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  • The Hollow
  • Nora Roberts
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  • 11 October 2015
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The HollowThe story continues this time focusing on Fox O'Dell and Layla Darnell A bit of background If you recall from Blood Brothers Fox and his two friends Cal and Gage unwittingly unleashed a demon when they were 10 years old by sharing and spilling their blood near the Pagan Stone on their shared birthday Every seven years the demon resurfaces wreaking havoc in the town and causing death and destruction They've determined that Fox Cal and Gage are all descendants of a wizard who contained the demon decades ago Layla along with uinn and Cybill are descendants of the demon but have paranormal skills that connect with the guys Fox and LaylaFox has the ability to read minds has lived with and embraced it Layla has a similar skill but has tried to deny it Fox works with her to develop her talent as they're paired to help defeat the demon She's the only one of the group that's an outsider having come to the town only because she was inexplicably drawn there The romance that ensues is steamy but it was hard to form a connection with Layla because we never really learn much about her It was okay just not compelling Fox however was a dream The horrorThe demon is a real bad a and causes some serious damage and hurt He figured out how to get inside their heads and have them experience their worst fears or relive one from the past There are several scenes that truly feel like chilling nightmares Fox has to relive the worst experience of his life and for all it seems pretty real This is no annoying apparitionhe's the real deal and has a lot of power The bottom lineThis was interesting at times very horrifying because Nora got very creative with the demon's bad behavior It dragged some as there would be a confrontation followed by a team confab just one too many times Not as good as the first book but an enjoyable read And it sets up the final book in the trilogy nicely 35 stars Para Fox Caleb e Gage o número sete representa tragédia Há muitos anos um ritual inocente entre eles libertou um mal antigo na sua terra natal Como resultado sete dias de loucura repetem se a cada sete anos Agora já homens sentem esse mal a regressar Visões de morte e destruição atormentam nos Mas este ano três mulheres juntaram se à batalha Layla uinn e Cybil Será ue também elas estão ligadas a essa maldição Desde criança ue Fox tem a capacidade de ler outras mentes um talento ue partilha com Layla E para combater a escuridão ue ameaça a cidade Fox precisa de ganhar a confiança de Layla Infelizmente ela não consegue aceitar esse misterioso talento e a nova intimidade com Fox apavora a É ue Layla sabe ue uando abrir a sua mente não terá ualuer defesa perante o desejo ue ameaça consumi los a ambos At the end of day I feel as if I have been on a circular path and I keep reading the same thing spun slightly different over and over again I think this is why I stopped reading her trilogies The characters start blending one over the other and it starts to be hard to differentiate between them Sometimes I would forget who was set to be paired with whom Did it really matter?I don't think there are three stories here If it was only one book it would have been so much better as all the repetition would not have been needed as fillerI did think book #2 was better than book #1 I liked Fox; he was a really good guy but at some point I was getting tired of every character in the story saying he was the best man they knew Layla was a bit bland and I never really felt the heat between the two The rest of the characters tended to blend together The importance of the journals was stressed a little too much for me as well the rehashing of events that seems to be a theme every time the group gathers together I'll read book #3 but then will probably stay away from NR trilogies It saddens me but they no longer bring the reading enjoyment that they once did I thought that this book was good Second book in the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts While I still enjoyed this book I didn't like it as much as the first book I'd give it a 4 maybe 45 stars The Hollow continues the tale about six people Cal Fox Gage uinn Layla and Cybil trying to find a way to beat a centuries old evil that terrorizes the town of Hawkins Hollow for seven days every seven years The group now knows that this is the time this is the Seven that they can beat back the evil But they must work together as a group and they desperately need to find information about what they need to do Fox and Layla have to learn to work together and learn how to use their tool of Seeing the present if they want to succeed For Layla it's not so simple because not that long ago she was just a regular working girl Now she's in a strange place where an ancient evil threatens them all and where she's suddenly developed sixth sense abilities she never would have believed in before Fox plans to help her through it though For him it's been a part of his life since he was ten's years old and a simple blood brothers ceremony between him Cal and Gage released the evil that plagues themThis was a good book but like I said it wasn't as good for me as Blood Brothers For two reasons really The first being that the books were a bit too similar when it came to the plot and the progression of the plot They were both basically the group researching and dealing with scattered events instigated by the bad guy Sure in the end they had the task of trying to get the bloodstone back together But throughout the book there wasn't really anything to set it apart from the first book There wasn't uite enough action to show the story progressing In a way it was kind of like reading the same story with different lead characters Fox and Layla in this one But don't get me wrong it wasn't so similar that I was bored or anything I had no problems getting through the book I just thought there could have been something a little to set it apartAnd the second reasonhmm well I guess it's just that Fox and Layla didn't interest me as much as Cal and uinn did Layla annoyed me every now and then So that