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Edge of Temptation The Valley's fate was in Rafe's hands Everyone wanted to know whether Rafe Glyndower would turn over his father's centuries old estate to modern lead mining Catherine's uncle was a farmer tenant whose livelihood would be ruined; he convinced Catherine that she must confront Rafe She had known Rafe from childhood But now he was man powerful handsome and married Which shouldn't have mattered except that suddenly much was at stake for Catherine than the fate of her uncle's farm

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  1. Azet Azet says:

    I loooooved reading Edge of TemptationWhere the child hood friends Catherine Tempest and Rafe Glyndower reunites many years later as adultsRafe this time unhappily married land owner with a sonand Catherine as a sophisticated designer of clothes Their meeting was a explosion and i just loooooved every minute of itRafe is at the very bottom in his lifewhere his beloved valley is threatened to be soldCatherine`s uncle is one of his employeesand Catherine in his place drives to negotiate about the fate of Penwyth with RafeI loved that they had played together in child hoodRafe had even kissed her when she was 11 and he was 16 a innocent kissI love that they fall in love when they reunite against their wills and therefore comes the sensual abandon of passion and jealousyRafe`s wife is a selfish bitch that treated her own husband and son as they were useless toysI could see how she was trying to break their spiritsbut all she got from it was their hateAnd Rafe tried very hard not to hate herand it was heartbreaking watching him drown into a hole in which he could not escapeBeing with Catherine was the only times he ever felt aliveand i loved how he couldn`t stay away from herThe guilty pleasure of forbidden loveAnne Mather knows indeed how to make her readers toes curl with the excitement of itThe chemistry is off the page between Rafe and Catherinedeeply carnal and forbiddenYeahme like thisRe read in 2020 04 04

  2. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Edge of Temptation is the story of Catherine and RafeA bittersweet story with a heroine who runs her own little clothing store and who meets the hero again when she goes to plead the case for her uncle a tenant on the hero's land whom he is about to evict The hero is unhappily married and estranged from his shrew of a wife and has a young son the wife cares nothing for The book explores the forbidden yet blooming romance between them and how they tread these unholy waters with the society frowning at them There is loads of drama heartbreak and oh so sweet yearning Ends in a HEAGood one time readUnsafe35

  3. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    I didn’t know what the hell to make of this book I don’t usually condone cheating spouses but the wife in this story was such an evil bitch that I rooted for the OWh in the story The H and h used to play together as children He was older but still took the time to play games with her when she visited during summer breaks He was the Lord of the manor’s son She was the niece of one of the peon farmers Years went by and they hadn’t seen each other until she moved permanently into the area and opened a boutiue With the H struggling financially the opportunity to allow mining for lead on his property was offered to him His wife the witch was all for it The H’s family had held that land and home for generations and wanted nothing to do with the mining With his wife pushing he allowed them do exploratory digging His father now believed to be senile Things getting to hot for the GOP that they have to fall back on this? not want to lose the only home he’d ever had The H was attempting to satisfy everyone in his family and tearing himself apart His wife sent their eight year old son to a boarding school where he was miserable so he kept running away He found the h and became fast friends The witch has no compassion or love for her son I want to strangle her when the fire happened at the end of the book So many instances of the abuse of her son is noted Why did her husband allow this to continue?This was a perplexing story I don’t know how I felt about the obvious attraction of the h since the H was a married man I did love how she loved the son and was willing to help him every time he ran away and showed up on her doorstep Smart kid Overall it was a well written story It kept me engaged and eager for the ending I disliked so many of the characters; cousin Owen the H’s wife the h’s mother her aunt her cousin However I still enjoyed it

  4. bookjunkie bookjunkie says:

    It was okay I don't prefer books with actively married Heroes and teenage children Also I REALLY don't like heroines knowingly sleeping with married men but in this book at least she showed some compunction about it Kind of A token effort More than some other heroines though so I'll give her that And at least this heroine had a job and was independent I kind of appreciated that the Hero had lots of real worries and financial problems and was well and truly stuckI liked that the ending wrapped up all the loose ends neatly Very HEA

  5. Vicki Parsons Vicki Parsons says:

    I enjoyed this classic HP featuring a savvy young London business woman and the lord of a Welsh manor Catherine has returned to a small village in Wales where she spent her childhood summers with a beloved uncle and aunt When she finds out that her childhood friend now poised to become Lord of the manor is considering turning his estate over to a lead mining group she goes to make a case for her uncle and the other tenant farmers Even though Rafe the owner of Glydower is married with a son the spark between them is still very evident and both are forced to try and fight their attraction There was a lot of depth to this story much so than you often find in HPs I like both of the main characters both tried to be honorable in spite of their attraction and both were decent people Be warned the hero in this book is very much married to someone other than the heroine so if that pushed your buttons you might want to pass on this one Obviously there are extenuating circumstances in terms of his marriage and his love for his father his son and his land provide his wife's only real hold on him The wife is a bit of a stereotypical evil women and this is a weakness in the book but it is an HP and there is only so much time to make things happen so I was willing to overlook it

  6. Anuradha Anuradha says:

    I am not a big fan of Anne Mather I find her stories rather perverse and shallowHer books talk about an all pervading physical attraction between the leads Who are mostly in a forbidden relationship one of them is already married or they are half brothersister or the hero is old enough to be her father Now this book is no different The hero is already married for over a decade and has a sonOrdinarily I would rate such tales by the author between 1 2But this one was better it was genuine Their forbidden attraction believableOf course to make the girl look like an angel the OW has to be portrayed as an A class bitch How I wish female authors stop making demons out of OW characters just to glorify the heroheroine Having said all this I liked the story Its premise of mining and displacement was real and relatable The kid was cute3 stars passable fare

  7. Betty Caswell Betty Caswell says:

    Came close to the Edge but kept her BalanceAnother one of Anne Mather’s simple but complicated dilemmas where Hero in marriage with spoiled rich girl who wanted a Title but probably not really in love with the Title holder Attractive Heroine comes into his life again and he chases the breath of new life she brings But his life has been twisted and complicated by current Waspish Wife so it seems things cannot begin anew with Heroine until he unravels all the twists he is tangled in with the spoiled rich girl

  8. SassyLeg SassyLeg says:

    35 starsWhilst reading I realized it is probably the first HP I read where the h is the OWI had doubts I could love the plot but I did very emotional and the theme of cheating is treated in such a way that could be acceptable at the time of writing H's wife is a really cruel mean character so it is uite simple to sympathize for our h that in turns tries her best to deny her feelings and cause any family dramaThe attraction between Hh is sizzling and plot is filled with dramatic detailseventsGood

  9. Ariana Ariana says:

    Forbidden loveI liked the realationship between the heroine and hero Did not like the way Rafe and his wife treated their son A herofather would care enough to find out the reason to why his son is running away from boarding school But all in all a good romance novel There was technically no cheating since the sex didn`t happen until after the devorce

  10. Tia Tia says:

    Read in February 2009Can't remember much of the book but my ratings have always been based on fairness and likability for me so the book must have been fairly amazing for four stars to occur

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