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  1. Emily Elizabeth Emily Elizabeth says:

    April of 2013?Okay so it's been bumped up to February but still February of 2013? After that ending? You have to be kidding meETAAs seen on Ed and Em's ReviewsThis review has spoilers from the first two novels in this series Read at your own risk The Goddess Inheritance was one of my most anticipated reads for 2013 I was sure after how much I enjoyed book two Goddess Interrupted that it would instantly become one of my favorites Sadly all it did was disappoint meThe Goddess Test series is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me A lot of people don't like the series but I found myself loving it That happens a lot with me I tend to like books that others don't The Goddess Inheritance begins nine months after the end of Goddess Interrupted Kate is being held captive by Cronus and Calliope and about to give birth to her and Henry's child Calliope has dastardly plans that include revenge on the gods raising Kate's baby on her own and Kate's death Cronus wants Kate his freedom and his rule It time for Kate to make her decision Who will live and who will die? Kate's choices will affect not only her baby her love and her family but they will determine the future of the whole worldThe plot was overloaded but pretty predictable I was often bored as I read which is sad because I'd say this book has the most action of all three novels Maybe even too much action The book immediately dives in and that's where it lost me In the first twelve percent of the e ARC at least two major plot points occur and then the author adds and and on tops of those scenes but most of them are immediately solved It annoyed me to read about these conflicts that were brought up and dealt with in one chapter And almost none were resolved the way I wanted them to be By the end of the story so much had happened that I felt like I had just read something from a completely different series and a story that was much amateur than the first two booksview spoilerRandom note HOW COULD NO ONE REALIZE SOMETHING WAS UP WHEN KATE DIDN'T CONTACT ANYONE FOR MONTHS? Forrealz? hide spoiler

  2. Stacey Stacey says:

    Ugh that cliffhanger on book 2 was crazy I want this book NOW

  3. Caz (littlebookowl) Caz (littlebookowl) says:

    Ooooookay I have a lot of thoughts on this one I can't decide between a 1 star or 2 stars so I'm gonna think through everything and write out a review to organise my feelings about this book P

  4. Gina Gina says:

    Woah woah woahEXCUSE ME miss Aimee but you should have warned me that you were ending your second book with a cliffhanger and that there's a 3rd book BEFORE i went out and read goddess interruppted I could've held off on the second book but NOOO You had to let me read it and now make me wait? No please dont What if the world really ends in 2012 or a zombie apocalypse occurs Zombies dont read If i cant read your book and im a zombie im going after you first miss aimee '

