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The Killing Doll Spooky story Was it really a pact with the devil or something else entirely? Freaky good mystery that sticks with you after reading it A chronology of the development of psychosis in two London outcasts whose destinies intermingle without them ever meeting Also an examination of the pursuit of power through the occult and especially black magic The Book of the Month Club selected this book for me in 1984 and I read it the first time in the late 1980s I was once again stunned by how it ends 710I kill therefore I amThis is one of those books I feel I shouldn't give too much away about suffice to say it is about a teenage boy who sells his soul to the devil and how that decision affects his sister's life When I say devil I do not mean a literal character this is not a fantasy rather a suspenseful study of the occult and mental illness touching on alcoholism and with a bit of murder thrown in for good measure Sounds cheery doesn't it?I honestly had no idea where this was going until I was about 70% through it Rendell builds the tension very well throughout and kept me interested enough to carry on while I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen The characters are some of the interesting I have read about maybe because this would not be my go to choice of genre and the narration was constantly switching between them which I really enjoyed By the end I could tell who's mind I was in even if it wasn't made clear for a couple of sentencesThis is a book where the small things matter you notice the routines of the characters and their little uirks There is no travelling and the whole book revolves around one house in a London suburb I think the small scope completely absorbed me and I emerged from the last page a little stunned at having been dumped back into realityIf you like a little bit of darkness and a slow burn then this is the book for you Only the second Ruth Rendell I have read and it was compelling In fact I was reminded of early Ian McKewan Really insightful writing about a large cast of misfits and outsiders in London with a curious atmosphere of the erotic supernormal and occult magic The spiritualist meetings were delightfully weird and grotesuely memorable She was left alone for the rest of her lifeview spoilerwhich isn't long hide spoiler Whatever you dodon't read this book There isn't one character that is likable The story such as it is moves at a snail's pace The ending was predictable The writing is stuffyprissy It was obvious that the storyteller thought that the ending was shocking and powerfulbut it was just predictable and flat Heed my warningdon't read this book I probably liked this book than I should have just because it was an adult book after reading so many teen books The writing is just so different when an author actually tries Anyway there didn't seem to be much of a plot and I didn't care one bit about the characters but I still wanted to see what would happen since the characters were so bizarre Maybe I'll try some of her other books since she was uite famous in her time Perhaps this book was a fluke and her others will be better I have one word for why I loved this book so much Diarmit Okay so he was a whack job extraordinare and a killer but hey it's fiction so I had no ualms whatsoever in laughing at the man who remains the funniest antagonist I have ever read The main characters were interesting as well but I always looked forward to returning to Diarmit and his red Conal's clothes versus the other Diarmit's clothes debacle You'll just have to read it to find out what I mean and if you have a sense of humor you will laugh at Diarmit too About 150 pages in I thought Where in the hell is this going? About 34 of the way through things started to coalesce By the time I was done I was just bored I realize that all around me people are living tiny dull sometimes repulsive lives but I don't understand Ms Rendell's decision to populate this book with some of the most unpleasant people I've ever met in the pages of a book Peter Pup and Doreen Dolly live with their parents in what was their grandparents' home a large but poorly maintained house in London At the outset Pup is 15 and Dolly is around 20 still living at home and due to the benighted attitudes of her parents condemned never to marry or hold a job outside the home because of her disfigurement which as far as I could discern is simply a large facial birthmark Dolly believes that anyone who sees her is disgusted by this mark and she is correct in some instances and mostly stays indoors having virtually no real human contact other than her family and a few neighbors She and her mother Edith earn some income as seamstresses making clothing and doing alterations in their home and after view spoilerEdith's death early in the book hide spoiler In a shabby London suburb sixteen year old Pup Yearman dabbles in magic But for Pup's older sister Dolly the magic is than dabbling Deformed by a facial birthmark Dolly desperately wants to be cured and her obsession with Pup's magic sends her on a dangerous downward spiral into confusion madness and possibly murder And meanwhile in a sualid boardinghouse not far away a young Irishman sharpens a set of butcher knives

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