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Lord of Midnight The same rebellion that leaves Clarence of Summerbourne dead also leaves his castle and his daughter Claire forfeit to the king's champion Renald de Lisle arrives at the castle gates as a warrior takes possession of Claire like a conueror and sets her heart racing as her lover Amid moonlight and velvet she becomes his bride; atop tangled bedclothes she discovers passion But then she learns Renald's terrible secret and vows revenge against this man she wed this man she loved with all her heart

  • ebook
  • 384 pages
  • Lord of Midnight
  • Jo Beverley
  • 23 January 2016
  • 9781101554821

About the Author: Jo Beverley

Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire England UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school Layton Hill Convent Blackpool At sixteen she wrote her first romance with a medieval setting completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970 she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire where she met her

10 thoughts on “Lord of Midnight

  1. Elle Elle says:

    The same rebellion that left Clarence of Summerbourne dead also left his castle and his daughter Claire forfeit to the king's champion Renald de Lisle arrives at the castle gates as a warrior takes possession of Claire like a conueror and sets her heart racing as her lover Amid moonlight and velvet she becomes his bride; atop tangled bedclothes she discovers passion Then she learns Renald's terrible secret and vows revenge against this man she had wed this man she loves with all her heartThis was just ehhh it was good but nothing that really stood out noting really that special or note worthy the first book in this series was much better

  2. Netanella Netanella says:

    Clearly not a favorite medieval romance the characters were insipid and flatly drawn and I really didn't care one whit if our hero and heroine got it on And the book started with a sword through the chest and ended with a beheading Not that this is necessarily bad as I am uite okay with violence but it seemed as if the author herself didn't really seem to care for her main characters either Pass on this

  3. Aleia Aleia says:

    I LOVE Jo Beverly books She has a way of writing that just sucks the reader in and I dare you to try and put her books down once you start them This was the first of her books I read She has become an addiction of mine

  4. Joycee Joycee says:

    Interesting way for Claire to justify her father’s death at the hand of Renald Father had challenged Henry’s right to rule and this was treasonous If Father had instead challenged Henry’s right to kill his brother the will of God might have kept him alive 🤷🏻‍♀️Anyway I thought for sure Felice had something against her niece and was this the one who’d wanted her dead on that last trip But I guess the tale would have been farfetched to explain her rationale for offing Ulric Father’s right hand man as wellI enjoyed Renald Claire’s tale Now I just have to read Imogen and FitzRoger’s to round out the series even though they were already a lovey dovey couple in this installment

  5. Antoinette Antoinette says:

    Another fabulous Medieval romance by Jo Beverley As with the other novels in the series she not only writes a love story set in another time she firmly embeds the story in the s customs and total worldview of the era Love is the same but it's also set on different massive foundation stones duty religion and the law of might makes right The details of the medieval landscape are also finely wrought from the pig sties to the costuming to social order For most of the novel the plot is in the background and the heroine's struggle with a Corneillian moral debate is at the center But the plot comes up at the end and the seeds subtly planted all along take fruit and end in a satisfying climax and denouement

  6. Booknblues Booknblues says:

    This one put me off of Jo BeverlyJo Beverly builds a medieval romance in Lord of Midnight set on the premise that a loving daughter must marry her father's killer Will love win over these over whelming odds? Renald de Lisle is King Henry I champion Renald is chosen to fight against Claire's father who has supported a losing cause against Henry I and in favor of his older brother Robert Claire's father believes that Henry is responsible for the death of King William II who died in a hunting accident Despite his friendship with Henry I and his belief that William II was a poor leader Claire's father is a man who believed strongly in doing what was right He was a man gifted in dreams and story telling He supported Claire in her youthful dreams and artistic skills something highly unusual for the times Claire is deeply saddened by his death and in the throes of grief hacks her hair off This is the basic weakness of the story and makes it difficult for the reader to feel the pangs of true love Does one forget a loved relative so uickly and can love be lasting that happens so rapidly? I found it hard to suspend my doubt to buy into the sincerity of love

  7. Elle Elle says:

    Another keeper from early in Henry I's reign My only objection was that the heroine's understandable revulsion and anger at what the hero and the king did seems to dissipate a little too readily Beverley does a fair job of explaining the whole mindset around the trial by ordeal in that era and by the end we can somewhat accept the hero's feelings about it Even so I felt the heroine's loss and her pain and the king's decision to send the man who killed her father to marry her and take her home was so bloody heartless I wanted to see his face rubbed in it even if a monarch of the time would never really acknowledge that what he did was wrong The book engaged my emotions and I rate it high for that and the level of research and uality of writing But I left the book a little frustrated Will still read of Beverley's Medieval novels

  8. Susy Susy says:

    Enjoyable medieval romance I disliked the heroine for the beginning of the book but liked her once she decided to wed Renald and make a go of it I liked the hero all the way through despite virtually no POVs Overall I cannot rate higher than 3 stars but I saw enough potential that would read another Beverley medieval from this series This particular story had a difficult barrier to overcome one that was just as difficult for the reader as for the heroine No spoilersI liked a lot of the playful talk between the Hh I did think lord of midnight was unevenly written was sometimes confusing and at times used anachronistic language But I liked the honesty between the characters and that Beverley chose to let them be vulnerable in their honesty She also created some good chemistrySorry this review is a stream of consciousness uickie

  9. Mermarie Mermarie says:

    I thought the dialogue and writing skill were uite impressive however the fact that the hero killed the heroine's father was not something I could ever view beyond It was not to my liking and I could hardly view the hero as anything than the man that killed her father I don't consider it as murder it was an honorable fight and whatnotbut the fact that the hero took on this pristine characterization despite the killing was just too much to find plausible He simply was not redeemable in mine eyes

  10. Gayle Gayle says:

    I love this story from Jo Beverley The hero appreciates the character and talents of the heroin He is a favorite kight of the king The castle is his reward and she is one of spoils of war The hero attempts to woo her but she learns of his part in murdering her gentle father Beverley allows us to slowly understand the hearts and mind of both I love stories of redemption and this one is on my eeper shelf

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