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ফেলুদা সমগ্র২ The first volume of FELUDA penned by one of my favorite directors was a refreshing and different take from the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot In the first volume we are introduced to the various likeable features and eccentricities of Feluda's style of detection and deduction that keep the readers hooked until the end I had read the first volume from the point of view of a teenager which is the original intended target audience of the FELUDA seriesand liked it very much However this second volume is a disappointment and I successfully guessed the climax in most of the short stories mentioned in this volume The original stories of FELUDA were authored in Bengali and I read the English translation However any original work in a regional language cannot be rendered completely effective in an English or any other language translation; the phenomenon which we love to call Lost in Translation I wish I had a versatile grip on my Bengali reading and comprehension skills so that I didn't miss digging in the goldmine of Bengali literature had of course heard about Satyajit Ray’s movies and his international following but when I came across the books written by him I was surprised and picked it up out of curiosity I was surprised to see that it was a short story book and on top of that detective stories I have now read all of them and I am glad that I came across this series Feluda is a private detective The stories are written from a viewpoint of his cousin who lives with him All the stories are actually very simple in their formulation and characterization That was not the age of organized crime or terrorism So Feluda mostly deals with issues related to theft within some family or organization and sometimes with murder Most of the time he is with his cousin and another writer friend and all of them travel together to solve the cases that keep on coming to Feluda in all the stories Typically each story starts with Feluda receiving a visitor with a case for him or Feluda receiving a letter or Feluda travelling to some holiday destination and then coming upon some case at that place The story moves with Feluda and sometimes his cousin or friend making investigation and slowly finding clues Feluda can change appearance very easily in the course of investigation But he normally does not tell all his clues to his friends The stories normally end with all the characters present at the same place and Feluda unfolding the mystery in front of them The stories are about using investigative skills and intelligence to solve the case rather than using power Even though the stories are detective in nature it is actually a comfort reading These stories were written for kids but I have enjoyed them a lot Rating is a little lower than for d first volume The stories started getting a little tired and this was particularly so in the second half of this volume But nonetheless a good breezy read if u r a fan Thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventures of Feluda alias Pradosh Mitter and his fellow musketeersA book filled with short stories that's easy to read will keep your mind racing to catch the culprit before Feluda doesSatyajit Ray's writing is fun effortless 35 stars rounded up to 4 হত্যাপুরী গোলকধাম রহস্য যত কান্ড কাঠমুন্ডুতে নেপোলিয়নের চিঠি টিনটোরেটোর যীশু অম্বর সেন অন্তর্ধান রহস্য জাহাঙ্গীরের স্বর্ণমুদ্রা এবার কান্ড কেদারনাথে বোসপুকুরে খুনখারাপি দার্জিলিং জমজমাট ভূস্বর্গ ভয়ংকর ইন্দ্রজাল রহস্য অপ্সরা থিয়েটারের মামলা শকুন্তলার কন্ঠহার ডাঃ মুনসীর ডায়রি গোলাপী মুক্তা রহস্য লন্ডনে ফেলুদা নয়ন রহস্য রবার্টসনের রুবি অসমাপ্ত ফেলুদাঃ তোতা রহস্য তোতা রহস্য দ্বিতীয় খসড়া বাক্স রহস্য প্রথম খসড়া আদিত্য বর্ধনের আবিষ্কার After reading the first volume I kicked myself for not having bought both volumes when I was in India I could not find it on sale in the major bookstores and copies that existed in libraries were lost Online i could pick up ridiculously overpriced volumes with insane shipping costs from india; often turning a 1500 book into a 10000 book Finally by using the goodreads bookseller search I found a well priced volume and was not disappointed Anyone who can get there hands on a copy and who likes the pace and reveal of Conan Doyle stories will get enjoyment from these stories Knowing something of Indian culture helps but this also is a nice way for those unfamiliar with that country to be introduced to the variety of life there I have read a lot of books from a lot of writers from all over the world but no one comes any closer to the way Satyajit Ray writes Yes call me a biased Indian I am one but my love for the man and his art just keeps growing by the day and by every book that I come across by him and even on him too There are books there are writers and then there is The Legend called Ray Hats off to him and the way he wrote Every time I come across a book by him I get totally excited but by the time it comes to an end it starts making me sad to have finished the fantastic book and will have to wait till the next one come in my kitty But the journey is simply amazing never fails to keep a permanent smile plastered on my face and at times his anecdotes jokes and comments on his own team by him make me laugh out loud totally He is almost as good as PG Wodehouse If I may say that in making me laugh while reading a book no other author other than these two have that magic on me so far And this one was special as it actually made my dream come true of seeing FeluDa go to Holmes land and pay a tribute Just imagine how amazing it is when you see one of your fictional character visit his own fictional character's birth place and pay a tribute The scene as written by Ray in the story FeluDa in London brought tears of joy to my eyes and made me totally breathless as he steps At 220 Baker Street and says Guru you showed us the way If I am an Investigator today it is only because of you Now I can say coming to London was truly worthwhile Very few writers books and stories have that impact on a reader what this one did to me This is the second book of the FeluDa series which he started writing in 1965 and wrote a story each till 1992 34 in total Later all these stories got printed in form of two books called The Complete Adventures of Feluda Part 1 and 2 He was a huge fan of Sir Doyle and had read all Sherlock Holmes stories before leaving school The best part about the success of his stories and his