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  1. Carmen Carmen says:

    he was also a little domineering she reminded herself It wasn't a bad trait just unsuited to her pg 28It is a bad trait though Let's discussPREMISEPeter's wife died two years ago from ovarian cancer He wants a baby so he hires an egg donor and a surrogate He is a biology teacher and a big pain in my assHarper has a 6 year old daughter Mia and her husband died 3 years ago Her husband was not abusive but he was pushy and selfish I feel like Harper rolls her eyes when she thinks of her dead husband Peter on the other hand worships his dead wife Harper is a nursing assistant she has also chosen to become an egg donorWhy? Why you ask? Because she has PROPHETIC DREAMS that she is chosen to put two twin boys on Earth Yeah Yeah You heard me right Prophetic dreams About twin boys she will be the genetic mother ofTHE BADOh gosh Where do I start?THE SERIES This is part of the Safe Harbor Medical Series a series I don't enjoy It all revolves around a fertility clinic and always involves hijinks about surrogates egg donors sperm donors IVF infertility etc etc etc Actually this series should not be in the American Romance line it should actually be in the Medical Romance line I don't know how that was overlooked by Harleuin Since these things and a lot of medical talk don't really interest me the series kind of falls flat for meDIAMOND'S HEROESDiamond's taste in men seems to be the opposite of my taste in men She likes and writes men who are uptight rigid domineering judgmental bossy a tiny bit pretentious know it alls have no sense of humor and are morally superior Usually they are also robotic cold and unable to understand emotionsI like men who are kind gentle easygoing laid back have a great sense of humor So we are naturally at odds I'm not going to like the heroes Diamond createsLet's look at some examples of what Peter is like Harper handed him a twenty dollar bill I'll have a cranberry muffin a blueberry muffin and a cup of chai and don't even try to pay for itPeter's eyebrows drew together Okay but is that what you're eating for lunch?Why?Not exactly a balanced dietDon't tell me you're a health nut She bristled at the idea of someone dictating what she ate This was HER free dayNo it's just that as a He floundered for a moment I figured that as a nurse you'd be a stickler for nutritionSean used to get on my case about carbs she responded testily It was all protein and vegetables with him I'm making up for lost time pg 26I'm surprised she didn't stab him in the eye I wouldn't have blamed her eitherWhat about this part where she is trying to think of an idea for her daughter's 7th birthday party? Peter says My personal philosophy is Never Miss a Chance to Teach pg 28He wants to make the party educational and all about learning about bugs Then he does organizing a ton of educational activitiesNow I know men like this They drive me UP A FUCKING WALL They are unable to relax have fun or do something that isn't furthering their life in some wayHe's also like a robot He doesn't get jokes He doesn't make jokes He doesn't understand a lot of human emotions This is typical with Diamond The majority of her heroes are like this She seems to think this is a attractive or b what the idea romance hero is like or c what medical professionals are like? Peter is a biology teacher but mostly she writes about medical professionalsWhen reading Diamond's books I can never understand why the heroine is falling for the heroTHE WOO WOO STUFFHarper really believes she is having prophetic dreams about genetically mothering twin boys Twin boys which she must bring into the world through egg donation I guess I find this oddBut Peter is himself pretty odd he keeps seeing his dead wife everywhere Now The book is trying to make me sympathize with Harper by implying that Peter should just be 'over' his dead wife I'm not on board with this I'm not shaming the man for weeping at his wife's grave two years after she died Diamond seems to think this is weird I don't think it is weird It's understandable IMO He loved his wife Just because Harper was often frustrated and annoyed by her dead husband and seems to have a slightly negative opinion of him doesn't mean Peter feels the same about his dead wifeHowever him seeing his dead wife places was weirding me out He would just be at a party or restaurant and see his wife 'looking at him sorrowfully' WTF Also he calls Harper by his dead wife's name at one point I'm pretty sure this is a big no no I mean it wasn't during sex thanks be to heaven but still Not what a woman wants to hearI DON'T UNDERSTAND HARPER'S 'LOVE' FOR PETERShe decides she's in love with him on page 136 Why? Beats me I have no frickin' idea They barely know each other What time they've spent together is him being his robotic self doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that would make me think a woman would be physically attracted to him much less IN LOVE with him working together or taking care of her kid together It's strange And she decides she's in love with him and they've had ZERO PHYSICAL CONTACT not even a hand hold IDK I just found it strange Maybe she would have 'fallen in love' with any breathing unattached male in the immediate vicinity IDK because this makes no senseHOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?Sigh You know what Diamond's sex scenes are like I'm usually either cringing or kind of reading with my mouth open in bafflement Peter hadn't realized how much he'd held back when he'd made love to his wife She'd been delicate leaving most of the action to him With Harper everything was different HE was different powerful passionate sensualI'm laughing at thinking of this man being passionate or sensual Just unbelievable She had an incredible body sleek and contoured and she used it like a tigress Not that his response reuired any stimulationBlah blah blah she has a condom Yay Pleased he slid the protection into place When he finished she rolled to face him legs tangling with his her mouth exploring his neck and the pulse of his throatA tigress Transforming him into a tigerThe yearning that he'd ignored for too long drove Peter to pin her against the pillows A long kiss and he eased inside her sensation roaring through his body Her answering gasps urged him onwardThey were soaring battling twisting On top she plundered him rhythmically until Peter could barely restrain himself He wanted to prolong the ecstasy to keep her entirely his as long as possible but fireworks exploded sending him into a frenzy She arched her back crying out her fiery reaction matching his The joy intensified until he half believed it might last forever and then brilliant colors filled him sweeping him over a threshold into bliss pg 178Not my cup of tea YMMVTL;DR I don't usually enjoy medical drama I don't like Diamond's heroes I found this story flat and kind of strange ROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceSTEM HeroineNon Virgin HeroineWidower HeroWidow HeroineHe's a Biology Teacher Sports Coach for Kids Non Fiction for Children Author; She's a Nurse's Assistant and PhotographerNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerPeter mAngela fMia fHarper fSean mReggie m ReginaldAdrienne fNora fUna fStacy fVanessa f Cole mEllie f Owen mLucky mJan fBetty fPo – catHedy – fRod mKerry fGreg mMelissa fZora f Jim mZack mPaige fKeely fCecil mVicki fFiona fPatty fAlec mKimmie fBerry fCécile fMaurice mMark m Mike mLeo mTony mJake m Sarella fCarolyn fTommy mJoan fLen mCaroline fRocky mPaula fHarriet f Ellen fAlastair m Gloria fNeo mJennifer fVan m Lidia f hide spoiler