  5. Cyna Cyna says:

    Oh my god that summary That summary is so fucking far from accurate I can't even WARNING this is going to be long and angry and full of unmarked spoilersOh my god I thought I was done being angry about this book Seriously like once I hit that last stretch and the ending clusterfuck began and it became abundantly clear that not one significant thing was going to change I just pfft stopped caring LikeI realized that all this time I'd been waiting for this book to be I'd thought Carter had pulled us in for the long con I was waiting for the other shoe to drop for Carter to jump out of the bushes and yell GOTCHA Hahaha really had you going there didn't I? You really thought that I was going to follow through with a fucked up relationship and bitches man for an entire trilogy OH YE OF LITTLE FAITHE And I was angry because it was taking so GODDAMNED LONG and Kate was being such a GODDAMNED MORON and WHY WOULDN'T THE OTHER SHOE JUST DROP ALREADY?And then I realized that there was no long con There was no other shoe No Carter in the bushes waiting to Melissa Marr us no redeeming moral to the story It just is The Goddess trilogy really is a series about a woman who finds true love through abduction imprisonment emotional blackmail and a path to marriage so contrived that arranged doesn't even begin to do it service It is a book about a girl who's not even allowed to get out of her teen years before she's manipulated into being wedded and pregnant It is a book in which men motivate every woman's action in which their very special love for particular penises makes the world go round and the inter gender hate flow It is a book in which the primary antagonist is written as a hateful unlovable irredeemable bitch It is a book in which we are supposed to accept all of these things uncriticallyAnd I was just out of fucks man because how do you even argue with that? I've spent two reviews trying to argue with that and what can I say about how vile and awful and fucking infuriating and depressing this whole concept is?I thought I didn't care any I thought I was just out of fucks and then I went on Goodreads to collect my summary for this review and all I see are four and five star reviews for this book and I justThis book is FUCKED UP you guys FUCKED UP I mean from page one page fucking one the story is just irreparably fucked Kate is fucking PREGNANT PREGNANT I know that we knew that already but it's different seeing the way it's played out You open the book and this emotionally stunted fucked up eighteen year old girl is giving birth and it's just like jesus fucking christ This is a kid This is a kid giving birth in a book intended for other kids to a child she WAS FORCED TO BEAR And you KNOW that this is not going to be about just how awful and emotionally scarring that REALLY is or whether or not Kate is prepared for its repercussions or even if she wanted this child in the first place No this is pregnancy as a plot device the most inconseuential fairytale motherfucking depiction of teen motherhood you will ever see with a perfect baby and a body magicked back to normal two minutes after giving birth and nary a negative thought seen or heard about this motherhood thing EVERBut why would there be? Because what this really is is Kate giving birth to her happy ending This is Kate giving birth to her reward that thing that no woman's teenage girl's life would be complete without right? The story will end and Kate will be eighteen and married for eternity with a child she was forced to conceive and carry and what could a woman ask for? Isn't he just the most precious and important and perfect thing on the planet? Man guess that forced pregnancy thing really worked out for the best huh? A FIVE FUCKING STARS YEAH?And this is the second fucking chapterI just I don't understand how we've gotten to the point where this is acceptable Where something this horrifying and awful and traumatic can be portrayed in a positive light and we are fucking okay with that But that's what this entire series is fucking horrendous awful things happening to this girl and being portrayed in a positive lightBut oh god if there's anyone who tank any sympathy that I would have garnered for her after the awful things she's been through it's Kate Kate isreally kind of a bafflingly awful character She is still after three freaking books here insecure on a level that I think is borderline insane and I'm not even being facetious when I say that Three books and this girl is still STILL teetering on the edge of an emotional breakdown should the people she bases her life around leave her She's still an utter fucking misogynist and STILL has such a martyr complex that for a good 50% of the book all she does is offer to sacrifice herself for other people This girl is a train wreck of misplaced anger and spunky agency and romantic paranoia that makes her unlikable and almost unreadable and the book does not one damn thing about it And it's not like it doesn't know the book is aware of at least some of this because characters lampshade things like Kate's willingness to sacrifice herself for other people And yet it doesn't changeThat is what I was waiting for emotional development on Kate's part Isn't that the whole point? Why else give her such massive infuriating character flaws? But if a shift in perspective came I missed it I suspect that if Kate was to have developed at all the catalyst was perhaps supposed to have been the ending but if that's the case I hardly even know what to say Too little too fucking