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Peas Book of Big Dreams Really lovely series I really enjoyed this instalment looking at future plans of the young characters and the ideas about being open the possibilities before them being endless As always I love the diverse characters and the way they are presented in the story Just fab The I read of the Pea books the I keep being reminded of how they are a very uiet classic in the world of British children's literature today They have an almost palpable heritage of the Casson family Noel Streatfeild Enid Blyton and read like snow on a school day crumpets by the fire and that first day of the school holidays and they are perfect Genuinely so Beamingly so There's a richness to these books that astounds me and were I to recommend one book for the relevant age group it would be these Any of them I love the care of them I love the uiet sagacity of them and I love the story of them I love them So much This is the second book in the series All of them stand ineffably well by themselves so don't worry about the series of the series I appreciate that may make no sense I hope it does One of my big pet hates are series titles which forget that they are sold as stand alone titles; you know the sort where you get launched in and have no clue why Aethelfred is stealing the Diamond of Importantness and ignorning the fact that Flibbertigibbet just died Suffice to say Day doesn't do that I love the construction of this book the tightness of it and the way that within three pages we have characters established backstory and a motivation for the story all just there And not obviously either Just there and part of the story that is Pea's Book of Big DreamsAnd what a lovely little book this is Pea is having a bit of a crisis; she can't figure out what she wants to be when she grows up The new English teacher at school has uite spectacularly dented her confidence so it's time for a change What is Pea going to be when she grows up?There's not many ways for me to reiterate how wonderful this book and this series is but I'm going to try The richness of Day's world and the soft genuine warmth of it is something uite perfect These books exist are a constant delight and they should be savoured Intensely Like the finest of things Because they are Absolutely lovely family focused middle grade It's full of humour and coziness but it never slips into feeling unrealistically positive or unrealistically modern This is just the Llewellyn family warts and all trying to figure out what to do with the future It was a very light hearted book with comedic action which makes Susie an author who writes books which are an easy read I thought the book was much too long I loved the ending I will recommend it to some of my younger students My favourite sentence from the book is It's been so long since I've written a story I've got nearly too many ideas This is my favourite book and I could read it over and over again To me it is like Harry Potter so thrilling and exciting So many parts made me laugh and I could never put the book down I can't wait to read all of her other adventures in her other books Please read this wonderfully spectacular book Loved this divine little book perfect for younger readers that like family stories along the lines of Jacueline Wilson the worst thing about my sister etc type stories This reminded me very much of a younger Casson Family story Eleven year old Pea and her wonderfully wacky family are back for their second adventure in this fabulously funny series After securing herself a best friend and settling into London life Pea is now contemplating her future and what exactly she should be when she grows up Should she be a writer like Mum An artist like their crazy new au pair Klaudia A footballer A pet therapist Join Pea as she attempts to find out the answers with hilarious results I highly recommend all the series about Pea and her family My preteen daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about this uirky but realistic family Susie Day writes with humour but also cleverly covers deep and difficult life and family issues in a heartwarming non traumatic way Absolutely gorgeous book Loved it so much even than the first in the series Reminds me of Hilary McKay's Casson family books

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