  2. romancejunkie romancejunkie says:

    A sweet and charming romance

  3. Sandra Cunningham Sandra Cunningham says:

    Jacueline Diamond Is a great write Here is a highlight from the book I may have jumped to conclusions about your plans” “Apparently so” “I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to talk” Harper said He hesitated “Actions speak louder than words” Was he upset with her? “I don’t understand” He indicated a white wrought iron bench “Mind having a seat?” She complied finding the bench comfortable despite its hard surfaces Belatedly she wondered if she should have checked for dust but soiled clothing was the least of her concerns Peter glanced at the sack It was elegant silver foil stripes alternating with textured white Fancy chocolates? Harper wondered But that would hardly account for his nervousness “Brace yourself” he said “I’m sitting down” she reminded him “I guess that was for my benefit than yours” he said with an apologetic smile and then he did something extraordinary He went down on one knee PETER DIDN’T REMEMBER being anywhere near this anxious when he proposed to Angela His heart hadn’t stuck in his throat and his pulse hadn’t sped as if he’d just run a mile Of course he hadn’t been worried that she might reject him either Seeing Harper in his house had transformed it into a place of new possibilities where they could raise Mia and their baby or babies to be sharing decisions supporting and encouraging each other He needed her and loved her so much that he couldn’t imagine her not feeling the same way But there were as Mia might say no guarantees Still she’d come here and there she sat awaiting his next words with her lips parted and her eyes bright What a uniue spirit she had this woman who had healed Peter’s heart From the sack he retrieved a velvet box and lifted the hinged lid Sunlight caught the diamond awakening its brilliant clarity along with the gleam of sapphires on either side He wished he’d prepared carefully for this moment And that he saw in her face than simple astonishment Go for it “Harper will you marry me?” Peter asked She swallowed He let his thoughts spill out unguarded “I love you Let’s make a home you and me and our children You can pursue your photography I’ll handle the baby care Well as much as possible And um—” what had he left out? “—we can exchange the ring if you’d prefer a different one” He hadn’t spoken elouently but he’d been honest Was it enough? “The ring’s exuisite” Her chest rose and fell “But I know how much you want to move back East to be with your family It might be hard on Mia to leave her friends” The tip of her tongue flicked over dry lips “Oh heck what’s so terrible about starting over?” “We’ll stay here” Peter had no ualms on that score “The point is to surround the baby with a loving family If you’ll marry me we’ll do that” She leaned forward her fingers tracing his jawline “But your job’s making you miserable” “There are other schools in Southern California” he said “And till I find the right one I can put up with teaching PE” “What about your parents?” “They’ll adjust” Peter gave a dry chuckle still uncertain of her response “When—if—we get married do you suppose we’ll debate everything?” “We do both have strong personalities” Harper said “Is that a problem?” “Not if you’re saying yes” he answered and rubbed his cheek against her hand “Frankly I like hashing things out That way we reach solutions that suit us both” “I love you Peter” Harper’s forehead touched his “The answer is yes” Around them the world buzzed and hummed with joy How lonely he’d been these past two years and how easily Harper had lifted that burden He was going to be her husband And Mia’s father And they were having a baby too Incredible Peter kissed her lightly which was the best he could manage from this position Then he sat beside her and slipped the ring onto her finger It was a little loose but fixable Harper nestled against him “There’s a basketball court” she said “What?” Peter wondered if he’d misheard Her laughter tinkled through the air “Around the corner of the house I couldn’t see it before” Now he understood “I’m full of surprises” “You are indeed” Harper slid her arm around his waist and they kissed again for a long thrilling time When they reluctantly broke off she said “It might seem a little strange” “What might?” Peter asked too delirious to think straight “There seems to be a trend toward pregnant brides” She released a mock sigh “But in our case we’re having a baby that I’m not carrying How will that look? Will we be snubbed by wedding planners?” “You could wear a padded pillow” “I just might” Harper rested her head on his shoulder “Mia will love being a flower girl” He wrapped his arm around her “I hope she’ll love having a daddy” “More than you can imagine” Peter could imagine it With Harper in his arms he could imagine a lot of things Most of all a future full of happiness

