worse So Wolf It's a person Yeah it takes until 50% of the way through the book to figure that out I thought it was just rough terrain with a lot of wildlife So apparently there are some kidnappings Awesome Do they call the police? No of course not They go in themselves Then someone else gets captured Really? More like River and Tigue are stopped by goons she's pregnant at this point and they tell her to come and Tigue doesn't even fight for her He just lets her go and they leave her at the bad guy's place for 3 monthsThey can't make any decisions without the grandfather Does he carry your balls around too?? I mean come on 3 months???? That's ridiculous And stupidOkay now onto River Wow what a woman NOT She was annoyingly selfish Bitch you are pregnant It isn't about your need to out macho your man Going on those excursions could have harmed your children Stupid So they rescue everyone River and Tigue get marriedI'll get to that in a minute and the babies are born Yup that's about it Stupid So stupidOkay this relationship just ticks me off He has to marry her now because she is pregnant I hate that Now that she has triplets he or less demands it Not so romantic cowboy She keeps saying no and then wears down It's never really about love Not until the last couple pages This notion that you can get married and build love is the reason why our divorce rate is so high Okay I think I'm done I need a really good recoveryrebound book Man this book was dumb

  2. Kimberly Walter Kimberly Walter says:

    Callahan Cowboy Triplets is the 12th book in the Callahan Cowboys series by Tina LeonardIt is as always a riot with the hot irresistible Callahan Cowboys It was fun sweet CRAZY hilarious and absolutely passionate in what they do and with whom Tighe Callahan wants River Martin the nanny bodyguard for his twin nephews but she never gave him any indication that she was interested in him until the night before he was going to ride a bull named Firefreak which the family wanted him to back out of It was a midnight seduction which he wont be forgetting any time soon if ever But Tighe was backing out He rode that bull all of three seconds and he got thrown offHe hurt his leg and groin I'll be fine He looked at River saw the worrying on her face tried to smile reassuringlyI am fineI'll nurse him She looked at him then around at his siblings Goodness knows he's a pain but I can bring the twins and watch all three of themThree children Ash saidSomehow seems fitting But Tighe refused to have River nurse so he decided to go stay out in the open at the stone ring After three weeks River comes to get him and to tell him some newsHey fun fact River saidI've skipped my periodThat's awesome When will we know for certain? When they finally confirm they are indeed are going to be parents Tighe also learns he's going to a father three times overThree kids that's than anybody else in the family Just call me 'Straight Shooter' from now on He laughed with delight If I was playing the one armed bandit I just hit Jackpot view spoilerAunt Fiona and River end up both kidnapped by Uncle Wolf to get information out of Fiona Tighe is going crazy his woman is being held hostage by his insane uncle and he is told he has to wait until the time is right to rescue them After he sneaked in to see River he realizes he can wait no longer He has to get her out immediately I've got to get River out of thereRiver's enormous She'll be on bed rest soon We've got to get her out of thereFionatoo After River escapes her new location that she was moved into without Fiona she runs into Tighe who was on his way to rescue herBeing back in Tighe arms safe and sound she finally decided to marry him as soon as possible before the babies come They have Tighe's grandfather Running Bear marry them in a traditional ceremonyThe babies come a few months afterTighe thought he'd never seen such an amazing sight Two boys and a daddy's girlfor sure BurkettLiam and ChloeHe grinned at his amazing wife Look at these children They're Callahans every last ounce of themHe was proud as he could be Thank you he told River kissing her I know you need to rest now but I can't thank you enough for agreeing to be my wifeShe smiled You're a lucky man indeedExactly what I think Tighe took her hand in his kissed her fingertips hide spoiler