characters was that they were all normal human beings like you and me and no superman But look at the impact it had on his fans especially children for whom he initially wrote and later realized that even parents too weren't untouched with the stories I totally loved the way almost all the stories are told in a simple way no way they made me feel that it was actually Ray who has written them and no Topshe his teenage cousin to start was writing them FeluDa the detective is such a nice warm character that one just couldn't help but fall in love with him Loved his lopsided smile the way he will get up in the morning before everyone and finished off with his yoga shave and dress up almost in all the stories is simply unbelievable His acute power of observation and a razor sharp brain on top of that the plethora of knowledge that he had on all the subjects under the sun from history to hypnotism is simply outstanding Imagine he was not only good in sports he could actually write with both hands he could even write in Greek too as its mentioned all over the stories about his Blue Diaries that he kept his secrets written so no one could read them What I love almost eually well the way I loved FeluDa was his side kicks Topshe his Watson and Jatayu Lalmohan Ganguli the ever so comical cheap thrillers writer always at his service with his green Ambassador Hilarious I tell you Just thinking of his name makes me grin from ear to ear what a man what a character he was actually as good as Jeeves PGW Character at the service of his master FeluDa if you ask me This part gives him some much deserved footage where FeluDa actually let him fill in his shoes a couple of times to a hilarious outcome But Ray's love and affection to his other characters was simply superb Not only these two there is another third character the Google of then era for FeluDa Uncle Sidhu who knows anything and everything about everything but to know about his character you've got to read the book The knowledge that Uncle Sidhu possessed is simply out of this world just one word and he will open up the details without batting an eyelid Terrific it is I just fail to understand one thing though that I had so much fun reading the Translation I just cant imagine how much fun the original will be only if I knew Bangla to really enjoy it Still I fell I haven't missed much hope so and have no idea as what to look forward to now since I am done with this One uestion I have especially from the people from that part of India who have read the FeluDa stories Is this character Jatayu Lalmohan Ganguli actually based on some real life Author If yes I would seriously loved to read one of his translated works too Do let me know if you know anything about that I will be on the lookout for Ray's other works now any recommendations will be very highly appreciated A solid readthough not as good as the first onea wee bit repetitive and simple at timesbut true to form in beautiful descriptions of locales as diverse as Kashmir Kedarnath and Mahabalipuram particularly enjoyed crime in kedarnath the criminals of kathmandu peril in paradise and dr munshi diary Can't imagine my childhood without this one Enough said –Feluda the razor sharp and witty young detective investigates some very curious cases along with his cousin Tapesh and friend Jatayu through the length and breadth of IndiaReview –A recent article about the release of a new Feluda movie brought back happy memories of this childhood series We know Satyajit Ray as the Oscar winning filmmaker but not many Indians especially non Bengalis know that he was also an author par excellence Fortunately I became familiar with the “Author” Ray through his translated short stories in “Kishor” magazine much before I had watched any of his films So when one day my local librarian showed me a new book titled “The Golden Fortress” by Satyajit Ray I immediately lapped it up and since then became a huge fan of Feluda Topshe and JatayuIn 1961 Ray revived children’s magazine “Sandesh” started by his grandfather He started writing Feluda stories in 1965 and between 1965and 1992 wrote 35 stories featuring Pradosh C Mitra nicknamed “Felu” a young athletic and brilliant detective Feluda ‘da” in Bengali means elder brother is accompanied in his adventures by his 14 year old cousin Tapesh Tapesh or “Topshe” as he is fondly called is the young Watson to this modern day Indian Sherlock Holmes and chronicles the mysteries for us Like all the children who have read these stories Topshe is in awe of Feluda’s deduction skills and knowledge and Feluda is his idol though Feluda teases him a lot Feluda is very choosy in his cases and accepts only the ones that intrigue him most Their cases take them all over India from Sikkim to Rajasthan and Darjeeling to Maharashtra and also to Nepal and England Many of the stories are set in Feluda’s hometown Calcutta Ray introduced Lalmohan Ganguli aka Jatayu writer of bestselling thrillers whose hero – Prakhar Rudra is nothing short of a superman In Ray’s own words Jatayu offers “dollops of humour” in the otherwise sombre stories Jatayu is a fumbling caricature with his misspelt English and love for rhyme less poetry who almost always makes wrong deduction a male version of Ariadne Oliver from Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories In fact we can see the influence of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot throughout the series As Feluda himself says “we have nothing new to do we just follow the paths of the past masters Holmes and Poirot”Ray had to walk on a tightrope as the stories were meant for children He had to keep the violence to the minimum even in case of murder mysteries and the fair sex is conspicuously absent in almost all the stories Despite this constraint Feluda became instant hit among children and grown ups alike due to stimulating plots and twists in climax All the stories are riveting though some of them are clearly a class apart My particular favourites are The Emperor’s Ring Trouble in Gangtok The Golden Fortress and Tintoretto’s JesusReading the stories takes us back in time and it’s a pleasing ride worth taking especially in the city of Calcutta due to Ray’s minute attention to details Reading about the by lanes of Calcutta is reminiscent of Sjowall and Wahloo’s Stockholm during the same periodRead it to your children or read it for yourself; I am sure you will definitely enjoy it

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