set this book a small step below the first oneAside from those two things I'm still enjoying this series True it has it's similarities to other NR books battling back an ancient evil a la Three Sisters Island trilogy but all the details make it its own series I'm looking forward to reading the last book and I'm really glad that I waited to read the first two books until the third came out and I could read them all together I should probably feel bad that I ignored my husband and children for seven straight hours while I read THE HOLLOW the second book in Nora Roberts' THE SIGN OF SEVEN trilogyI don'tSeriously once you start in on this story featuring Fox O'Dell and Layla Darnell which is even better than the first book you won't be able to stop reading Of course I'll no doubt say that the third book in the series which doesn't come out until December the horror is even better than this one but I'll deal with that when it happensFox Cal Gage Layla uinn and Cybil are all back all working to prepare themselves to destroy the demon that will be coming to do his dirty work during The Seven see first book for definitions as I'm not going to tell you There's evil horror and information learned this time around Basically it's the first book amped up a bitTrust me you want to read THE HOLLOW You want to ignore your husband and children for a few hours You want to scream when you realize you're not going to get the rest of the story for seven loooong months I feel bad giving this second book in the Sign of Seven Trilogy such a low rating especially since I gave the first one 4 stars My actual rating is 2 12 stars I was pretty disappointed in this one from the start It lacked the supernatural elements that made the first one exciting This book mainly focused on the relationship between Fox and Layla which was through tedious repetitive dialogue most of the time This repetitive dialogue continued throughout the book by way of the characters having to explain every single supernatural occurance in detail and then proceed to analize it and pick it apart Only during the last 30 pages did it get exciting and then the book ended I'm afraid that book 3 is going to follow this same formulaic system and will be mainly about the relationship between Gage and Cybil with some evil sightings thrown in here and there I am rethinking whether I will read this last book or not Yep this re read was so good for me On to book two of Sign of the SevenI definitely liked this one better than Book 1 for a couple of reasons One I liked Fox as a male lead character better than I liked Caleb He's a thoughtful character in ways than one; there's the obvious thing about his being telepathic but also in general he's analytical than Caleb and that worked better for me as a character trait Also I was uite charmed that he could juggle And dude he plays the guitar Automatic swoon points for a male lead who's a musician what can I say?Though I have to take issue with a couple of the leading ladies asking each other Why are guitar players so sexy? It's the hands Not for me It's the musicLayla as the female lead in this book is not nearly as much of a benevolent bulldozer as uinn yet I liked her too She's vulnerable fragile and yet she also demonstrated her strength after having to wrestle around with her personal demons in the first bit of the book She and Fox had some very charming chemistry together as wellPlot wise things do kick up a notch although we're still building to the main event of the Seven Our heroes and heroines figure out a few critical background details even as the Big Bad revs up its own strength and does a pretty decent job going after Fox early in the book and then after all six of the main characters later on The final scene where the six of them need to accomplish a specific ritual task to prepare themselves for the forthcoming confrontation has some suitably powerful description going onThough really I think Nora's handling of the supernatural elements of this trilogy is effective when she's not pulling out all the stops For example one bit that really stood out for me for how evocative it was is this one The demon in a child's form laughed Then it opened its mouth wide as a cave and swallowed itselfStill I'm looking forward to seeing how she does indeed gear up for the main event in Book 3 and how Gage and Cybil take their turn at center stage Gage the rogue the gambler the precognitive I think I'm going to like him too ;For this book though four stars What can I say? I waited at the bookstore today for the clerk to put out this book Bought the book Came home opened the book and didn't stop till I finished That's rightskipped supperit was totally worth it Nora's done it again I loved the first book Blood Brothers and The Hollow kept me riveted Unfortunately now I have to wait til December 08 for the final book The Pagan Stone to be released Doubtless I'll be waiting at the bookstore for them to open then tooThe second book is the story of Fox It's also the continuation of the battle to defeat the demon Fox and his two 'blood brothers' accidentally released on their mutual 10th birthday Since that horrible day every seven years for seven days the town of Hawkins Hollow undergoes a demonic transformation into a living hell All the portents show that THIS time THIS battle will be the final one Now three women with a mysterious connection to this ancient evil have arrived in Hawkins Hollow They have come consciously and unconsciously to help defeat the demonOne of those women is Layla She's the outsider and isn't really sure how she ended up in Hawkins Hollowmuch less involved in this crazy situation She and Fox are somehow connected and VERY attracted to each other But the two of them have several things they need to work out for themselves and for each other before they can truly work togetherand Fox and Layla will need to work together in order to help their mutual friends survive to participate in the final battle I wish I had self control and could keep myself from reading Nora's books until the whole trilogy was published But I'm weakand a readaholic On the plus side I'll get to re read the first two before the final book comes out in December

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