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I enjoyed this one especially seeing footloose Tighe get roped himself He has fancied himself in love with River ever since she came to Rancho Diablo as nanny bodyguard to Sloan's kids I found that a little hard to swallow since he had never even been able to get her to go out with him much less been able to really get to know her As the book starts he is getting ready to ride a bull that no one has been able to ride yet and everyone is trying to talk him out of it But Tighe is competitive and stubborn and refuses to give up River goes to him that night in hopes of distracting him and ends up pregnant with triplets for her trouble Tighe is thrilled and sets out to convince River to marry him The family is also still trying to keep their uncle from causing trouble on the ranch as he tries to find out where their parents are He succeeds in kidnapping Fiona and then takes River hostage when they try to rescue Fiona Tighe has a tendency to just jump into things and having to sit back and wait for the right time to rescue the two women grates on him I loved the way the rescue mission went down Tighe also becomes very protective of River and the babies when they are born rarely letting them out of his sight I enjoyed seeing him change from the brash cowboy to the man who watches out for his family and their home River was uite a character Fiercely independent she is a very capable bodyguard She has been interested in Tighe but has no intention of becoming another notch on his bedpost She wasn't sure how she got roped into the plot to stop him from riding the bull but she was than happy to put her own twist on the plan I loved the way that she admitted the pregnancy but wouldn't be railroaded into a wedding She also fully understood Tighe's stubbornness and didn't try to talk him out of his guard duty plan even though he was injured When they went on the rescue attempt for Fiona she refused to be stuck waiting in the background and did her own thing It backfired somewhat and she ended up a prisoner along with Fiona I loved the way that she and Fiona worked their own plan on Wolf and his thugs and then she took care of her own rescue I also loved her encounters with the magic wedding dress and its effect on her She admitted to herself that she loved Tighe but was really hoping for a confession of love from him I enjoyed her reaction to his constant presence and wish that he would lighten up some She was touched by his desire for a second wedding ceremony so that she could wear the dressThings are starting to get desperate with Uncle Wolf and his desire for the whereabouts of the older Callahans It will be interesting to see what else he does and how he is stopped

  4. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    My Review of Callahan Cowboy Triplets3 starsAnother Callahan story where the heroine ends up pregnant and the story of how the guy gets her to marry him It is a fun readTheir is the same villain who kidnaps someone to force his father to give up the secrets of where two sets of parents have been hiding out after testifying against the drug lords He also wants to know where the silver isI have not read every book in this series only a few here and there So I don't remember or know all the plot lines in this series I am sure I am missing some major points If you want a fast read and escape into a story this works It just seems close to other of her story pointsI like River Martin's character She was hired by the Callahan's as the babies body guard She is smart and toughRiver does fall into some of the family's plot to try and keep Tighe from riding a bull in the rodeo She is the one that starts the relationshipTighe is a confusing character for me He has liked River for a couple of years but has not really gotten to know her or even date her He does boast and brags a lot He is very competitive with his twin and brothers He is also stubborn and not to smart He takes off by himself to camp with broken leg Just gets dropped off and his family is not to worried about him Tighe is very happy to be having children with RiverTheir Aunt Fiona is another strong female character in the book She is a good cook and manages her nephews She is always plotting and getting people to do what she wants She bribes people to I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review from Netgalleypublication September 3rd 2013 by Harleuin Romance 224 pages ISBN 9780373754694 Description below taken off of NetgalleyHis Callahan Destiny? Tighe Callahan is wild and free as the wind until he starts chasing the beautiful River Martin After he catches her—in a midnight seduction he'll never forget—Tighe learns he's about to become a daddythree times over Not even an ornery bull can stop him from making River and their babies to be his Standing down isn't in River's vocabulary Tighe can insist on doing the honorable thing all he wants—she isn't tying the knot until the cowboy says he loves her Only now her wounded warrior's on some dangerous life changing uest Tighe's finally ready to heed the message of his ancestors defend his land and claim his woman Because it's never too late to become the Callahan he was destined to be

  5. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    Callahan Cowboy Triplets is the latest book in the Harleuin American Romanceallahan Cowboys series by Tina Leonard I have not read any of the other books in the series so I was missing uite a bit of the larger story arch but was able to keep of with the romance portion of the story and catch up to the rest for the most partTighe Callahan is extremely attracted to the independent bodyguard River Martin Thanks to a scheme to keep him from riding a bull he briefly catches her in a midnight seduction he'll never forget Before long Tighe learns he's about to become a daddy three times over Not even an plot by his scheming uncle can stop him from making River and their babies to be his he just needs to convince River to agree Standing down isn't in River's vocabulary Tighe can insist on doing the honorable thing all he wants but she is not getting married without love on the table A dangerous uest kidnapping a magic wedding dress and the Callahan ancestors all have a part to play in this romanceCallahan Cowboy Triplets is a book that seems to rely pretty heavily on knowing the history The family legends and conflict seem to play a big role in everyone's actions and the number of multiples is a bit unnerving even though I know it does run in families My real issue is that the hero Tighe is reasonable and independent not into marriage and family legends at allaside from his connection to his grandfather Suddenly as soon as River admits to being pregnant he needs to be married to her and sooner rather than later I know there are some mention of each River and Tighe lusting after each other for a long time but it seemed like a sudden change of character for me I did like that River was smart and independent with an open mind and some serious bodyguard skills Her character and Tighe's elderly family members were the best parts of the book The romance portions were not bad but I found myself distracted my Tighe's obsession with River and getting marries a bit distracting from the flow of the bookI would recommend Callahan Cowboy Triplets to fans of the series If you have not read the previous books in the series like myself I do not think the book has the flow and impact that it would for those that have been following along