late comes to mind I spent 90% of the book in the mind of Asshole Kate what do I care if she somehow miraculously evolves too late to really change a goddamn thing and right in time to ride off into the sunset?Really though Goddess Inheritance is just shit with its female characters in general which I suppose isn't surprising; the series' subtitle should have been Internalized Misogyny in Action Aside from so fucked there's not even a proper word for it Kate AvaAprodite and CalliopeHera are the major female players and as usual their roles are an infuriating messIf we're to go by the narrative I would say that Avadite has probably the most thankless role When we last saw her Ava's husband had been captured and she was being blackmailed into betraying Kate to Calliope to presumably keep him from death or harm Nine months later and apparently Ava has been hanging around and tending to Kate while she is Calliope's hostage but somehow also reporting back to Walter Zeus and the Council Olympians as a spy?I don't really understand this on a number of different levels For one you would think that if you had sided with the enemy to the point that you're pretty much a permanent resident in their H you wouldn't just be able to pop back over to the good guys' base to chat and catch up without somebody noticing or trying to stop you And yet this is how Inheritance starts Ava at Olympus chatting with her daddy Zeus In person Updating him about what's going on with Kate and curling up in his lap for comfort and supportYeah literally This grown ass immortal ancient goddess is curled up in her father's fucking lap LIKE A CHILD that's not demeaning or infantalizing in the least right? BUT I DIGRESSAfterwards Ava is somehow able to pop back over to Cronus' headuarters and resume tending to Kate without anyone being the wiser apparently And I'm assuming she does this a lot because she's been keeping Zeus appraised of Kate's condition for NINE MONTHS Yet nobody noticed nor did the other side take advantage of this apparent lapse in security ExcellentFor two was Ava's being a spy supposed to be some sort of secret? To us or Kate? You wouldn't think so given how the book opens on Ava reporting to Zeus and yet the public reveal that Ava has been acting on behalf of Zeus the entire time is treated as some sort of twist That could perhaps be because it was surprising to Kate but that doesn't really make sense either By the time we get to the point where Ava is publicly revealed as a spy Kate has seen Ava relay information over the Council at least once has heard that it's a regular thing and has been on the receiving end of Ava's help multiple times Buuuut somehow she still hadn't put it together?Here's why that's so confusing though through the whole book Kate treats Ava like absolute shit for helping Calliope And okay it's not like Ava is blameless here and I'll be the first to say that I hate that she was man tivated into that position but as far as Kate is concerned Ava's doing all these things because her husband is being held captive His life is at stake and while I don't think it lets her off the hook entirely I do think it's deserving of a little empathy right? Fuck Kate even agrees that if their roles were reversed she would have betrayed the shit out of Ava for HenryBut apparently none of this matters because Kate just mercilessly flings hatred in Ava's direction for the entire goddamned bookSeriously the level of nastiness levied towards Ava by Kate is just astounding so much so that even other characters notice and speculate on whether or not her resentment is being magically bolstered by Calliope Kate comes to the conclusion that it's not though; she just really hates Ava for a great laundry list of things resulting from her betrayal and no amount of Ava apologizing or taking care of her child or helping her escape will ease that resentment No Ava literally has to sacrifice herself for Kate before she is able to consider forgiving herWell that's not exactly true and this is where that did she or didn't she know about Ava being a spy comes into play It's actually when Zeus reveals that Ava was working on his behalf the entire time that Kate first begins to start to forgive herI genuinely do not understand thisHow does that make Ava's actions any better? How is allowing Kate to suffer for strategic value somehow better than acting under duress because someone else's life is at stake? Not to say there isn't an argument to be made for the former but from Kate's perspective? SERIOUSLY? How is THAT somehow acceptable? Oh well gosh I guess if she was doing it pragmatically for her dad instead of emotionally for herself well that just makes it all okayNo fucking senseBut that's Ava's arc Blackmailed for her husband used by her father ultimately killed in the climax to atone for her sins and possibly teach Kate a lesson about her misogyny depending on how much credit we're actually giving the book Kate does take it very personally because HOW DARE YOU KILL SWEET WONDERFUL AMAZING APHRODITE?Careful Kate change positions any faster and we're all going to have to be treated for whiplashThen there's Hera Oh my fucking God Hera Or sorry Calliope and yeah the god name thing is still stupid and confusing Anyway Hera Fucking Maleficent had nuance The Evil ueen from Snow White looks at Hera and goes Goddamn lady you need to chill And perhaps consider taking up a hobby If there's a character that's of a traffic jam of awful sexist stereotypes and tropes I haven't seen themLots fucking at You're KillingUs

