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    4 delicious desert stars A short charming and exotic little read set in the mysterious and sultry arabian deserts A Prince and a captured frenchwoman find love and passion in the slumberous erotic heat of the kingdom of Kharidja I really liked Zafar and found him to be both hard and commanding yet soft and infinitely gentle with Colette Colette was a strong and determined heroine who knew what she wanted and went after it with intuition and kindness A very lovely match This was all in all a fun and well written read with interesting characters It had everything you could want in a short story and held surprising depth I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be reading from this author

  2. Maura Maura says:

    This starts out almost identical to another novella by this author where the Sheikh purchases a foreign woman at the slave market with the intention of setting her free But this veers off in that the heroine Colette is a widow who makes a bargain with the Prince Zahar to explore passion together while waiting to be sent home In the meantime the two fall in love but Zahar's past failure to his duty have caused him to harden his heart and refuse to see what he has with Colette All in all a pretty good story for a novella It felt complete the characters were well developed and there was just the right touch of angst for the story

  3. Vana Vana says:

    The plot was a little basic with no surprises Well the only surprise maybe that a Sheik contrary to all that was custom did not have a harem It was written well and an okay read for a rainy day

  4. Julie Julie says:

    A searingly passionate desert romance set in 19th century Arabia How to Seduce a Sheikh is a sizzling novella of illicit desire and forbidden love from Marguerite Kaye’s wonderfully inventive and hugely talented penColette Beaumarchais has had a very difficult time of late As if losing her husband hadn’t been enough the proud Frenchwoman had ended up stranded in Egypt and captured by a Bedouin tribe who had proceeded to sell her at a slave auction A frightened and terrified Colette is exhibited in front of a horde of lustful men who are all desperate to buy her and degrade her When she is purchased by Prince Zafar al Zuhr Colette cannot help but wonder whether things could get any worse for her Zafar is a powerful leader who inspires awe and reverence from his people – and who always gets what he wants regardless of who is standing in his way Colette is resigned to being used and abused by the desert prince However the frightened widow is surprised when she realizes that Zafar is not the lascivious marauder she expected him to beZafar has got his own reasons for despising the slave trade When he had witnessed a terrified Colette being paraded in front of a barbaric group of lustful perverts painful memories from his past had resurfaced which had made him determined to rescue the beautiful French woman from a fate worse than death Zafar paid an extortionate amount of money to save Colette from a life of slavery and debauchery He plans to set Colette free and help her to return back to France However convincing Colette that he does not want her to become his concubine proves easier said than doneThrown together by destiny and united by a passion that cannot be ignored Zafar and Colette soon find themselves giving into temptation and succumbing to the attraction that has flared between them Although Colette and Zafar are from different worlds they uickly find themselves falling head over heels in love with one another But with so many obstacles standing in their way and a dangerous enemy intent on destroying their happiness will love manage to triumph in the desert heat? Or will Zafar and Colette be condemned to spending the rest of their lives regretting that they hadn’t grasped this chance at happiness?I am completely in awe of Marguerite Kaye’s extraordinary talent In just under 50 pages she has managed to pen a highly emotional and wholly compelling tale that is full of captivating drama visceral intensity and heart racing pathos Colette and Zafar’s love story is a powerful and provocative tale about learning to trust in the power of love and having the courage to put your heart on the line again which readers will savour and remember long after the last page is turnedAn outstanding storyteller who takes chances pushes the envelope and delivers time and time again Marguerite Kaye continues to prove to be one of the most exciting and innovative voices of historical romantic fictionThis review was originally published on Cataromance

  5. Zimt Zimt says:

    Marguerite Kaye writes often for the Harleuin Historical Undone Series and has gained a lot of experience which is showing in her short storiesHow to Seduce a Sheikh is set in the 1801 the time of Napoleon's wars 24 year old Colette Beaumarchais ended up on a slave market Until then she was following the drum under her father and later her husband Both are dead now and she missed to leave Egypt in time That is how Prince Zafar al Zuhr finds her He buys her free and intends to send her back to France But Colette wants to have a say in the matterColette has a strong mind but lacks self confidence in her appearance Zafar opens her eyes and it is sweet to read how she finds her true self through him She had to endure an ordeal and still tries to see something positive in all of that which is probably her strongest point Zafar is shocked by this little outspoken woman No one is as direct as Colette and to his own wonder he likes that about her He is delighted to introduce her in the art of love making and how Colette embraces everything so openly Yet he is hiding something from her and this could destroy their special connectionThe Story focuses very much on the relationship between Zafar and Colette and their views are eually told in third person which is delightful to read The writing is uite sensual and on the spot and there are no sweeping explanations Still the exotic setting is very good elaborated in the discriptions of the desert palace and Zafar himselfThis was a cute short story for a relaxing afternoon

  6. Alison Alison says:

    I was given an advance copy of this book in return for an honest reviewI do have a soft spot for Sheikh stories and I do love ones set during the Regency this one is set in 1801The hero and Sheikh in uestion Zafar finds a French woman in a slave market and not really knowing why buys her Colette our heroine is initially frightened and angry and no wonderA widow still Colette doesn't have much experience of the world aside from that of being the daughter and then wife of soldiers in the French army Zafar himself is also not untouched by tragedyThe 'seduction' of the title grows from the friendship and closeness that develops between Zafar and Colette Colette feels she can trust Zafar to further their attraction into a full sexual relationship despite knowing that Zafar intends to 'free' her and send her homeColette is feisty and grows even in this short story Zafar for me is one of the sweetest heroes I have read especially as Sheikhs are normally portrayed as relatively fierce for obvious reasons His instinct to protect people is strong from the beginning and he shows he is particularly caring without being soppyI enjoyed this uick read very much

  7. Arianna Arianna says:

    This was an awesome reading I love Marguerite's view of the arabic lifestyle Well and I love this sheikh Can I have one gif wrapped for myself?It's a short story but one don't regret it it's funny romantic and delighful You must read itVote 4 starsA huge thank you to the author who give me this copy to reviewUna bella storia e una scrittrice che sa dipingere in modo affascinante il mondo arabico Tutte uelle dune spezie sete preziose e uno sceicco affascinante Ne vorrei tanto uno così anche io è possibile? C'è un catalogo dalla uale si possono scegliere e farseli spedire a casa?E' un racconto breve ma non ci si pente di uesta scelta è divertente romantico e assolutamente delizioso E' assolutamente da leggereVoto 4 stelleSi ringrazia l'autrice che mi ha gentilmente donato la copia da recensire

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How to Seduce a Sheikh Arabia 1801When Prince Zafar al Zuhr buys a frightened but proud French woman at a slave market it is not to add her to his harem Zafar intends to secure safe passage home for the delicate beauty Haunted by the past he has vowed never to take advantage of a woman under his protection no matter how difficult it is to resist the passion she ignites within himA refugee from the Napoleonic wars in Egypt Colette Beaumarchais is intrigued by the man who purchased her only to set her free But it is desire not gratitude that compels her into his arms She is eager to learn the art of love and the handsome sensual desert prince would make the perfect teacher