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St Rage's Vault Poetry Winner of the Washington Prize for 2013 A pregnancy memoir that unfolds through a series of poems about art the book engages images of maternity from the Madonna to the monster to explore kinship community and mortality The radical changes of a woman's body and role transform not just the individual but art culture and language themselves

  • Paperback
  • 84 pages
  • St Rage's Vault
  • Barbara K. Fischer
  • English
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9780915380848

1 thoughts on “St Rage's Vault

  1. Bryn Donovan Bryn Donovan says:

    The first blurb on the back cover of the book from Linda Gregerson asks How is ekphrasis like a child in the womb? This helpfully explains the structure of the book each poem is a response to a piece of visual art and the book as a whole is the narrative of a pregnancy 1 poem for every week 3 sections 3 trimesters The first poem which is super good is inspired by Simone Martini's Annunciation for instance The book's overall concept seemed a little over complicated to me at first but then I got into the swing of it and it certainly made for a tight collectionThe individual poems are carefully crafted with surprising associations Besides the opening poem these stood out to me as particularly strongWeek 11 Trade RoutesA figure in a diorama at a natural history museum addresses the poet directly Loved the attitude lyricism and physical immediacyWeek 12 FigureGreat stuff in here likeThat breast worse than an uddera gasket a sueezable tap like a tubefor frostingalien craniumsshe is the mamawho makes the mind frayWeek 14 Suburban ChagallI loved how this one captured the feeling of a Chagall stained glass window Almost holographicWeek 21 Still LifeThis one is printed across the 2 page spread which was startling and which works with the content of the poem It's interesting formally in other ways as wellWeek 28 Stone ChildGood poem with fascinating subject matterWeek 34 WiredI don't know what's going on here but I love itWeek 37 TachycardiaAmazing sounds Tour de force I thought this would be the one published by Paris Review but no they published Week 2 Thought as Jane in the BoxWeek 40 NocturneThe baby is born in this last poem which is tender with unexpected imageryI didn't love everything One poem ended with a list of colors mostly repeated which pissed me off Week 23 Exposure had a lot of repetition to no strong effect The titular poem Week 26 St Rage's Vault is long and didn't uite hold together for me but it's a fantastic title for the collection I felt the prose pieces were weaker overall than the ones written in lines I have a personal preference for a somewhat accessible style and here and there in the book there is language that I feel is typical of contemporary poetry rather than individualistic and genuine the syntax of fear the redundancy of her desire etcOverall though an intelligent impressive book absolutely recommended

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