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The Man from Her Wayward Past Would the real Lucia Acosta please stand up Fun loving and feisty Lucia Acosta was the girl everybody wanted at their party With her sultry South American looks she captured every man's attention One terrible secret later a paler uieter Lucia's gone from owning the dance floor to cleaning it when a ghost from parties past walks inLuke Forster would recognise those curves anywhere he grew up hypnotised by them But as his best friend's little sister she was strictly off limits He's shocked to see her fallen so low but relieved her pride's still intact The real Lucia Acosta is still in there somewhere and he's the man to tempt her out'I think I must be Susan's biggest fan; I can't get enough of her books' Ruth Web Developer Brighton

10 thoughts on “The Man from Her Wayward Past

  1. Marimarime Marimarime says:

    I couldn't stomach this heroine is ridiculous like Jennifer Garner in that movie 13 going on 30 she's 24 has some list from age 14 but behaves like 14 year oldand novel feels outdated I hated the part with fake tan so she grew up motherless with four big brothers but common I read historic r with heroines having sense than our voluptuous black haired Argentinian Lucia with wonderful breasts and xxl sized butt? errSO if anyone is still interested she wants to succede without help from famous polo playing brothers coworker manhandles her no bigger damage there comes eually famous polo player and family friend Luca her teenage crush to shock her with passionits right halfway that I stopped torturing myself

  2. Charlie Charlie says:

    I have to agree with a previous reviewer the h was very immature and totally stupidI still can't work out 100% what really happened to the h in London as the author is uite cagey about it although we know its a fairly serious sexual assaultWhat beggers belief is that she wouldn't ask for help from her uber rich family which makes her rich as well that is just Dumber than a box of rocks Her family are lovely and helpful and would do anything for her so her decision to avoid them run off to Cornwall OK I'd totally like to run off to there too its gorgeous live in a poky dirty caravan and work for another douchebag that also treats her like dirt is just totally unbelievableI do like the H though even though hes yet another No1 ranked polo player though this time American He totally goes to bat to help out the h and its just a shame he is stuck with stupid

  3. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    I have liked reading Susan Stephen’s Band of Brothers Series about the hot and sexy Argentinean polo playing Acosta brothers since the first book However when it comes to the sister’s storyI was a bit disappointedHaving met Lucia in the previous books I had such high hopes for her HEAI was looking forward to seeing how she would find a man that could match her fiery spirit It’s not that I hated Lucia or Luke Forster a childhood friend of her brothers that she had a crush on and had always wanted him and no other man I just could not warm up to herthe whole scenario of something awful that happened to her in London causing her fleeing to Cornwall working as a floor cleaner in disguise At first I had this idea that she had really been through a terrible and horrible experienceand I suppose she had but somehow the whole way she handled the situation was so totally OTT When I discover the reason at the end of the book it was likeHuhwhatno She hid and cut herself off from her family because of that I felt she could have been of a fighter than just hiding awayOkay Luke I did warm up a bit to himbut each time he and Lucia were in a “clincher” I had these visions of this “giant” holding a “little” girl in his armsall right Lucia did have a bit of a “sexy behind” but was not exactly a tall woman like LukeI did struggle a bit to finish this book but I persevered because I liked the parts with her brothers and their wives a bit on the polo world the setting in a little seaside village in Cornwall the scene when Lucia talks to her mother on the beach when the two do a HOT SAMBA dance tother and when I laughed out loud reading the scene where Lucia decides to have her first Brazilian waxI was also undecided about this book having a diarykind of been done in the first book and I did skip a few lines here and thereHowever if you love this serieswhich I dothen you have to read this book as it continues with the Acosta family lives

  4. Akansha Akansha says:

    review to come shortly

  5. MerliannsCam MerliannsCam says:

    3 Stars

  6. Aggeliki Aggeliki says:

    uite boring

  7. **Sognatrice di libri** **Sognatrice di libri** says:

    Davvero carino ma anche molto intenso per uanto riguarda la parte sentimentale Una bella lettura

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