  6. Beate Beate says:

    I never uite connected with this story and I think a huge part of it is due to the fact that it's part of a series I haven't read Another part is that this story was simply unbelievable There were a lot of no way in hell moments in this book With each page I read I got and annoyed with the characters and the plot in generalI didn't like Tighe and I hated River I also found most of the supporting characters beyond annoying I was really bummed out that this book was this bad it has a cowboy about to become a dad and from the blurb it looked really promising As soon as I was approved for this book I uploaded it on my Kindle and started reading right away My excitement waned really uickly though and as I finished the book I was left with a what did I just read? feeling that still hasn't gone away Usually I can count on Harleuin delivering this is not one of those timesUnless you're good with unbelievable plots and weak characters I would not really recommend this bookReview can also be found at From the Bottom of a FrappeI received this book as an e galley from Harleuin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are mine

  7. Hsiau Wei Hsiau Wei says:

    This book tells the story of Tighe and River Tighe have interest in River for some time now and to gain her attention he decided to ride in the bull circuit and on the worst bull Fearing for his life River teamed up with his family to get him drunk and derail him from his ride But thing don’t work out as planned Instead of Tighe getting drunk they ended up spending a night together and he gets to ride the bull the next day and ended up injured The one night that they spent together ended up with River getting pregnant with not only one but triplets River as independent as she can be doesn’t want to tied down and to be tied down notwithstanding the fact that she have been attracted to him for some time now It is not a basis to form a marriage When Aunt Fiona was kidnapped by the Callahan’s uncle Tighe and River tried to rescue her but ended up with River got kidnapped instead I like River’s character very much She is very independent and clear with what she really wanted in her life and doesn’t allow other peoples to influence her She is also smart and tough This is another story of the Callahan clan where the main characters got pregnant and the male character trying to get her to married him Overall it is a sweet and fun read to me

  8. Mariana Bezerra Mariana Bezerra says:

    One Callahan book to the series and this one was a bit strange for me Several reasons actually But the first thing that never leaves my mind is the fact Wolf kidnapped River and she was pregnant with three babies But the worst part was the fact Tighe didn’t do a thing for about three months Come on do you have any idea what it takes to a woman body a multiple pregnancy and nobody in the family seemed to care about that Also very strange was the fact Tighe had to marry her just because she got pregnant He was never into the marriage and kids thing but now is a must for yesterday Didn’t match his character And I liked him before this kidnapping thing He was normal and didn’t actually believed the legends and other strange stories But I just can’t let go the fact they simply let her there And if I were River marriage would need to wait until that man groveled enough

  9. Yazmin Yazmin says:

    45 StarsIn Callahan Cowboy Triplets by Tina Leonard Tighe Callahan has lived the perfect rodeo life wild and free But there is one woman that he has not been able to catch River Martin one of the bodyguard nannies at Rancho Diablo Him and his brother always believed that Anna and River looked like panthers the way they walked and very sexy the strength they used to defend the children But now that his brother has gotten Anna Tighe finds himself feeling lonely on the circuit and wanting what his twin has but with RiverWhen Tighe is a day away from riding one of the worst bulls there are River plays along with his family to get him drunk and keep him from his ride But Things don’t play out as they want and instead of Tighe falling asleep drunk his brother is the one that passes out and Tighe decides to pay a midnight visit to River in her room Read More

  10. Yellow Eyed Yellow Eyed says:

    How incredibly cute is this book cover? So very VERY cuteUnfortunately this book was a STTE for me Skip To The End With it being book 12 in the Callahan Cowboy Series I found it incredible card to figure out what was happening There were a lot of characters too and many times I was having to re read parts because I'd confused the family members This is definitely a series that I'd recommend reading from the beginning and I'm not going to rate it because I don't think it'd be fair to the author or the series Love the cover though

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