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Good book Peter really wants to be a dad He thought his dream was over when his wife died but then found out it could happen after all When Peter sees Harper's name on the egg donor list he feels she would be the perfect one to choose He likes her and her daughter and would love his child to be like them The problem is that she doesn't know that he's going to be the fatherI liked both Peter and Harper Both had issues that were keeping them from having a happy future Harper had lost her husband a few years earlier in an accident He was a nice guy but she found herself giving up her dreams in order to pursue his Now she doesn't want to be that dependent on a man again She enjoys her life as a mom a nurse and a photographer and doesn't want to give that up She does want to give back and decides to be an egg donor to help some other family have the children they want When she is chosen as a donor she is disappointed that she won't be involved with the new family but accepts it At the same time she gets reacuainted with Peter who had been a coworker of her husband's She is surprised by how much she likes him and then by the attraction she feels toward him When she finds out about his involvement in the program she is hurt and angry at first but they soon move past that Harper is very independent and has no problem speaking up when something is important to her She lets Peter know how unhappy she is that he kept the secret even though they are friends I really liked the way that Peter was supportive of her photography and the way that they were collaborating on the book I also liked the way that it brought them closer together As much as she came to love Peter she also kept trying to keep him at a distance trying to protect her heartPeter was still grieving for his wife two years after her death He wanted to follow through on their plans for a family When he meets Harper again he is surprised by how much he is drawn to her Finding her name on the egg donor list seems like fate to him so he chooses her not thinking at first how that could affect their friendship He thinks that if he keeps it secret she'll never know As they start to work together on a children's book Peter finds himself thinking and about Harper and her daughter But he also feels guilty about his growing feelings for Harper and feeling that he is somehow betraying his late wife I really didn't like the way he kept comparing Harper to his wife He really couldn't see that Harper's upfront attitude and way of dealing with things was so much better than his late wife's passive aggressive way of getting her way He just didn't see that she always got her way He has to make a decision about those feelings before he can take a chance on having a future with Harper

  5. Sue Sue says:

    This was fine but great worth recommending it falls short It was missing something but I can't uite put my finger on itWas it the heros' inability to let go of his late wife's memory? You can only beat that dead horse so longWas it her ability to forgive secrets too early Here was a point that could caused a real couple issue and it was glossed over in a few pagesSaving point feelings around surrogacy were really fleshed out Positives definitely negatives little infofeelings were presented but this is HEA Recipient and donorAngst at a decent level wasn't present problems were resolved too smoothly this makes or breaks a story in my opinionRating 225

  6. Yazmin Yazmin says:

    In His Baby Dream by Jacueline Diamond Peter Gladstone has not given up his dream of being a father even after he lost his beloved wife two years before But he doesn’t want another woman in his life he only wants children so he will create his family thanks to a donor egg and a surrogate mom with the help of the fertility specialists at Safe Harbor MedicalHarper Anthony is new on the egg donor website and she seems like the perfect choice He can see his kids as a slightly different version than Mia Harper’s daughter Read More

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    Got this book from goodreads give away and I loved it I will be looking for books by Jacueline Diamond This book was a fast read for me because it was well written and flowed beautifully Thank you Jacueline for sending my book so uickly If you ever need an idea for a book I would love to share my own personal romance story with you LOL

  8. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Safe Harbor MedicalCategory Home and Family

  9. John John says:

    I have loved this series and this a great addition to it

  10. Michelle Diez Michelle Diez says:

    It was a nice story to read It did seem to drag on during certain sections of the book There was a steamy section included in the book and then a very happy ending

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His Baby Dream Safe Harbor Medical #11 Determined To Be A Dad Biology teacher Peter Gladstone may have lost his beloved wife but the tragedy only strengthened his resolve to create a family With a donor egg and a surrogate mom Peter is sure to be a proud papa soon thanks to the fertility specialists at Safe Harbor Medical Harper Anthony seems like the perfect choice for the donor She's smart beautiful and a great mom to her young daughter The problem is Peter has recently become reacuainted with the young widow and now sees her as a friend or maybe something than a friend And Peter has chosen to keep his identity a secret If the truth comes out the conseuences may threaten their budding romance But only the truth can turn them into a family