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The Company of Ghosts Lovely haunting story packed with detail that puts you there on the island At its heart it's about how Ellie is coping or not coping with her parents' divorce and her dad's move miles away from Scotland to Cornwall But it's rich with other detail too her painting the island ghost's story and heartbreak her developing friendship with George her strength courage and resourcefulness surviving alone on the island Initial thought I had mixed feelings towards this I was expecting something that would keep me up at night etc but it was of a suspense drama 455 stars Will talk in depth on Wednesday IMMA GET IN THE SPOILERS SO IF U DON'T WANT ME TO TELL U WHAT HAPPENS THEN LEAVE NOWThe writing style was absolutely beautiful The book kind of gave me the Flannan Isle poem vibe and I definitely will be reading the poem again just so I can refer back The main charcter annoyed me at times and not that much really happened Throughout the book I could feel my connection to Ellie breaking because she was slowly turning insane I thought the diary of Annabel was interesting and I would definitely love to see a companion to this which is Ellie's sketchbook At first I thought she had uite unrealistic expectations and disliked here but as I delved in the story I started to root for her This was great but I need time to figure out if I liked it so much that it would be on my favourites list Although aimed at Young Adults I enjoyed this book very much at the age of 67 I thought I should check it out before passing it onto my granddaughters but once I'd started reading I couldn't put the book down There were parts that sent shivers running up and down my spine but I should have known that you can always trust Berlie Doherty to produce a positive and hopeful ending The story of a rather troubled but resourceful teenage girl who accidently becomes isolated on an Scottish island contains wonderfully vivid descriptions and evokes a powerful sense of place But A COMPANY OF GHOSTS is also a very modern story and it made me reflect once again on the true priorities in life Wonderful language from Doherty Although this book had a good plan and storyline It didn’t live up to my expectations I thought it was going to be super creepy and action packed 1 The ghost only appeared around halfway through the book 2 When she was alone on the island almost nothing happened which made it uite boring to read But it wasn’t all bad I found the ending good and SPOILER ALERT HERE i found it really gripping to read about when Ellie was in the boat with Annabelle when they were trying to save boy but sadly failed So all in all a 3 Admittedly I expected some really scary stuff I've always been a fan of a good scare here and there and when I come upon a promising book my expectations are through the roof So to tell you guys frankly I was a bit disappointed There was nothing scary about this book at all For that part it had failed me Another thing I didn't uite enjoy about this book was it was really dragging at some parts Like really dragging I understand the author wants us to paint hehe a picture in our heads but it just felt like she was putting word after word that the picture completely vanishes from my mindI graduated from Fine Arts so I know a little about painting and colors but it was dull even for me The reading bit I mean I believe that you can be as descriptive as you can be when writing your stories but don't just fill 3 pages of the book with a description of a light house I mean I get it It was beautiful magical even Maybe I just get tired easily? Nah some people describe it vividly with just a paragraph or two Another is the building the relationship between Ellie and George I mean yes I get it George here was actually a nice guy just wanted to get to the island But the transition between grumpy him to nice him happened so uickly it's as if there was no point in making him a sour puss to begin with And the words shy and warm have been used way too much in my opinion The author didn't build up enough spark to actually make me feel they were good together or they even liked each other that way Too many plot holes I guess? Ooh This was good I wasn't really expecting much but this was good It wasn't uite scary but it was full of suspense and I liked the tale Ellie was an amazing character I really liked her and I really liked the plot and the other characters too I did like the parts that focused on George too because it meant that I knew what was going on with him too This was well written and I really enjoyed it Also that cover is also very pretty The main character Ellie was kind of a spoiled brat George on the other hand was a jerk There were hardly any layers to their characters Only Ellie had a little character development near the endSpoilerI kind of wish there were ghosts and back stories behind everything spoilerThere were a few spine tingling moments inside the book which I really love The author is very gifted when it comes to description I was really hoping that this book would turn out to be as amazing as Say Her Name I shouldn't have went in with such high hopes Not much happens in the book You need to wait until halfway through the book for the ghost to even come into the book The plot just seemed to be about a girl who had mummy and daddy issues who went to an island with a girl's if I remember correctly who she never spoke to until she tried to run awayfamly Anyway things happen view spoiler her 'friend' falls dangerously ill will a mysterious illness which was never even explained hide spoiler A beautiful haunting ghost story from a Carnegie award winning writer of young adult fiction It was a seascape moody with rocks and cliffs and wild showers of spray Ellie’s own reflection was drawn into it like a ghost image among the lights and shadows That’s our island Morag said It looks mysterious It is That’s where we’re going tomorrowEllie is excited to be going with Morag’s family to their beautiful island but when she finds herself abandoned there things begin to change Footsteps shadows strange lights a haunting song; and she becomes aware that she is not really on her own

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