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Doctors Orders Doctors Order #1 4 THE BESTSELLING BDSM EROTIC ROMANCE SERIES ALL IN ONE BOOK The Exam Remote Control Stripped Claimed Claire is skeptical of the secret invitation to see the Doctor at first but what does she have to lose She doesn't expect the Doctor to be so tall so attractive so commanding She doesn't expect to be disciplined so effectively She doesn't expect to be fucked nearly unconscious And she doesn't expect to fall head over heels in love Contains strong BDSM themes The first two parts of the story are pure smut yum The second two parts are psychological and relational I enjoyed the whole thing but so many uestions I have were never answered that I am left feeling wanting which may be the author's point Still recommend if you are into the topics explored Babies in the bargain 5 stars Enjoyed the story and the chemistry between the 2Rights name wrong man 4 stars Started we'll but got a bit bow red at the end Maybe too similar to the other storyNo lies was an OK read but again similar story line to the previous 2 Emotions are not always believable and the heroine goes too far in seamingly sacrificing herself for her daughter without reason I was a huge fan of every other Chloe Cox book that I had read so I thought that I would give this a try Maybe it was because the story was weird or it was different from anything I have ever read But I just did not like it I really tried I read through to the end but it just did not do anything for me Sorry Chloe Skipped a lot of this It just didn't appeal to me Think I'm going to stop buying these kind of books Great bookOne of the best books I've read in a long time I would recommend this book anyone I think I re read this book about 20 times First two books in this series started off super hot and then fizzled in 34 I would barely call this BDSM Come inside Claire” If I were Claire my feet would be rapidly hitting the pavement in the opposite direction The fact that she didn’t attest to her dismal state Depressed alone unemployed and living at home with her parents is the state of Claire’s thus far unproductive life When she suddenly receives the mysterious black summons she has no clue what it means or entails Why she responses to it is probably just as much a mystery as it is to the reader What possesses her to submit to the spurious exam is beyond my comprehension Call me old fashioned I believe in love and have experienced lust but it has never been about control I think any intimate actions between two people should be a shared experience and on an eual footing I have no doubt that some people desire to be mastered and others to dominate their sexual partners otherwise books like Fifty Shades of Gray wouldn’t make it to the best seller lists and publications such as this wouldn’t be written It doesn’t do a thing for me I read it for the same reason a mountaineer climbs a mountain; because it’s there The one star I’ve awarded is well deserved “

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