  6. Ina Ina says:

    WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? HOW? HOW CAN YOU LEAVE US AFTER A GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS CLIFFHANGER?I NEED THIS BOOK NOW I DEMAND IT OLmaoo I really need this book I can't wait another year for it Dear Ms CarterHow could you leave that big of a hang and just walk away? Leaving us readers DYING for what is going to happen????? Thank you for the wonderful story you have given us PLEASE PUBLISH THE BOOK FASTERSincerely Your fans

  7. Chelsie Hinds Chelsie Hinds says:

    I'm disappointed I don't even have the will to explain why I've rated this book so low It just didn't turn out at all like I wanted it too I think Carter really wanted to focus on Kate in this book as opposed to making the entire book about Henry and Kate which sounds interesting in theory but at least for Aimee Carter is not so in practice Turns out ironically that a book primarily about Kate's choices and inward battles is about as interesting and well written as a 10 year old's diary By the end of this novel I started to dislike Kate It's unfortunate because in the first novel I loved her But I think becoming a goddess and a mother and having Henry has made her a little too full of herself She's convinced she can save the day in every situation which surprisingly she can even though that is completely illogicalAnd let's talk about logic for a minute because this entire novel was completely devoid of logic I know this is a fantasy novel but in terms of logistics and the likelihood of things turning out the way they should this book completely went against everything that would have made senseFor exampleview spoiler Cronus and Rhea are supposed to be eual in power but somehow Rhea was able to subdue Cronus in seconds without breaking a sweat Or how about the fact that Rhea mourned over the loss of Calliope but cared not at all about Ava her granddaughter having sacrificed herself Or can we just talk about how Kate for the large majority of the novel was so angry with Ava that she didn't even want to speak to or see her and yet Cronus she decides to visit from time to time despite the fact that he wanted to kill and could have killed every one that she loved? Can we talk about that? hide spoiler

  8. Rue~alwaysa1directioner~ Rue~alwaysa1directioner~ says:

    WTF How can she end the book with such a cliff hanger and make us wait half a YEAR for it??? This is torture Seriously I would rather be killed by Cronus than suffer this torture

  9. Ashley Ashley says:

    BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsIn my review of Goddess Interrupted I complained about the lack of action Well folks The Goddess Inheritance totally makes up for that This book was full of action twists turns love hate revenge heartbreak and everything else in the world Aimée Carter rocked my world with this bookI almost don't know where to begin I enjoyed the first two books in the Goddess Test series but I ADORED this one The Goddess Inheritance is the perfect conclusion It's intense it's satisfying and it ties up all the ends The book was so full of emotion I was constantly giggling smiling or near tearsKate is still a great character; she feels so real A few people don't like that she cries several times throughout the series but I actually like it I know that if I were in her shoes and my family members were all in danger and all hope seemed lost I would totally break down in an OCEAN of tears But in between her breakdowns Kate is strong She doesn't just cry and then sit on her ass and sulk; she goes out and finds solutions She tries to right her wrongs and contribute to her family when everyone else tells her she's useless Not all of her plans work but she doesn't give up hope and I really admire that I think that's what makes Kate such an amazing character and one that I love to read aboutKate's relationship with Henry was as intense as ever in The Goddess Inheritance The happy moments were oh so sweet and swoony and deliciously romantic And the sad bits were heartbreaking and aggravating I was frustrated and upset and happy and confused and I LOVED IT They definitely face challenges and I loved that they never gave upAva really shined in this book I was kind of mad at Kate for how she treated Ava when the truth was kind of obvious but I really loved seeing a different side to Ava especially when it came to her relationship with Nicholas I'm used to seeing Ava as the flirty giggly girl but in The Goddess Inheritance we see a serious devoted side to herAlso Cronus was an insanely awesome character He's powerful he's all kinds of creepy and a bit like a psychopath He's like a crazy murderer who suddenly decides he's in love but really he's all creepy and possessive and has to blackmail his way into a 'relationship' And the odd thing was that I almost started to sympathize with him Sometimes there was a little voice in the back of my head rooting for Cronus With one hand he destroys the lives of millions of people and with the other he makes sweet and romantic promises I almost felt myself believing themThe Goddess Inheritance is the perfect end to the trilogy with a bittersweet ending that had me in tears My only disappointment is that the series is now over This book had me wanting to read and —or even from Ava or Nicholas's point of view Please Aimée

  10. If it ain& If it ain& says:

    There should state somewhere in the law that authors can not publish a book until their done the whole series Cause I mean come on there they are these amazing writers who write the epicist books then finish it with an awesome cliffhanger and the next books release date is like a year away ITS PURE TORTURE I TELL YOU TORTURE

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The Goddess Inheritance Love or lifeHenry or their childThe end of her family or the end of the worldKate must chooseDuring nine months of captivity Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for Now the ueen of the Gods wants her unborn child and Kate can't stop her until Cronus offers a dealIn exchange for her loyalty and devotion the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child Yet even if Kate agrees he'll destroy Henry her mother and the rest of the council And if she refuses Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is deadWith the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders Kate must do the impossible find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence even if it costs her everythingEven if it costs her eternity

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